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Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Switch screenshots

Posted on October 11, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Screenshots, Switch

Nintendo’s website has the first screenshots of Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate on Switch. View the various images below.

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  • awesomeparadise3

    Hope these come to the West.

  • Jonathan Cromwell

    Will preorder if they come to the west

  • Addy

    Please let them come to the west.

  • LB

    i wannnnt itttt! please localize DW8 i’ll import the physical game from japan like i did with i am setsuna!

  • Rwokkefeller

    I’ll definitely get WO3U if it’s localized.

  • Looking at these just makes me wish we had Sengoku Basara on the Switch. Or at least that we were getting Musou All Stars. They should port it with and add Copoona and Poleena too.

    • Fandangle

      I heard Musou Stars wasn’t the best. Haven’t got the chance to play it personally though.

      • Yeah, I feel like I can see why. I just like the idea of being able to play Ruby Party characters and Opoona in an action setting.

    • Busterblade

      Sengoku Basara was great on the Wii, but apparently it didn’t sell well enough to for the people behind it to continue support.

      I wonder what we need to convince them to give it another shot…

      • Pfft, I mean, the series is dead on Sony right now too. Capcom is full of crap though, because they didn’t even try to keep localizing them. It looked like a series they were trying to kill.

        Heck, I wish I knew who the team for it was and what they’re up to, or if they’re even with Capcom still.

        If the series actually comes back, I could see it being multi-plat, but that’s pretty wishful now since they haven’t touched it for a while.

      • ben

        It is a Capcom game… don’t get your hopes up!

    • Noo Badie

      Sorry, I just miss that game dearly. The character personality and the voice overs were golden and the gameplay was so addicting. I heard Warriors Orochi 3 was close to it so hope it comes to the west for the switch or i’ll just get on wii u

      • I haven’t even played a lot of it, but yes, the game is full of charm, life and fun. I really hope the series comes back.

        Here’s hoping~.

  • Fandangle

    Literally all better options than FEW. I cannot recommend Warriors of Orochi 3 enough. The game is packed with content.

    • Simtopia23

      FEW will get better with DLCs

      • Fandangle

        And WoO is good out of the box with no dlc because with good games you don’t need to pay more on top of the 60 dollar price tag to fix

        • ben

          LOL It was a game of the year version! it had dlc.

          • Fandangle

            Actually no. All the DLC’S for WoO3u are costumes and soundtracks.

    • ben

      This is totally untrue. I play a lot of Musou games and you probably haven’t played any! Fire Emblem Warriors has a much better battle system than these games and it has a better story. Fire Emblem Warriors actually has stuff to do apart from bash Y and X.

      • Fandangle

        All warrior games have that. The problem is that hyrule warriors is probably the laziest game. The move set variation is just poor. Pretty much everyone has similar attack animations and follow the same attack pattern whereas a game like HW warriors switches it up and WoO especially has plenty of variety in play style and character attack patterns and customizeability. It doesn’t offer very much unique in terms of game play besides the command menu.

        • ben

          Please answer honestly. Have you actually played Fire Emblem Warriors or are you comments just based on some character reveals?

          Because I have finished Orochi, Hyrule warriors and Fire emblem warriors and FE is by far the best of these games. FE makes Orochi look really bad.

          • Fandangle

            And I think you’re talking out of your fudge hole. Orochi 3 ultimate is a far superior game. I wouldn’t say it’s above a 6/10 though. The game is competently made its got plenty maps and an amazing cast of characters. It was made by a dev team who clearly cared about the properties they were using to make it. FEW isnt. FEW just feels spiteful at this point the entire game and the development team and the people who talk about it are all just spiteful. The game just isn’t good and isn’t good enough to defend and isn’t really good enough to care about. The only reason to even care about it is if you’re a fan of new FE and the FE fanbase is incredibly split on 13 and 14. If you were interested in warriors there’s several other games to look into and several different series you can pay attention to if you’re interested in more styles of gameplay.

