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Doom Switch file size

Posted on November 2, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

The Switch eShop listing for Doom has updated with the game’s file size. For those who plan on purchasing the game digitally, 13.4GB of free space is needed.

While it’s not said specifically, we can assume that multiplayer will be a separate download on Switch, as is the case with the physical version. Bethesda previously said that the multiplayer component takes up about 9GB of space.

Source: Switch eShop

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  • AJK

    Bethesda seem to be really on top when it comes to 3rd party Switch development. EA should take note.

    • masterjedi

      The one thing I will give EA credit for is the fact that their physical version of FIFA 18 on Switch was completely encompassed on the cart. That game was 14 some odd gigs and they used the 16GB cart for the physical version. I appreciate that from them. Their other business practices though…

    • Justin McQuillen

      More like EA should be on suicide watch

  • TDude73

    I fear absolutely nothing. When I get the Switch with our without MicroSD memory card, I’ll be more than grateful to purchase DOOM.

    • Justin McQuillen

      Yeah the people complaining about needing a microsd in 2017 are beyond hope. I bought many of them over the years and then when I needed one for Switch I bought a 200gb. It’s cheaper than an extra controller..

  • Airsh Bornely

    If the base game is only 13 and the multiplayer is 9, why separate when the cart could fit all of that? I thought it would be separated because the cart wouldn’t be able to hold more than 32GB.

    • Burning Gravity

      Guessing the limit for that cart is 16GB, not 32. Think I’ve heard different sized carts cost different amounts, so I’m guessing they went for the cheaper one.

      Alternatively, maybe the multiplayer just wasn’t ready to be put on the physical cart, but idk about that…

      • masterjedi

        There are 32GB carts available but it seems like most of these 3rd party developers are opting not to use them for some reason. The standard cart size is 16GB and the small cart is 8GB. If I had to guess, I’d say you’re right in that Bethesda more than likely went with the standard cart which could house the single player and made the multiplayer an optional digital download to save themselves some money. Personally I’d rather they put the entire game on the 32GB cart. It’s a bummer that I’ll have to use up some of my storage space even if I buy the game physically if I want to play multiplayer when there’s a cart out there that could easily hold the entire game.

        • Izaal Daar

          Would you pay 7€/$ (maybe 10) more for it? Because Bethesda would hace to pay that extra amount to Nintendo in order to use a 32gb card instead of a 64gb one.

          • masterjedi

            I am more willing to pay up to $10 more for a physical game if the full game is on the cart than I am willing to pay anything for a physical game that doesn’t contain the whole game.

            But here’s the thing, it’s Bethesda’s game, they SHOULD pay the extra cost to distribute their own game! Why do we need to pay Bethesda money so they can buy the delivery medium for their game and then turn around and pay Bethesda money AGAIN to buy the game?!?

        • Reggie

          Perhaps they’re going for the cheaper charts because, although while supportive of the Switch, are still cautious about it.

          • Strawman

            Wouldn’t blame them, since this is a ways off most stuff we’ve had so far, isn’t it?

        • amak11

          Nintendo practically gives away the 16gb carts to developers… They have to pay if they want more.

  • If I can just download the multiplayer and just have that. That be great. I don’t play shooters for single player.

    • Pinkie-Dawn

      That’s weird coming from you because many players are tired of multiplayer-based shooters and want a more single-player focused one like in the good ol days.

      • Nah I’ve always been like that since Goldeneye 007..
        I don’t really care much for the story in FPS.
        Only time I would put time into the single player if it unlocks stuff that can be used in the local or online multiplayer.

    • Justin McQuillen

      In the case of DOOM the multiplayer is good but the singleplayer gameplay is the full 7 course meal.

      • I know that but I don’t really play single player in First Person Shooters.

        • KagatoAsuka

          Doom isn’t your average single player there is practically no story its just like old school Doom just ignore everything anyone says and get to killing there is even an arcade mode for it.

  • Roto Prime

    Any word on wireless multiplayer local lan offline ADHOC????

  • JasonBall

    Can someone tell me how easy it is to upgrade you SD card size? I have games on an SD and want to upgrade, do I just transfer via a PC or is there an extra step?

    • amak11

      From what i seen you have to redownload all your games and things. Good things saves are on system memory

      • JasonBall

        So I can’t just transfer all my SD content from one card to another and put in the new one and be good? Thanks.

  • Eddie Long

    No local wireless? What a waste. I was willing to but multiple copies. Oh well.