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Capcom on why Monster Hunter 4 was brought to 3DS, looking to sell around 2.8 million copies in 7 month period

Posted on August 24, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Monster Hunter did very well on the PSP. But as of late, the series has appeared on Nintendo platforms. And the latest entry, Monster Hunter 4, is a 3DS exclusive.

How was that decision reached? Katsuhiko Ichii, director of the Capcom’s consumer games division, commented on this very topic in a recent interview, noting:

“Continuing to expand on the same hardware definitely has its limits. The Monster Hunter series first released on the PS2, and later released on the PSP (where it became a huge hit). We wanted the next one to be separated from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd so we could meet new expectations, as this is necessary in renewing the franchise on a new system. You have things like the game’s ideal sales period, development time, and other things to determine. As a result, we felt the 3DS was the best option.”

Ichii also addressed Capcom’s initial financial goal for Monster Hunter 4. He stated:

“From the 3DS’s performance, we’re hoping to push about 2.8 million units in a 7-month period. While deploying events in the game, we hope to ensure continuous play.”

It was later pointed out how Monster Hunter Portable 3rd achieved sales of around 4.7 million units after around seven months on the Japanese market. Ichii was asked if this is Capcom’s goal for Monster Hunter 4.

“There was a true breakthrough on the PSP, so there’s no intention to predict so highly in advance. Of course we would like to think it will set a new series high in sales. It’s also important to incorporate a new layer of social gaming for the user. A source of the game business is ‘How much are they getting out of their game?’ That is the asset of the future”

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  • Glenn Davis Jr.

    Capcom, the only thing I want to know is when I can expect this game to come to the West.

    • LordDisco

      I think the sad reality is not any time soon. Reason being is that Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate is still fairly new in the west, and releasing Monster Hunter 4 so quickly after that would really damage sales for Tri Ultimate.

      It’s definitely Capcom’s fault, because they should have just trusted the series to work outside Japan and release the MH games around the same time, so that the whole world can enjoy it together.

      Oh, well. Only in a dream world.

  • Nocturne

    we will give you 3m units and in only 6 months as long as it enters america in time

    capcom is just being smart its something that you never see EA or square enix doing

    square enix and EA wouldent be nearing bankruptcy if they made more games for nintendo

    this generation the 3ds is running things just like the ds did last gen capcom wants to make money so they can continue making games

    EA wants to do work for anything that isent nintendo which means they cant sell move their games

    square enix puts most of their work on sony and it has costed them alot they need to just get back to making money and do the FF5 6 and 7 remakes for the 3ds like 3 and 4 were ds and 1 and 2 were gba also tactics 3 would do good and the world ends with you 2

    • GaySkull


  • GaySkull

    knowing how cheap capcom is. they have brought BACK many of their Ninty exclusive BACK to PlayStation.