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Death Squared sold more on Switch in its first three days than all other platforms

Posted on September 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Many indie developers have come out this week to share success stories about their games on Switch. The teams behind Wonder Boy, forma.8, and Oceanhorn have all seen higher sales on the platform compared to other consoles.

You can add Death Squared to the mix as well. In a series of tweets yesterday, the studio outlined how the Switch version sold more in its first three days than all other platforms.

SMG Studio said:


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  • Roto Prime


  • hi v3.0

    All the news about indies selling the fastest on Switch should be a sign to all those third party

  • DonSerrot

    I’m really loving this trend. The Switch is shaping up to be an indie dream machine!

  • Devlind

    They sell better on Switch because the other platforms have better games.

    Before you flame me, this was a joke.

    • ronin4life

      You aren’t totally wrong though… This is my rant-y theory:
      The other systems have loads more options for customers to choose from. Which results in loads of games, even AAA titles, getting swarmed out and forgotten… and when everyone is fighting for scraps amid rising dev costs companies dry up or resort to rehashing and retreading for the lowest common denominator. Which hurts innovation and creativity as well as overall quality and value.

      You’d think it would be the other way around, that companies would want to avoid this trap and stand out… but the truth is not only that this way is cheaper and easier, if you have precedence in sales data showing what has clearly worked for you in the past… why take a risk when you can play it safe?

      Eventually you run the risk of ending up with userbases that only support that specific branding of product and ignore all the others. In this case, unique indies. Why make an interesting different title that no one will look at because they are currently anticipating the newest version of your annual action game instead? And why bother diversifying or create something unique if you’ll be drowned out by your competitors tried and tested retreads anyway? This is why the market is flooded with FPS and Sports titles that come out annually, and when you add to that the newest entry in the non annual but frequent AAA cinematic action titles gamers on other systems no longer have any time or money to buy anything else but *perhaps* one or two less obvious titles… among dozens of lesser known releases that are never given much spotlight by other console manufacturers.

      Nintendo has fewer titles, but plenty of diversity in its titles. And a consumer base that enjoys this diversity. Nintendo themselves make loads of different titles, from Platformers to Action-adventure to Strategy to Life-sim to RPG… When was the last time Sony or EA put in real effort to make a strategy title? Nintendo’s customers have far more diversity in taste and fewer releases to buy into overall, and this makes interesting indies more palatable and worthwhile to them.

  • Morian

    Chicken Wiggle sells bad on the 3DS eShop and suddenly some random indie developers appears telling us their successes on the Switch eShop…coincidence? I think not! (I’m not even know what I might hinting at, lol)

    • Dascylus

      Hinting that Jools was right and the indie scene has pushed to the Switch 😉