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Capcom to release all Mega Man X games on Switch

Posted on December 4, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

All of the Mega Man X games are coming to Switch, Capcom has announced. The eight titles will be released on Nintendo’s console during Mega Man’s 30th anniversary.

Aside from the initial announcement, no further information was provided.

Today’s news was just shared during Capcom’s 30th anniversary live stream by developer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya. We’ll let you know if anything else is announced.

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  • gurbeergill

    I play Megaman X like, once a year or so. Just get that craving.

  • Exposer

    That includes Megaman X7…Darn it

    • Art Sir

      X8 was worst

      • Exposer

        No X8 at least try to stay with the formula.

        • Art Sir

          my mistake, i confused them. I didn’t play x8. I got x7, it was so bad it killed the series for me.

      • Eagle367

        Not really

    • Lance Devon

      Guess they were added to add value to the good ones.

    • Eagle367

      I liked x7 it was different

    • carlos holguin holguin

      they should remake x7 and 8

      • Exposer

        And Fix 5 and 6

        • YamiryuuZero

          I mean, all 5 needs is 6’s method of communications with Alia – OPTIONAL. If she doesn’t interrupt you every 5 steps, the game is a hell lot more enjoyable!

          Maybe fix the way you obtain Parts, make them collectables like X6.

          Now, X6 really needs a work on the fixes. First of all, remove the nightmare effects on stages! Second, make the Nightmare viruses not able to shoot through walls. Third, fix Phoenix’s snake bosses. Fourth, makes Gate’s fight depend on the player’s skill, and not luck based by completely changing his fight (I’m sick and tired of waiting for him to shoot that blue ball while he’s positioned where I want him to be, goddammit. And stop destroying the platforms). And lastly, remove Sigma from the game and make Gate the actual main villain, we don’t need Sigma anymore! End the franchise on X6 and it’s done!

  • SM

    Please announce new titles

  • speedyclax

    I’ve never played a Mega Man X game. Any good?

    • Exy

      The first Mega Man X is one of the examples I go to when I’m asked about perfect video games. I think it’s all right.

    • Art Sir

      After you finish megaman X jump to X4 and thats all you need to play

    • Eagle367

      Love all of them. My favourite platformer

    • Padre

      Not as good as the original series, but it has its fans so it cant be all bad. If you are into these kind of games and want to read/listen silly story, go for it.

      • Eagle367

        No man X series is better than the original and zero is just the best character to come out of this series

        • Hidden Flare

          If you all see here you’ll see a broken base between two megaman fans. One who sees the X series as better then the classics and the other who sees the opposite.

          • Eagle367

            Yes. X3 was one of my very first video games while X4 made me fall in love with Rockman X but could never get into Megaman og. Tried but couldn’t

  • Exy


    • Bradley

      It continues, just say it XD

    • Princess_Eevee9


  • Snackster1001

    Better be in a collection then, I’m in no way buying the X titles seperately

    • Eagle367

      Or each separate game being 3 dollars or something

    • YamiryuuZero

      I could do without X7 and X8.
      X6 arguably, because the soundtrack is the best in the series!

      Heck, why don’t they fix X6 before re-releasing it? Why haven’t they done this yet?!

      • Vinicius

        If I remember correctly we can blame Inafune. Around the time they released the MMX Collection on GC and PS2, he was remaking X, Maveric Hunter X, on PSP and decided he would completely remake the X series to fix all the mistakes, and decided to not fix the X games for the collection since they would soon be outdated, unfortunatelly for him MHX failed in sales and they never tried to fix the X games again.

        • YamiryuuZero

          I actually find that funny. Well, let’s see if they’ll fix them now (though given Capcom’s track record, I’d say they won’t.)

  • Stavro

    i’d guess separately in the e-shop. i’d prefer a collection like in gamecube/ps2


    Nintendo running them as always.

  • Eagle367

    I wish we got an X9 for god’s sake capcom. You made MegaMan 11 why couldn’t you just make X9 as well your fans have been waiting for so damn long. When will you give us X9 it’s such an easy money maker for you. Megaman used to be a franchise that stood up against mario and sonic now look where you’ve brought it

    • Radish

      Oh shut up. They just announced a new game, and now you chastise them more?

      • Eagle367

        I have been waiting for more than a decade. Can you blame me I love Megaman X more than any game series in the world

        • Radish

          I love Mega Man X series as well, but it’s clear to me that Capcom is doing something really good right now, releasing 1-10, X1-8, and 11 on Switch next year. I have a positive reaction to this news because I fully support it. Your reaction to all of this sudden support from Capcom and their desire to resurrect the Mega Man franchise is to complain that the new game they are making isn’t enough and we need a new X entry? That’s just not seeing the forest for the trees. You yourself just said you’ve been waiting for more than a decade. This news should give you more hope that they will revisit the X series as well. Instead you just complain.

