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Dragon Quest X – All In One Package Switch file size

Posted on September 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

The Japanese-exclusive Dragon Quest X: All-In One Package will be a hefty download on Switch. An updated eShop listing for the game reveals the file size requirement.

As far as the base download goes, Dragon Quest X takes up 9.4GB. However, an extra 24GB of free space in order to play. Nintendo also warns that the required free space could increase in the future.

Source: Switch eShop

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  • Aline Piroutek

    Wow, that’s quite a lot for a MMORPG

  • DiscoGentleman

    Anybody can confirm that if you get this get on your switch, but you’re located in NA, you can play? Not a question is region lock. IIRC, even if you had a jp Wii U, but were located in NA, you couldn’t access the servers.

    • Charlene Buffington

      This is what I wanna know!

    • NotshaneTM

      Coming from someone that has played a bunch of Switch imports online, you can definitely play this game online if you download it from the Japanese eShop. Starting with the Wii was when Nintendo had those server locks, but the DS never had them and that was region-free, so the Switch naturally does not have them either.

      • DiscoGentleman

        Thanks for your response but those are assumptions, not confirmation.

        • Girlspeedo

          You can’t play online unless you’re in Japan. And there’s no offline mode. I wasted 5000 Yen. You’re warned.

          • DiscoGentleman

            Thank you, Girlspeedo. And I’m sorry for your loss. 🙁

  • R.Z.

    it should be called “Dragon Quest X all but one” seeing as there’s a new update coming.
    I’m still foolishly hoping it will release in the West someday, somehow …

  • Kalmaro

    Goodness, that’s a big download.

  • nekoknight

    Looks like micro SD cards are becoming more and more of a requirement for the Switch, even with physical games.

    • Felipe M.

      64GB cards are becoming useless cause these games will fill it up so quickly.

      But digress, I only get the games I want and they’re generally small and don’t need more space than the game card.

  • Reggie

    Well…considering that this is a MMORPG, I think this is a little more forgivable than NBA 2k18…

  • OlimacFTW

    It seems in the future that a 128GB SD card won’t be enough, especially if you opt to go all digital with Switch.

  • NepNep52

    I imagine that space is just there for the sake of updates. Not sure if it uses a launcher or not. But like Final Fantasy XIV on PS4 is 40gb or so. Not because that’s how big it is, but because it reserves space to download updates in the launcher.

  • Can this be played offline at all? Or entirely online? Cuz if it can play offline, I’ll totally import.

  • Girlspeedo

    A warning to you guys, you can buy the game but you won’t be able to play it. The game is region free but the Square Enix network (which you need to play online) is not. It only works in Japan. I spent 5000 yen on a game I can’t even open. Those game reviewers failed to tell me that there’s no offline mode available. I want my money back.

    • Felipe M.

      You could use a Japanese VPN but it’s a hassle for people who just want to play online.

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