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Doom has a 720p resolution on Switch in both docked and portable modes

Posted on September 23, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Bethesda has slowly rolled out information about Doom’s performance on Switch. Yesterday we found out that the game runs at 30 frames per second, at least officially anyway. Rolling Stone, who shared that information, managed to obtain some additional details from Bethesda as well.

First, Doom’s resolution is 720p on Switch. That’s regardless of which mode you’re playing in – docked or portable. Both are the same.

Bethesda also says that Doom won’t have any motion controls on Switch. The functionality is being added for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but it won’t be present in Doom.


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  • Ardisan

    Okay thats impressive.

  • Aline Piroutek

    Well, I will miss the motion controls

  • Jacob Groves

    That is ok. But maybe one day future patch to bringing 1080p and 60fps if possibly like some other games updated after games out for Switch. πŸ™‚

    • Indielink

      That’s probably not going to happen. They might be able to squeeze 900p docked but any more than that is unlikely.

      • TDude73

        You never know… it could happen in the future.

    • Tlink7

      Those were relatively ugly games though, DOOM looks amazing. I doubt we’ll be seeing any upgrades in the frame or resolution deparment

  • Benjamin Silva

    Motion controls for the camera like in Splatoon would be the best thing ever, actually in any shorter 3rd party game

    • NancyRDiaz

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  • awesomeparadise3

    Why is the increased power of the dock not able (or not used) for a higher resolution?

    • It may be used fo smoother graphics or something like that

    • fox_whisper85

      Ask Panic Button, clearly people are ungrateful it runs as well as it does. Shocking.

      • awesomeparadise3

        I find it strange because the dock is used to improve performance of literally every Switch game I can think of.

    • theFooFighter

      Doom uses resolution scaling on the ps4 and xb1 so chances are the same applies here. I could see docked sticking to 720 most of the time but portable mode going as high as 720 but with a lot of drops to 600 or 540p

    • Jonathan Cromwell

      There is nothing in the dock but a fan. Docking it tells the tablet to up its clock speed.

      • GoldenTriforce

        Yes, but in turn the Switch runs at about half the GPU clockspeed undocked. That should at least be enough to boost the game up to 900p, unless the game uses the increased clockspeed some other way when docked.

        • Devlind

          In case you aren’t overestimating the power of the Switch, most third parties don’t have it figured out completely yet to optimize their games.

          • GoldenTriforce

            Well for one thing, what I said had nothing to do with third party ports, if you have your game running undocked at one resolution, it should be able to run docked at a higher one.
            Now taking about ports, the fact that so many developers have stated their games CAN run on Switch, and that Doom is running on it, would make me argue that its powerful enough to run ports. Optimization is different than the inability to run games, and plus, most games are ports from PCs, not consoles, so if you can port to Xbox One, Switch isn’t THAT far off.

          • Devlind

            I think you misunderstood me.

            “what I said had nothing to do with third party ports”

            I know, I just mentioned them to make an example.

            “if you have your game running undocked at one resolution, it should be able to run docked at a higher one.”

            The dock is not a magic thing that increases resolution or anything like that. The dock provides power (charging the system, not processing power) and cool the system. Now that the processor doesn’t have to worry about draining the battery or overheating, it can work at full capacity. It doesn’t double its power, but it’s enough to squeeze a little more out of it. Some developers use this to increase fps, others to increase resolution, or other stuff (maybe better textures, draw distances, more objects?). They can even decide to ignore it if they found that the work isn’t worth it.

            “Now taking about ports, the fact that so many developers have stated their games CAN run on Switch, and that Doom is running on it, would make me argue that its powerful enough to run ports.”

            It certainly has enough power, but that’s not all of it. The Switch can run those games because it is compatible with the same engines the developers used to make them. For example, the Switch is compatible with Unreal Engine 4, so it can run most of the games that used it (albeit probably with downgrades), but it can’t run FFXV because the Luminous engine isn’t entirely compatible.

            “Optimization is different than the inability to run games”

            Running them doesn’t mean they run exactly as they run in other systems. Optimization is necessary to make it run better with lower specs (Rocket League took a hit graphically to run on the Switch and it is a very simple game!).

            “most games are ports from PCs, not consoles”

            Every game is a port from a PC, but that’s not the matter, the engine is what makes the difference. If a system is compatible with an engine, with some tweakings and optimization, it can run any game that was developed with it (not at the same level, of course).

            “so if you can port to Xbox One, Switch isn’t THAT far off.”

