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SMG Studio

Moving Out 2

Team17, SMG Studio, and Devm Games have announced Moving Out 2, and it’s coming to Switch. A release is planned for 2023.

The original Moving Out released in 2020. It is currently available on Switch as both a physical and digital release.

Moving Out - "Movers in Paradise" DLC

Team17, DevM Games, and SMG Studio have today released major downloadable content for Moving Out, titled Movers in Paradise. It contains fourteen new levels set in a tropical paradise, ten morearcade levels, new gameplay mechanics, and four new characters to choose from.

Here’s a complete rundown of the DLC plus a trailer:

Moving Out - "Movers in Paradise" DLC

The couch co-op game Moving Out is set to receive new DLC later this month. “Movers in Paradise” will release for Switch on February 25.

The upcoming DLC contains fourteen new story levels, four new movers, and ten new arcade levels. We have a teaser trailer below.

Team17, DevM Games, and SMG Studio today announced a new “Moving In” update for the co-op game Moving Out.

The main highlight is that in twelve of the game’s levels, players are tasked with unpacking the van and placing items into their new homes. That’s on top of a new ‘auto snap’ option to the assist mode to help players position items exactly where they’re needed, the ability for players to customize their character’s shirts, and two brand-new dance moves known as The Prospector and Loveshack.

Here’s a trailer:

Moving Out

Moving Out has been updated on Switch, and players can now access version 1.2. It includes a new character, new dance moves, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:

Moving Out, the physics-based moving simulator, is out on Switch today, and we have a new launch trailer to celebrate. Take a look at the video below.

Moving Out can be found digitally on Switch via the eShop.

Team17 has issued a new trailer for Moving Out that highlights the game’s accessibility features and ‘Assist Mode’. Watch it below.

Moving Out launches for Switch on May 28.

Moving Out can now be pre-ordered from the eShop, and a demo for the game is now available on the store. Find a trailer and footage showing both of these announcements both.

Moving Out boxart

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Amazon has posted the boxart for Moving Out, the physics-based moving simulator coming to Switch later in 2020. Give it a look above.

You can pre-order Moving Out for Switch on Amazon here.

Publisher Team17 and developers SMG Studio and DevM Games today announced the final release date for Moving Out, a game that “sees players relocating furnishings in increasingly bizarre locations in a fast-paced furniture moving simulator that brings new meaning to couch co-op. It will launch physically and digitally on April 28.

Here’s some information about Moving Out:

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