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Devolver Digital

Inscryption gameplay

A ton of gameplay has come in for the just-released version of Inscryption. We have an hour of footage in total.

Here’s some information about the title:

Inscryption trailer

Devolver Digital and Daniel Mullins Games have sent out a new trailer for Inscryption on Switch. The video celebrates the Switch version, which just dropped this week.

Learn more about the game in the following overview:

McPixel 3 gameplay

McPixel 3 ended up on the Switch eShop this week, and we have gameplay from the Devolver Digital and Sos Sosowski Switch title. 44 minutes of footage has been published.

Below is an overview of the game with more information:

Trek to Yomi could potentially be coming to Switch as revealed by a listing from USK, Germany’s official video game ratings organization. The game is featured twice on the site, with both a PS4 and Switch version being listed.

Trek to Yomi released on most major platforms in May 2022. The Switch was pretty much the only platform not to receive the title, although given this new listing and the tendency Devolver Digital has to publish their games on the system, it likely won’t be waiting too much longer.

McPixel 3 trailer

A new launch trailer has arrived for McPixel 3. The game, a “mind-blowing save-the-day adventure”, lands on Switch today.

For more information, read the following overview:

Inscryption physical

Inscryption was officially announced for Switch during the Indie World Showcase this week, and it’s now been announced that a physical release is in the cards. Special Reserve Games is handling production.

Fans will be able to choose between a standard version and a “Reserve” edition. The first one simply includes the cartridge, reversible jacket artwork, and instruction booklet. The special edition has all of these goodies plus sequentially numbered packaging, a Special Reserve art card, and comes in a Special Reserve box.


Devolver Digital made it official today that Inscryption is appearing on Switch. The title is due out on December 1, 2022.

Inscryption was rumored for Nintendo’s console after it received a PEGI rating last month. Of course, this is the first official announcement.

Below is an overview of the game:

Pepper Grinder

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Ahr Ech have announced Pepper Grinder, a new an action-packed pirate adventure for Switch. It will launch in 2023 – a more specific date will be provided in the future.

First details can be found in the following overview:

McPixel 3

McPixel 3, “a mind-blowing save-the-day adventure”, has been announced for Switch. Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Sos Sosowski confirmed today that the title launches on November 14, 2022.

McPixel came out in 2012, but never appeared on Switch. Devolver Digital and Sosowski also ended up going straight to McPixel 3 rather than McPixel 2.

Here’s an overview of the game:

Cult of the Lamb Blood Moon Festival update

Cult of the Lamb players on Switch now have access to a brand new update known as Blood Moon Festival.

A bunch of additional content has been added to the game at no extra cost. There’s a new Blood Moon ritual, new unlocks, new decorations, and new follower forms. It’s also possible to catch ghosts of dead followers.

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