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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 coming to Switch in Japan on September 7

Posted on June 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 isn’t too far off from launching on Switch. According to the latest issue of V Jump, the game is scheduled to launch on September 7.

Bandai Namco will be bringing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 to North America and Europe this fall. A specific date has yet to be announced.


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  • Rafael Bueno

    I want FighterZ right now so i don’t rly want this game anymore 😛

    • Mohammad Yasin

      patience grasshopper

    • I actually like this game more than the 2D fighter 😉

      • Rafael Bueno

        If you say so.. ill delete this comment then..

    • rockara

      they said FighterZ is about 20% done right now, so more than likely we could see a Switch port in 2018/2019

  • hi-chan!

    Port that super 2D-anime style fighting game now..

    • Felipe M.

      FighterZ needs to be on the Switch! That game is ridiculously awesome and the most faithful to Dragon Ball in its history.

      If Bandai plans on seeing if Dragon Ball sells on the Switch based on Xenoverse 2 then they’re gonna be disappointed because the sales of that will likely tank.

      FighterZ or nothing!

      • Mohammad Yasin

        it wont tank lots were hyped for xenoverse 2 and xenoverse 2 is a good start for future games patience

        • Felipe M.

          Lots were but before FighterZ was announced.

  • Kikiki899

    This new game look Great! Faithful Anime/manga-style graphics and exciting Gameplay (Competiive).A lot of Nintendo Gamers thinks this game will be Amazing on Nintendo Switch. Portatibility, Multiplayer with Joycons and HD Rumble are some reasons because DBFighterZ needs be on Nintendo Switch. We can ask Nintendo (Twitter) and show it we want more Dragon Ball Z games on Switch with this Hashtag. Make Nintendo listen to us.


    • Mohammad Yasin

      Nintendo didn’t make DBFZ don’t ask them ask Bandai also patience

      • Kaiser93

        Don’t ask Bandai, ask Arc System Works

        They’re the ones developing this game

      • GoldenTriforce

        Nintendo can and should have involvement with getting games on their system. They are why we are getting Skyrim and they should try to get more games like FighterZ on it.

    • metalpants

      I partly disagree. The graphics definitely went back to the way Dimps started the Budokai series (which we’re far more faithful to the anime than Xenoverse) and look phenomenal, but I disagree about the gameplay.

      Of course, it’s all a matter of personal opinion and taste/preference, but IMO, the traditional 2D style of fighting games does not do DBZ/S justice. It begs for fast-paced, free-roaming action with fully destructible environments, dynamic camera angles, signature attacks with beam clashes, etc. DBZ/S are too epic to be constricted in that sense. Again, from my view anyway.

  • Justmadeanaccount2

    They’re clowns for not putting Dragon Ball FighterZ on Switch.

    • Mohammad Yasin


  • Kenshin0011

    We also need FighterZ!!!!!!

  • Felipe M.

    Meh. I just want FighterZ now.

  • Francesco Gentile

    Seems incredible to me that they will bring this one and not Fighters Z…

    • Mohammad Yasin

      this was announced before z was a thing also patience

  • O.H. X-1990

    Eh, so what? No one cares about Xenoverse 2 anymore. They made a grave mistake not confirming FighterZ to Switch!

    • Mohammad Yasin

      ppl still care for xenoverse dummy

      also pateince

      • O.H. X-1990

        Nope, brainless child, people like FighterZ a whole lot more than Xenoverse, and you know it.

        Also, at this point, I doubt Bandai Namco would ever confirm FighterZ to Switch, like Sega did confirm Sonic Mania to Switch.

    • Aline Piroutek

      That’s why they can’t announce FighterZ for Switch. It would kill Xenoverse 2’s sales.

      • O.H. X-1990

        That doesn’t mean Xenoverse 2 will have good ratings. Xenoverse 2 is bound to fail.

  • ben

    People complaining about fighter z… I mean does that game even have a release date?

  • Operative

    How about instead of proving 3rd parties right by whining about everything even when we DO get games, how about we show our support for this and maybe they’ll bring more dbz games

  • metalpants

    All these Fighter Z comments, lolol. The graphics are amazing for sure, but the gameplay is so basic and too “traditional” for the lack of a better description.

    What needs to be done is a DBZ/S game with Fighter Z graphics, but free-roaming like Tenkaichi/Xenoverse, with fast-paced gameplay and a camera maybe like ARMS, an engine like Frostbite so that fully destructible environments are a thing (instead of objects just disappearing from the background) and a fighting system that feels more “natural” (not motion controls) with a short learning curve.

    I’m glad we have a game like Fighter Z, but it’s definitely not *THE* DBZ experience… it’s just another take on DBZ fighting.

  • John

    Everybody who wants FighterZ on Switch needs to buy Xenoverse 2 to show the devs that people are willing to buy DBZ games on Switch. If Xenoverse 2 flops they might take that as a bad sign and skip Switch from now on.

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