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Capcom sorry for making Monster Hunter fans wait for news, says “there is an end to this madness”

Posted on August 14, 2012 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, General Nintendo, News

We’re quickly closing in one Monster Hunter Tri G’s one year anniversary in Japan. In just a few more months, the game will have been released one year ago in the territory.

The wait for some sort of overseas Monster Hunter news has been agonizing for North American and European fans. The company has continuously teased news and announcements, leading some to believe that Tri G would soon see a localization confirmation. Unfortunately, nothing has been revealed during two of the year’s biggest gaming expos – both E3 and Gamescom lacked news about the franchise.

So where do we stand now? Capcom community specialist Yuri Araujo says that he doesn’t like making fans wait for news, “but I have to.”

“There’s a right time and place for everything… but I assure you that, as a MH fan myself, I don’t like making you wait; but I have to. Sorry.”

Araujo also posted in another thread:

“Good news: there is an end to this madness.
Bad news: just like I said in the other thread, I hate making you wait… but I have to. =(“

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