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Creator on what inspired Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Posted on January 8, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

Muramasa: The Demon Blade was one of the most visually striking games on Wii. The action game possessed a unique style, and was heavily based in Japanese mythology.

Glixel recently caught up with Muramasa’s creator, George Kamitani, as part of an interview opportunity. When asked about what inspired the title, he explained:

“I had consecutively done fantasy titles so I wanted to do something different. The concept for Muramasa: The Demon Blade came from the idea of presenting a ‘ninja Princess Crown’ concept to the person who created the arcade game Ninja Princess at Sega. The story for Odin Sphere was inspired by Shakespearean theatre so if I was going to make a Japanese version, I felt that the setting should be inspired by kabuki, so I collected a lot of kabuki scripts. I also referenced a lot of Japanese classical literature, but the old language was very difficult. And I was somewhat nervous to use Japanese mythology, so there’s more Buddhist theology in the game.

Visually, I was influenced by block prints from the Edo period, and I imitated the ink-wash painting style using bright, vibrant colors. I was also influenced by the classic Manga Nippon Mukashi Banashi anime where there’s a certain comical element to the background. I tried to create an authentic environment that’s different from a realistic style.”

After releasing on Wii many years ago, Muramasa: The Demon Blade came to the Japanese Wii U eShop in 2015. Unfortunately, it’s still not out in the west.


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  • ShadowDragoon

    A fantastic game, one of the best in for the Wii.

    • Vinicius

      Agreed. Also the best way to play it is with an Arcade Stick.

  • César Tribst

    I’m patiently waiting for the release of this game on the WiiU E-Shop, this one and Fire Emblem are my only requests before Nintendo shuts down the WiiU (it’s really hard to me to find a physical version of both games).

  • Seeing how much love they give the PS Vita, I wonder if Vanillaware would support the Switch too. I’d love having Oboro Muramasa with the Genroku extra stories on the Switch!

    • Sylvain PARIS

      Me too, i will buy the switch just for this Amazing game !

  • Princess_Eevee9

    Please make a remaster for the Nintendo Switch! And if course sequels and being other titles!