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Dragon Quest Builders for Switch to be featured at Jump Festa 2018

Posted on November 30, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Square Enix has announced its lineup for Jump Festa 2018, which includes the Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders. It will be playable at the show in December. Additionally, a trailer and stage show are planned.

The show, taking place on December 16 in Japan, will have the latest information on Dragon Quest Builders for Switch as well as gameplay. Noriyoshi Fujimoto (producer), Takuma Shiraishi (assistant producer), Saito-V (V-Jump editorial department), and MC Ranze Fukushima will be present.

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  • Drybonekoopa85

    Good God is this a day 1 buy for me! I hope the second game is coming west. We just need Dragon Quest Warriors 1 and 2. I hope those tittles come next year as well.

    • Roto Prime

      We really do! they are already in english…..so bring them please!!!!

      • Elizabeth

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  • TruExtent

    I’ve been contemplating getting Lego Worlds or Minecraft eventually. Now that this game is back in my head, I think I’ll skip both of those and wait for good old Dragon Quest. I have a couple friends that I’m sure will pick up this over the other games mentioned.

    • Roto Prime

      Lego worlds for $20 last week was a steal, really fun game, waiting for Minecraft hard cioy and YA…this game day one x2!!!

    • Drybonekoopa85

      I own both Minecraft for the Switch and Lego World’s also on the Switch. My honest opinion go with Minecraft.

      • TruExtent

        I had the feeling that would be the case. Kinda sucks. Lego is perfect for executing this sort of game. They even had Tt behind it to put in a lot of the charm and humor of the other Lego games. Yet Minecraft is still king due to it’s simpler premise. I’m not sure what exactly happened.

  • Randy

    Yeah, so long as this is $40 or less, day 1 for me. If it’s more than that, I’ll have to think about it as I already have this on PS4 and Vita. Hope it’s a physical release.

    • Drybonekoopa85

      Well one cool thing about the Switch version is you get that exclusive Saber cat mount for traversing the world’s!

  • Ailan Hidaz

    And here I am still waiting for the western release of Dragon Quest Heroes 1+2

  • fbnaulin

    Day 1.