          • ben

            This just isn’t true. And showing a blurry photo of FEW doesn’t prove you own it. It just proves you can take a photo of a streamer.

            I mean.. the Switch has a screen grab button why would you use your smartphone? Come on we were not born yesterday!

            The issue I have with your opinion is it does not fit with what is being said by other Musou fans in Japan or reviewers here in Japan or people who have played it in the West.. you just seem to be talking out of your back end.

          • Fandangle

            It’s a picture of my 3DS. Are you seriously confusing the 3DS with a Switch?

            Come on we were not born yesterday!

            You apparently were.

            The issue I have with your opinion is it does not fit with what is being
            said by other Musou fans in Japan or reviewers here in Japan or people
            who have played it in the West.. you just seem to be talking out of your
            back end.

            Except no. Japan hates it. The game sold horrendously. Japanese forums are fudging all over it much like the western ones are. No one likes this game but the fanboys as you’ve demonstrated.

            Regardless of this, you’re not making a good case for it. You’ve claimed to own it. You’ve cherry picked famitsu praising it. You haven’t said why it’s better either. The gameplay is largely unchanged, it’s the same old Warriors game. But everything else about it screams rushed and low quality, like the fact that Lissa’s model is awkwardly proportioned, how the maps on switch look even lower quality than HW, or maybe how the cast is so bad that only the most blind Awakening fanboy would like it?

            You haven’t made a proper case yet. You’ve just told me “B-but these people saaaaaaaid!” like a 12 year old who discovered his first internet forum.

          • ben

            LOL the 3ds version.. oh my..sorry I thought you were actually comparing the home console games.. nope.. oh dear..

          • Fandangle

            The 3DS version of FEW is literally the same as the Switch version. If you actually bothered to play the game you’d know this.

          • ben

            They are not really the same though, are they? I mean one is a game that can played at 60fps and played on a TV. Oh and has better controls etc.,

          • Fandangle

            They’re the exact same.

          • ben

            I am sorry playing a game with bad frame rate and far worse graphics is not the same experience at all.

          • Fandangle

            Except it doesn’t have bad frame rate. The graphics are pretty much the same in switch as well since it’s pretty clear making the 3ds version look good was a priority.

          • ben

            LOL get out of here.


            Barely the same game.

          • Fandangle

            I’m convinced at this point you’re trolling.

          • ben

            I am convinced that you are! Look at the videos! You say that the switch is just an upscaled version of the 3ds… you are mental kid.

          • Fandangle

            You’re the only person saying upscaled here. You’ve repeatedly put words into my mouth, you’ve repeatedly spoken for an entire nation of people based on Amazon reviews, you’ve contradicted yourself multiple times, You can’t seem to think for yourself either, and I can’t get a genuinely concrete argument out of you that doesn’t sound like you’re just prancing around the subject.

            You’ve literally done nothing to convince me that WoO3U isn’t better than FEW. It doesn’t even sound like you’ve played either of them.

            I’m just going to stop replying now. If you are serious you’re clearly too ignorant to discuss things coherently.

          • ben

            Repeatedly I have told you that FEW plays better than WoO3U. Has better mission design and has better characters. Do you even read?
            WoO3U has a terrible color pallet, it has a terrible hub system but if you love it so be it!

            “The switch version Is literally the same with higher resolution textures. They have the same content and they both run at 30fps with the switch version having an option for 60.”

            What the hell do you think up scaled means! The switch game and the 3ds games are built on totally different engines!
            But according to you they are the exact same game!
            Now, I can understand that you think that having the same map design and content makes the game the same but one game is incredibly fast with over 50 enemies on screen at a time and the other is slow and is struggling to show 10. How can you ever think this is the same experience?

            And you judge this version against the WoO3u that you probably played on a home console.. I am not at all surprised that you think one game is better than the other based on you playing one game on a HD console and the other in 240p at sub 30fps.

