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Cartoon Network Battle Crashers, Monster Jam Crush It boxarts

Posted on August 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Images, Switch

Amazon has provided boxarts for two Game Mill-published Switch games. The packaging image for Cartoon Network Battle Crashers is above, and the one for Monster Jam Crush It is below.

Pre-orders for Cartoon Network Battle Crashers are open on Amazon here. Monster Jam Crush It is also up here.

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  • James Fox

    Internet Required? For What?

    • Gregory Weagle

      You know; I don’t like putting restrictions on developers for Nintendo systems because of Nintendo’s reputation of being ultra-draconian (and yes, even I have to concede that point), but the “Internet required” thing is one time where I would make an exception. I hate Internet Required BS.

      • James Fox

        No mate, I don’t know

      • Brad

        Which no switch game has had. But go ahead and complain.

        Temp. box art likely for “INTERNET REQUIRED FOR ONLINE MULTIPLAYER”

    • Dylan W

      It’s probably a patch. Lego City Undercover was the same way. I don’t know why these two games need patches though. I’ll even give Lego City Undercover the benefit of the doubt in this case since it was at least a big game.

      • James Fox

        What patch?

        • Dylan W

          When you get the game, there’s a patch that is highly recommended to download. I don’t exactly know what it fixes but I just downloaded it anyway. I love Lego City Undercover btw. It’s probably my favorite Lego game of the few I’ve played.

          • Lance Devon

            It removed essentially non-existent bricks to allow the ability to 100% the game was one of the major things, a couple vehicles also caused crashing.

  • Stuart

    Even Gumball is like: “seriously?”

  • Lumine

    Why would you need to be always online for these?

  • R.Z.

    “Game Mill” really makes it sound like this publisher isn’t going for quality …

  • MusubiKazesaru

    Is sad that trashy cartoons like that are considered to be “Cartoon Network” now.

    • Coonfoot

      Some of the cartoons here aren’t that bad (tho Adventure Time is overrated and way past its prime), but yeah, it feels like Cartoon Network doesn’t really try anymore, especially when it comes to how their shows look visually.

    • KnickKnackMyWack

      Steven Universe is very good. It’s just that its fanbase is extremely toxic.

    • Bojan Babic

      Almost every cartoon network show of the past 5 years is 10 times better in quality than our belowed shows back then. I like the shows from 10 years ago but they’re not that good in storytelling,characters,etc (not all, I mean)

      • MusubiKazesaru


  • Coonfoot

    It’s sad that Cartoon Network is the only network that can get console games for its animated shows these days and all of them are barely even good enough to be on a phone. Give Disney XD or Nickelodeon a partnership with any decent developer and they could make something even the least bit better than Battle Crappers.

    • TheGoomba

      Nick is only interested in mobile and Disney XD is where cartoons go to die.

      • Coonfoot

        Well, even some of Nick’s mobile games have been better than what CN has churned out recently. As for Disney XD, a lot of cartoons there are great and very popular. It’s ratings that die there.

  • TheGoomba

    Putting Steven front-and-center on a game not even completely about him. Pulling in that Tumblr money, eh?

    • MagcargoMan

      Great advertising campaign for a show that goes on a year-long hiatus every three months.

    • Fernando Garcia

      A sign of the Second Dark Age of Animation.

    • Coonfoot

      He’s also the only CN show there that’s worth talking about anymore (aside from Gumball).

  • Bojan Babic

    For a good price I can pick them up. I like the new CN shows(aside of freakin S.U… gosh that show is annoying)