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Dark Souls: Remastered will cost $40

Posted on January 11, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Bandai Namco has confirmed pricing for Dark Souls: Remastered. When the game hits Switch in late May, you’ll be able to purchase it for $40.

Dark Souls: Remastered isn’t exclusive to Switch, but thankfully, it doesn’t appear to be priced higher on Nintendo’s console. All versions will be set at that $40 price point.

Source: Bandai Namco PR

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  • kurodo

    Oh my god 😮

  • moviereviewrsports

    Okay thank god its not 60 dollars

    • PRIMUS

      Thank you Jesus, $60 dollars with all DLC. We have won.

  • Lord Ozzie

    Any news on the price regarding in the UK?

    • Froot

      Xtralife, spanish website, listed the game at 45€ for switch(but the other versions for 35€). Most times UK does 1 pound = 1 € for prices, so could be 45 pounds(but I think that website got it wrong and its 40$ = 40 € = 40 pounds

    • Felipe M.

      Probably somewhere around £49.99, £44.99 or £39.99.

  • gurbeergill

    I hope From Software is working on Metroid Prime 4. That would be a fantasy come true.

    • Froot

      Make some sense but they are not, it’s a brand new team.

      • PRIMUS

        They can always be a support team. Like Bandai Namco and Smash Brothers 4.

    • DarkFist_Flames

      They are busy making ps4 exclusive game.

  • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

    Those are good news

  • Princess_Eevee9

    Hmm, neats!

  • YamiryuuZero

    Praise the Sun, and remember: Try tongue but hole.

  • Stuart

    Alright,it is a fair price.

    • Felipe M.

      An old game that costs way less on other platforms and you’re saying it’s a “fair” price. Right.

      • Stuart

        It is being sold as a remaster,isn’it? It costs the same as the PS4/Xone versions,isn’t? They didn’t took the chance of this game never being on Nintendo before as an excuse to charge full price,isn’it? That is why I said is fair. If you are not willing to pay this price and think you can save on the PS3 version,then it is up to you.

        • DarkSalad

          Or PC, where it runs better than PS3…

          • Stuart

            Wasnt Dark Souls on pc pretty broken tho?

          • Badouken

            Yes Dark Souls on PC is trash compared to PS3. Everyone pretends it isnt because of DSfix and think that DSfix is apart of the base game but it isnt. With DSfix yes the PC version is better (though K+M is trash for DS) but the vanilla games id say PS3 is superior. None of this matters though because a remaster is on the way. As someone whos played them all, $40 is fair imo because it comes with the DLC + dedicated servers + higher res + whatever other new changes they decide to do. (the OG game looked pretty rough).

      • GoldenTriforce

        A. They’re a company, who has to account for production, marketing, porting, retail costs (about 40% of what the consumer pays), Console license costs, and developer royalties
        B. Charging $20, even for a 5 year old game, devalues said game.
        C. It’s a remaster. It will cost money to make and add value to the product.

  • Felipe M.

    Meh. That’s overpriced. Pass.

    • PRIMUS

      you would not even buy at $30, keep on moving. This is a brand new game for a Nintendo home console, remastered at that.

      • I would pay 40 on the Switch, but on PC? NO more than 15$. taking in account that I have the original game too, I have all 3 Dark Souls in fact, and they want me to pay 40 dollars lol. That’s like if Rockstar had released PS3 version of GTA V on pc and two years leater PS4 version as a remaster lol.

  • Michael C

    A old game that runs at 1080p/30fps when docked….its already the worst console version that will be hooked up to a TV…but it will be the best mobile version at least.
    That aside…. dark souls 2, or 3…..they give this one for $40, overpriced.

    • nemo37

      Yeah…who knew a handheld portable console consuming 15 watts of power cannot perform the same as stationary consoles in the same generation that consumes over 100 watts that amount. It is almost as if portable and stationary systems are proratizing two different experiences. This is so mind boggling to you that you must repeat it on every Switch article. Here is more breaking news, a smartphone is not as powerful as it’s laptop/desktop counterpart, a supercomputer is far more powerful than consoles and most PCs, and when it rains people get wet.

      • jbmindtrick

        Unless they have an umbrella….

    • Aline Piroutek

      30fps is the standard for Dark Souls. Are you nuts?

      • DarkSalad

        For the first Dark Souls maybe, but that’s it. Dark Souls 2 and 3 are 60 FPS on PC. The remastered version is also 60 FPS on all other platforms.

        Console standard maybe, but that’s it.

      • Padre

        15fps is standard on Dark Souls, barely.

  • jbmindtrick

    $40 is fair, no cartridge penalty. Nice.

    • PRIMUS

      it is $40 for the other consoles too.

  • MagcargoMan

    Well that’s good. Very reasonable. Does it include all the DLC though?

    • PRIMUS

      most likely.

    • DarkSalad

      There’s only one DLC, and yes it’s included.

      • MagcargoMan

        Oh, that’s good then.

  • StuOhQ

    I’m definitely on board with this.

  • Padre

    Day 1 physical.

  • ben

    It is cheap enough considering it is a portable Darksouls game. I hope they fixed some of the bad quality of life aspects. I would have preferred 2 or 3 as those games were much better when it came to diverse playstyles. 1 is overrated in my opinion.. People liked it because they could become awful Havel monsters….. Sigh…

  • RoadyMike

    I’ll just wait for a sale. Not paying $40 for a game I already got for $15 on steam. I haven’t played the other 2 yet so I hope those come around

  • ThreadShadow

    I might get this, if it supports local co-op, preferably LAN, but splitscreen would be acceptable, otherwise I’ll pass.