          • Eagle367

            Everything doesn’t need to be a big debate. I said what I said because I was hopeful and saying ahh this is enough is not the way I look at things. I am happy for what we are getting but I don’t want Capcom or myself to think this is it. I can be happy for what we are getting while being a little disappointed and sad for what we are not. Nothing is perfect and just because I said they could have gone one step further with this doesn’t mean I am not happy with all the steps they have taken. It’s not black and white like that nothing is. And for all we know this is just for the 30th anniversary and we hear nothing until 10 years down the road. Anyway if you read this big block of text have a cookie and stop being angry at people online. I come online and play video games to relax. I wass just giving some honest opinions about part of what was happening. The stupid debate everything mentality is really tiring and explaining all this is just a pain for me and for you

          • Radish

            Yet you’re the one coming here to complain about everything. You are nitpicking on a small thing and missing the big picture here. The chances of an X game being made now have greatly increased, and you somehow missed that. You are taking this news as “well looks like they are only re-releasing old games and making mm11.” If this revitalizes the franchise, you will likely see an X game, which is why you should be excited. Being happy about this doesn’t mean you don’t want Capcom to do any more, it means you expect great things now.

            This is definitely not a time to be upset as a Mega Man fan. The fact that you can’t see that worries me. Do what you said and come online to relax, not whine about something.

          • Eagle367

            I am not. I will whine on occasion though. You see me as one dimensional. My comment was made at that time for that occasion and because I don’t fully trust capcom to do anything more. I am still hopeful for the future and will buy the X collection or all the collections and the new game but that does not mean I can’t make one stupid comment on one stupid article without being questioned by one stupid person. It gets really tiring when someone comes and just has to correct you. I wrote in the heat of the moment my first reaction. Every time wherever I comment someone has to be that guy. YouTube vgchartz now NintyEverything.

          • Radish

            It’s just amazing to me that after 7 years of no Mega Man from Capcom, we finally get an announcement that they are bringing every classic and X game to Switch as well as making a new game, and your immediate reaction is to whine and complain about “why aren’t we getting this too!?”….it’s just really petty.

            But you are allowed to make that comment, and I am allowed to respond to it like this.

          • Eagle367

            Yes my immediate reaction was goddamn no megaman x9 again but now that I’ve thought it through they are doing a bunch of megaman hopefully they do X9 in 2019 or as soon as humanly possible

    • Hidden Flare

      Ok how about we look at what happens and think it over for a sec…

      -All classic megaman games rereleased.
      -new classic style megaman game.
      -All X megaman games rereleased…

      Take a guess what will likely happen next. Just be patient.

      • Eagle367

        I have been getting disappointed for more than a decade hopefully we get Rockman X9 on the switch at best and switch 2 hopefully at least. And wait where are all the classic games rereleasing. I am buying the x collection and probably the new game but are the classics rereleasing as well?

        • Hidden Flare

          By classics I mean the main original classic megaman series legacy collection. Which has 1-10.

          • Eagle367

            yeah I know what the classics are I am saying I have no news of them releasing on the switch, ps4 or Xbone. That’s why I am asking is there a rerelease on current gen platforms?

          • Radish

            Capcom is releasing Legacy Collection 1+2 on Switch next year with some added bonuses like rewind and amiibo functionality. I’m surprised you haven’t seen this yet.

          • Eagle367

            Nope sorry when did they release this news? At this event or something before that? I have been pretty busy for a while now so maybe it missed me

          • Hidden Flare

            I think you should look into these vids. Note that it is coming to the switch soon.

          • Radish

            It was at this event. They posted an article about it on this site, sheesh.

          • Eagle367

            When I checked this site the article wasn’t up, Sheesh.

  • Carl Shaman

    please don’t give us the bad x3 remake like on the X Collection. also please give us Maverick Hunter (the X1 remake) and X Command Mission πŸ˜€

    • TruExtent

      I don’t think Maverick Hunter or Command Mission is gonna happen since they only said the 8 X games. However if I may ask, what happened to X3 on the collection? I thought it would have just been the same game as the original release.

    • Umegames Official

      Can’t stand the soundtrack for x3 remake. Don’t mind the cut scenes though

    • Radish

      What do you mean remake? X3 was made for SNES, Saturn, and PS1. The only question is which version they are going to re-release. And which version of X4 will they re-release? PS1 or Saturn? Im guessing they will just give us the PS1 version of X3 and X4 since they gave us the PS1 version of Mega Man 8.

  • Radish
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  • Don Zaloog

    I hope it’s a collection on one cartridge.

    • Princess_Eevee9

      I rather have multiple cartridges as Capcom loves skipping corners.

  • Aiddon

    Holy balls.

  • Aline Piroutek

    I would love a X-X8 Collection, not separate titles.
    Not a separate collection like Legacy Collection 1,2 would help too.

  • hi v3.0


  • DeltaPeng

    MMX8 was a really good game, I’ve been hanging onto my PS2 in part to keep this game at the ready.

    Super glad it’s going to be part of this compilation (along with X4, and on the Switch of course).

  • randy191993

    Cool. Why not? Still hoping they’ll make a new Battle Network some day… i know they won’t, but it would be great.