          • ben

            I don’t see the Japanese hating it at all by the way. The feedback on Amazon Japan has the game at 4 stars! Amazon Japan has people troll any game they don’t like so I don’t see where this negative feedback is.

            Also the sales are not really terrible at all. They just are not outstanding.

            The backgrounds are fine. Lissa does not look strange at all ai don’t even know what you are smoking!
            And the cast is made with obvious reference to the most popular games by sales and the fact they are the most recent games.. What do people expect just some %&% show of characters mashed together? It has to have some story.
            I don’t even like Awakening that much but I thought fates was fine.

            The issues with HW were far worse. With terrible slow down whenever more than 20 units were on the screen. It wasn’t a bad game.. But it is an unplayable mess compared to FEW.

          • Fandangle

            You’re going off amazon review scores now? How about you tell me exactly what makes it better than WoO3U and what it does better instead of just bullfudging around the topic?

            I already asked you once. I’ll wait.

          • ben

            Washed out colours and bad socialising to launch quests.. the game just was boring.

          • ben

            Amazon Japan is a pretty troll infected place and yet FE warriors is still doing better than a lot of other games. go search some musou games on there and you will see what I mean.

          • Fandangle

            You’re dodging my question

          • ben

            I answered about ten times. It is graphically better, faster running and has better voice acting and characters than the vast majority of Musou games. It also has more tightly better designed missions.

          • ben

            Even famitsu scored FEW higher than the musou games you think are better. That isn’t bias they just have more knowledge of the genre than you do!

          • Fandangle

            Famitsu is a glorified fanboy magazine that you probably shouldn’t trust. They’ve scored multiple bad games good because hype and they’ve scored good games bad because they didn’t have hype or preconcieved bias. Plus if you ever read their reviews you’d probably realize how shallow they are.

            You’re relying on other people’s arguments, not your own. Either make your case or stop replying.

          • ben

            I played all the games on HD consoles not on a 3ds. The switch version of the game looks great and plays fantastic! It has fantastic music and the levels are paced to be fast and filled with action.
            The issues I have had with other musou games are that the characters are not interesting at all.

            Now, I am not some purest about FE and the old games being better. Sure Roy`s game is pretty good! But I don’t really get the backlash against the newer games.

            Famitsu is just as trustworthy as any gaming magazine/site in the world. All sites have made the mistake you list as a reason to insult Famitsu.

          • Fandangle

            The 3DS version is the exact same in all but framerate, which isn’t what I have an issue with. It has the exact same story, the exact same cutscenes, the exact same levels, the exact same music. It’s a mediocre game that gamitsu only praises because they’re fanboys. WoO3U is a better game. HWL is a better game. DW7 is a better game. I’d even go so far as to say GW is a better game, and the GW series is pretty trash.

            I really don’t believe you’ve played it at this point.

          • ben

            LOL you say. give your opinion and how I have not said why FEW is a better game.. but you haven’t given a single reason why the games you say are better. Just that you don’t like the characters and the story in FEW. However, the gameplay on the switch version of FEW is far better than those games. Far better. Oh and let us not forget your fall back defence of your stance we are all fanboys because we don’t agree with your angry opinion.. just maybe if you hadn’t played the game on the mediocre version with a heart filled with rage about the character choices you would have seen that the game is actually really good? Maybe your own opinion is bias because you don’t like the character choices?

          • Fandangle

            I did though. And I asked you first.

          • ben

            I have given tonnes of points why the game is good on the Switch. I have not touched the 3ds version but I have seen screen shots and it looks like trash. So I cant really see how you can judge a game when you are comparing a mediocre version with HD games. I mean how does it even run!

          • Fandangle

            The game looks worse on switch honestly because the 3ds’ low res hides it. The switch version Is literally the same with higher resolution textures. They have the same content and they both run at 30fps with the switch version having an option for 60.

            You’ve played neither of them.

          • ben

            You are clown. I have no idea what crack you smoke but the game is totally different on the switch. go check video dude.

  • Simtopia23

    EU release pls!