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Grid Autosport has received a new update, adding in a couple of new features. Local wireless multiplayer for up to eight players is now supported, in addition to two player split-screen.

Grid Autosport will be getting another update in 2020. Nintendo Labo and wheel support will be added along with online multiplayer.

As was announced last week, a new update for GRID Autosport is now live on Switch. It adds local wireless multiplayer for up to eight players as well as two-player split-screen.

Feral Interactive’s plans for the racer don’t stop there. We previously heard that online multiplayer is planned for 2020, but that’s not all. Feral now says that it will also add Nintendo Labo support with the wheel accessory sometime next year.

Source: Feral Interactive PR

Feral Interactive has announced a pair of new updates that are in the works for GRID Autosport on Switch.

The first patch, which is slated for December 16, adds a couple of new multiplayer features. Players will be able to access two-player splitscreen as well as eight-player local wireless multiplayer. In 2020, another update will include online multiplayer.

Here’s the official announcement regarding upcoming updates:

GRID Autosport has received a new batch of Switch gameplay tying in with its release today. Have a look at 20 minutes of footage below.

To celebrate its release on Switch today, GRID Autosport has received a new launch trailer. We’ve included the video below.

Feral Interactive has issued an official gameplay video for GRID Autosport on Switch. Take a look at it below.

Feral Interactive, the team behind GRID Autosport for Switch, has been answering fan questions about the port on Twitter as of late. The studio confirmed GameCube controller support, revealed performance and graphics modes, and more.

Here’s the full roundup:

Following up on yesterday’s feature in the Nintendo Direct, Codemasters and Feral Interactive have shared a new trailer for GRID Autosport. Check it out below.

It was this time a year ago when GRID Autosport was announced for Switch. During today’s Nintendo Direct, Feral Interactive and Codemasters finally revealed that the racer will be available starting September 19.

Here’s an overview of GRID Autosport:

GRID Autosport, which was announced for Switch last November, has a slightly more specific release date. Feral Interactive has announced that the game will release sometime in September. Previously, it was known to be coming out sometime this summer.

Here’s an overview of GRID Autosport: