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Detective Pikachu amiibo costs $30

Posted on January 12, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Earlier today, Detective Pikachu was announced for the west. The news was accompanied by the reveal of an entirely new amiibo, which is bigger than other figures in Nintendo’s line.

We now have confirmation that the Detective Pikachu amiibo will cost $30. That makes sense given the size increase.

You can use the amiibo in-game to unlock “a combination of hilarious content that might also provide a hint.” You can still access this through normal means, “but tapping the amiibo will allow players to unlock content more quickly.”


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  • Mark

    Holy cow. I want him, but I don’t $30 want him.

    • ronin4life

      If it were soft like that Yarn Yoshi then maybe…

      • Mark

        Agreed. A Pikachu is already pretty light on the kind of detail that makes Amiibo worth it, and if this is just a bigger amiibo with the same quality plastic and molding. then I’m afraid I just don’t see the point.

        Wish they made Amiibo action figures. But that’s just the ten-year-old in me.

      • Glenda

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  • Jonathan Cromwell

    How big is this thing? The guardian which is quite large was only $20

  • Zeebor

    SWEET BLACK JESUS! That misses the entire point of amiibo!

    • ronin4life

      Not really. Half the point is that they are collectible display figures.

      So it’s more like this misses about half the point while trying to amply the other half… at twice the price. Lol.

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        Playing devil’s advocate: more material used to make the figure = higher cost of product to cover that increase.

        Still think $30 for a jumbo fig is pretty insane.

        • Mark

          There might be more material, but it’s mostly of one color, with an extra decal attached to the top. The true cost of an Amiibo is what goes into design and intricacy, and how many individual pieces need to fit together. Nintendo shared this info back when they came out with Amiibo.

          It might be big, but it’s a simple design; 90% of it is one color, and it doesn’t require many separate molds (not like, say, the Bowser Smash amiibos, which look like some of the most expensive-to-manufacture ones sold at normal price). I hate to say this, but it looks like this is a bit of a cash grab; something that’s cheap to manufacture but absolutely *will* be purchased by a small but devoted fanbase of Amiibo collectors, who also don’t care so much about price.

          My guess is, if you want it better pre-order or show up when the store opens, ’cause it’ll be pretty limited quantity.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            Didn’t say I wanted it, just was playin devil’s advocate just because.

          • DeltaPeng

            Agree that it’ll probably be less popular since the design is more basic. At least, I personally don’t see as much appeal.

            That said, the current amiibo size is pretty perfect, but I do have some other plastic figurines on the 6″ scale, and they do look quite nice. If a more complex 6″ amiibo came out, I may be tempted (as $30 is kind of expensive, but usually for quality anime figures of that size it tends to price $20-70, so it’s workable compared to competitors)

    • MagcargoMan

      It’s a figurine that unlocks content, so it fulfils the purpose of amiibo perfectly.

      • Zeebor

        No, the APPEAL (I suppose I should have said) of amiibo is that they’re inexpensive figures of characters that wouldn’t otherewise have one for such a price, or even at all. See: Fire Emblem. The reason I hate the Zelda line is NoA charges more for them just because they can.

  • If they had to do this super huge version, I wish they would’ve made a normal size variant too (kinda like the Mega Yarn Yoshi variant to the normal sized ones). The size is honestly pretty off-putting as I can’t think of where I’d even put it; it certainly wouldn’t fit on my amiibo shelf.

    And the price tag just throws away any lingering consideration I might’ve had. It’s a neat design too, so I admit I’m pretty disappointed.

  • FutureFox

    The question one must ask themselves: is there really $30 worth of in-game unlockable content? I guess is no, but in that case does the DP design justify at least some of that?

  • Tlink7

    It better the be the size of an actual Pikachu to be worth that price

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      No way in hell is there gonna be a 1 foot tall Amiibo

      • DeltaPeng

        If it was that large, it’d be better if it were plush than plastic

      • Tlink7

        I don’t know exactly the size of a foot, but isn’t the Mega Yarn Yoshi basically that?

        • Evan Gustavson

          I’ve never seen the mega yarn Yoshi, but Pikachu stands at 0.4 meters or roughly 1 foot 4 inches.
          So, around 40 centimeters

          • Tlink7

            OK it is not quite that big xD

  • Carlos

    I’m an Amiibo collector but this one is pretty ridiculous. This will be the first one I actually skip, unless I find it on sale.

  • R.Z.

    Had it been regular price and size, I would have been tempted, Pikachu in the detective hat is pretty cool.
    But at that price … nope.

  • link2metroid

    More rip-off SCamiibo.

  • MagcargoMan

    It looks neat but why is it even so big in the first place? Why not a normal size version?