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Codemasters considering Switch support, but unlikely to port over same exact games from PS4 / Xbox One

Posted on September 9, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Codemasters was listed in the lineup of developer partners on board with Switch last October. Thus far, however, the company has yet to produce any games for the console.

GameIndustry did ask creative director Lee Mather if Codemasters will return to Nintendo platforms by supporting Switch in the future. He acknowledged that, given its success, “there’s certainly the possibility we’ll look at doing something on Switch.” However, bringing over Codemasters’ same exact games from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is unlikely.

Mather said:

“Obviously we’ve been watching how the Switch is performing and it’s selling really well. It probably wouldn’t be suitable to have exactly the same game we have running on Xbox One and PS4, but there’s certainly the possibility we’ll look at doing something on Switch. We’ll see what happens in future. It’s certainly getting the market share to make it a valid place to be.”

Codemasters used to be fairly active on Nintendo platforms during the Wii and DS era. The developer also put out F1 2011 for 3DS. On Wii U, Codemasters’ only game was F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition back in 2013.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.


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  • Jonathan Cromwell

    Honestly their games aren’t very good. No big deal.

    • Lumine

      Honestly we don’t need them on the Switch.

  • Pepperkeet

    So why even address it at all?

    • Radish

      Because they know if you mention the Switch you’ll get clicks and attention.

  • Vive

    aka “We didn’t give a f… about the Switch when it was revealed but now it is selling so much that maybe we have to bring some game there.”

    Why not making games specifically made for the platform?

  • Shonenfan

    I don’t get it. Wiiu just got released in that time frame sold less than switch. Yet they already had f1 racestars in production without knowing its succes. This last 6 months has been great for switch. Although with shortages it sold very well. Shouldn’t they worked on something by now if they where one of the supporters? I honestly don’t like their games that much but maybe others do.

    • Indielink

      Everyone was quick on the WiiU cause the Wii did so well. Now everyone is waiting to make sure the Switch doesn’t become a dumpster fire.

      • Shonenfan

        Wiiu didn’t even get people confused and enough advertising as switch did.

        • RoadyMike

          For those following the game industry, we knew what the Wii U was. But even after an entire year of it’s release, the general public still thought the Wii U was an add on to the Wii . Part of it was the terrible marketing or lack thereof.

          With the Switch, people got the concept right away and knew this was a new system

          Indielink is right, people jumped to the Wii U initially because they thought it’d be a massive hit like the Wii and they seemed to like the controller(at first). After some time passed they realized the Wii U wasn’t capable of playing many of their games at the quality they wanted, if at all. The poor sales of the system only made things worse
          Even though I don’t like it, it’s no surprise devs are being very cautious of the Switch right now and I realy can’t blame em

          Things could turn for the better once the system hits 5mil. If not, there’s absolutely no reason not to port some big hitting games once the system hits 10mil

          • Shonenfan

            I also did compare the first 6 months of those systems. There is huge amount of people who doesnt have switch but wants one. Which by now should give those devs some courage to develop it for. As you said yourself the general public didnt knew about wiiu that much. Thats also a market to cater for like the switch right now. I think with wiiu they needed more time to develop its game for with gamepad and power pc architecture. And switch already has many big games announced from this year through 2018. More then wiiu had. Also being fully portable also makes it a huge factor

  • awng782

    I could see Codemasters developing “custom” versions of F1 and/or Dirt on the Switch.

    Does Codemasters develop other series other than F1 and Dirt?

  • Blanco8x8

    Booooooo!!! Incompetent third party developers sucks!

  • Busterblade

    Overlord used to be good, but then it went down the road into the swamp, and hasn’t resurfaced since. Comes down to: nothing to see here, as people have already pointed out.

  • RoadyMike

    The dev name didn’t ring a bell. Looked them up and I can see why. They make(or publish?)mostly carracing games which I rarely play
    For those that know them and enjoy their names, this might be disappointing but to me this this isn’t a problem. The Switch and even the Wii U had a few really good racing games and the Switch seems to be getting more

  • Paddy Alfan

    Not the same game but the same physic works for me. That’s important for a racing games which they Re good at and more points of it being mobile.
    At least they may make something and not doing project cars move.

  • kurodo

    Dirt 4 flopped hard. maybe we’ll see a switch version to boost the sales.

  • Lance Devon

    So expect a PS3 ports then.

  • cloud36426

    So my question is since they were listed as a lineup developer but have nothing in the pipeline (going by Mather’s comments) how many other devs are on that list not working on Switch titles? Was I wrong to assume that those on the list were actively working on games for Switch? I’m still waiting to hear something out of From Software. I also know Mather may be under a NDA if they are working on something.

    • Shonenfan

      I think it means they already have switchdevkits and are ready to support it. When? I don’t know, but like you said something maybe underway but they aren’t ready to announce it yet.

  • Tlink7

    Duh? The Switch is weaker than those two consoles

  • StuOhQ

    Weak. If they actually took the time to try and put a AAA on there, it would be different. Sounds like they are thinking more along the lines of a mobile port.

    To be honest, though, there are several 2K games that are basically just downscales of PS4/XBO games. It’s already been demonstrated by the Shield that the Switch’s hardware can run most PC games at medium settings. Obviously, that doesn’t make for the prettiest final product, but a little optimization would allow almost any game to look passable on the system.

    • RoadyMike

      The Tegra in the Shield and the Tegra in the Switch are configured differently. The Switch Tegra is clocked at about 768MHz while the Shield runs at about 1GHz(higher). It gets cut even further when undocked which is about 307MHz. Performance may take a substantial blow with these more demanding games
      Strangely, the system has been optimized to actually run some games better when undocked. But even optimization can only go so far, for any system

  • Matt

    Codemaster’s do your research the Switch has exact same graphics settings as ps4 on UE4 so the exact same graphics…in docked that is and only drops to medium on Tablet modes that is why games look basically identical on tablet/tv.

    Both PS4 and Switch support Hight settings at 1080p Native on UE4 so performance on actually making games is basically the same……the new Moto GP game is using UE4 next year and I think it is coming to Switch….

  • Matt

    Codemaster’s are dizzy look either do a ground up Engine and basically match ps4 graphics or use UE4 like Moto GP is in 2018…Switch in docked mode matches ps4 performance benchmarks on UE4.