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Death Squared

It’s been several months since Death Squared first graced the eShop. Still, if you’re just now considering a purchase, the game’s new demo should help you make a final decision.

You’ll find Death Squared’s demo on the eShop in all territories. Interestingly, it features original story / audio. The demo also contains a sampler of levels from the main game.


With Christmas comes many new Switch owners, and indies are reaping the benefits. SMG Studio is one such developer that has confirmed a huge increase in sales during the holidays.

On Twitter, SMG said that Death Squared’s sales are up 500% during the Christmas period. That’s despite a lack of promotion and visibility. The game isn’t on sale either.

SMG stated:


Following the last update in August, a new patch is out now for Death Squared on Switch. It’s been upgraded to version 1.2.0.

The official details about the update haven’t been made known. However, it seems as though new cosmetics have been included. SMG Studio did intend to offer new hats after the Japanese release, so that might have been added.


Many indie developers have come out this week to share success stories about their games on Switch. The teams behind Wonder Boy, forma.8, and Oceanhorn have all seen higher sales on the platform compared to other consoles.

You can add Death Squared to the mix as well. In a series of tweets yesterday, the studio outlined how the Switch version sold more in its first three days than all other platforms.

SMG Studio said:


A new update for Death Squared has started distribution. Version 1.1.0 is out now for all players.

We had heard that there was an issue with Death Squared when playing level 65 while the system was docked. Today’s update should take care of that problem.


SMG Studio isn’t done with Death Squared. New levels will be added in the future, but in the meantime, the developer is cooking up a couple of other things.

First, new hats are being added to Death Squared. Additional language support is also planned. These elements will be on Switch first since SMG Studio also needs to address an issue with level 65.


Death Squared opening gameplay

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NintenDaan has uploaded the first 5 minutes of Death Squared, so if you want to see a bit of the gameplay check out the video below.

Death Squared launch trailer

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Death Squared has launched on the Switch eShop in North America and Europe. We’ve attached the game’s launch trailer below.

Death Squared Switch footage

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Death Squared is just a few weeks away from landing on Switch. Take a look at some early gameplay below.

Here’s a bit of a strange situation for you. A listing on the eShop found towards the end of last week indicated that Death Squared would be releasing on July 13. However, SMG Studio made it seem like that was a mistake.

Now we’re back to where we were originally. SMG Studio put out an announcement today confirming that Death Squared is indeed heading to Switch on July 13.

Here’s an overview of the game:

“Escort a colorful crew of cuboid companions through an insidious science facility where danger lurks around every corner. To find a way through this murderous maze and escape to safety, players must hone their communication skills and solve puzzles through a process of trial and error, as the game introduces new rules and mechanics tailored around teamwork.

Each robot must make it to their respective color-coded waypoint, navigating past deadly devices like spikes, lasers and other nefarious traps. While one false move can spell death for the entire team, as every player must survive to progress, every misstep comes with newfound knowledge and an instant respawn to put that information to use.

On top of featuring a campaign with 80 single-to-two-player story levels, 40 up-to-four-player party stages and unlockable vault content, Death Squared‘s Nintendo Switch release will feature all-new puzzles unseen in the previously-released PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One versions.”

Death Squared should cost $14.99 when it launches on Switch next month.

Source: SMG Studio PR

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