            Only if the Switch is compatible with the engine. There’s a reason why EA used a different engine for FIFA.

            What I meant with my comment was that the Switch is still kind of new, so most of the third parties haven’t figured how to use all of its capacity yet. That’s why some even update their games after launch to increase resolution or fps (I believe minecraft did something along those lines, and even first party games like BotW).

          • TheAlphaOmegaX3

            GPU doubles in clock speed. It does add power. Saying it does not so how much you don’t understand.

          • Devlind

            Great, but still the switch between modes hasn’t been spectacular so far as most people tends to believe (the only notable changes are more FPS or an increased resolution). Yes, docked mode can provide a great experience in cartoony games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but to expect the same from games like Doom is a recipe to disappointment. As far as I know, Bethesda haven’t mentioned anything about battery life in portable mode (if they had, please correct me), so we don’t really know if the Switch is at its limit.

  • AJK

    This is a definite day one for me. Might get Skyrim later but I am really excited for Doom on the go

  • Devlind

    Not surprising, but I’m wondering why they decided to not include motion controls for aiming. Aiming in BotW and Splatoon is so easy with it.

  • Kid X

    If this is true (I’m not sure, their wording seems strange) then they should strive for 60fps at least in docked mode, they even say there is nothing different visually so why not make the system run at a higher clock speed for 60fps? In handheld mode, lower the resolution to 540p to help it run in 60fps since it seems that the system is capable.

    • Devlind

      Even with that, I doubt they can reach stable 60 fps. If you want a better experience, grab it for other platform.

      • Kid X

        I feel like there is wasted potential since we’re getting 720p in both modes unless it runs poorly in handheld which doesn’t seem like the case according to Digital foundry.

        • Devlind

          We don’t know the battery life yet, do we? (correct me if they mentioned it) In portable mode there’s going to be a sacrifice between performance and battery/heat.

          • Kid X

            We don’t know battery yet (I’d imagine it’ll last two hours at most) but I’m talking about docked mode where there is no battery to worry about.

          • Devlind

            What I meant was that if the game eats battery like crazy to maintain a proper performance in handheld mode, docked mode shouldn’t be that much of a leap since the other mode was already squeezing the Switch.

    • AJK

      I just don’t think the Switch can handle 60fps in a game this technically intense. The fact that we are getting Doom on a handheld that doesn’t look much different than the ps4 version and with all the content is a miracle to be honest πŸ™‚

      • Kid X

        I agree with the fact that this is a miracle, it amazes me how scalable id tech is and how developer friendly the Switch’s dev kit seem to be. Doom on Switch was pipe dream to me before the direct and Wolfenstein was probably the most unlikely game to come to the Switch out of everything else.

        • AJK

          The Switch has genuinely blown me away. Ive owned pretty much all major consoles and handhelds since the snes but the Switch has totally changed the way i want to play all games now. Playing doom on the train will be glorious

  • naught

    720p docked? ehhhh

    • TDude73

      So what?!

    • Devlind

      You can always grab the game for other platforms if you aren’t satisfied with the performance.

  • Addy

    Waiiit a minute, I thought it was 540p undocked. Was I misinformed again?

  • Gamingfan

    30fps lol. What a pile of crap.

    • Aline Piroutek

      You took too long to comment, not getting attention aside from me

      • Aline Piroutek

        Forget, a lot of people like to talk to you

    • Kid X

      That’s 30fps more than what the other consoles can do in their handheld mode.

      • Devlind

        People that care about the best performance probably aren’t into handhelds, but I agree, having this game with locked 30fps in handheld mode is impressive.

    • Jacob Groves

      Lots of PS4 and Xbox One games does this those days. So shut up.

  • Tlink7

    Nice! Can’t believe we’ll be having such a pretty third-party game on the Switch πŸ˜€

  • R.Z.

    -Yay, DOOM On Switch !!! <3

    -30 FPS ? Bah, as long as it's fluid …

    -720p ? No big deal, I'm not planning to play it on the TV too much anyway.

    -Missing map editor ? Too bad, but I can do without.

    -No gyro aiming ? Do you really not want my money Bethesda ?!?!?


    • JP Montecillo

      wouldn’t gyro aiming be weird in handheld mode?

      • R.Z.

        A bit, especially when the console is charging, but it’s always better than twin stick as far as I’m concerned.

  • I hope they let us chose higher frame rate in exchange of a lower resolution in the docked mode, like Fire Emblem Warriors…

  • Wanderlei

    Digital Floundry EXPOSED.