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Control 8 characters at once with this Smash Bros. Wii U glitch

Posted on December 30, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Reddit user Gluetendo has stumbled upon an interesting glitch in Smash Bros. Wii U. By taking advantage of it, it’s possible to control eight characters at once.

Here are the full steps, as described by Gluetendo:

  • Have 8 amiibo.
  • Use a controller that can “desync” (a GameCube controller preferably).
  • Go to the 8-Player Smash mode.
  • Just move your joystick until the “Player #” or port space pops up.
  • Click the name part of your port until it says “None”.
  • Remove your controller from the port or desync it.
  • Scan your amiibo.
  • Plug everything back in.
  • Move your joystick again and now you will be the Player in the next available space after your scanned amiibo. Nothing out of the ordinary, but trust me, it’s working.
  • Repeat Steps 5-9 until all the Player spaces are filled with the 8 amiibo.
  • Go to the Settings (where Time or Stock and Item rules are). Then simply exit.
  • Enjoy controlling 8 characters simultaneously

If you’d like to see the glitch working, give the video below a look.

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  • Luffink

    Do you have to use eight different amiibos then?

  • José Pedrero

    Step 1: have 8 amiibo
    Lol ok

  • Tdawg


  • Reggie

    Wait, so the guy needed eight different Ganondorf amiibo to do this?

    Found the Ganondorf scalper.

  • The Villager

    So I guess I would have to have 8 Villager amiibos.
    Aww man, I only have 2.

    • superphillip32

      Only two? You’re a disgrace to your user name! >:(

      Just kidding! 🙂

  • MagcargoMan

    mariotehplumber can finally use his Rosalina amiibos so he can have his secret waifu match like he’s always wanted deep down.

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