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Devolver Digital teases first Switch game, news planned for GDC 2017

Posted on February 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Devolver Digital sent out a tweet last October following a meeting with Nintendo. It went well, as the company said it was “confident” about some of its titles appearing on Switch in 2017.

A new update posted on Devolver Digital’s Twitter account just a few minutes ago notes that its “first Switch game is coming, hopefully later this year”. It also sounds like we’ll be hearing some news out of GDC 2017 next week.

The tweet is as follows:


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  • Martin Sørensen

    What games has they made?

  • AJK

    Hotline Miami and Hatoful Boyfriend please

  • TruExtent

    I’d like to see Downwell come to the Switch. It be a perfect time waster and they can easily use a vertical screen mode like on mobile when the Switch is in portable mode.

  • TDude73

    If Bro*Force comes to the Switch (including exclusive Nintendo Bro-style characters), I would download that digital game in a heartbeat!

    • powL!

      havent thought about that yet, but its genius!

  • Jacob Groves

    SHADOW WARRIORS 2!!!! PC version out last year and they delayed XB1 and PS4 into 2017 for releases from 2016 so it look like they want those consoles wait until Switch completed and have Switch release with XB1 and PS4 same time. So yeah must be Shadow Warriors 2. 😀

    • powL!

      Some Co-op FPS action would be awesome! Would be in for it!

      • Jacob Groves

        Yeah man!!