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EA not ready to fully commit to Switch just yet, trying “to fully understand what the demand is”

Posted on November 1, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

EA released FIFA 18 on Switch a few weeks ago. However, the publisher isn’t in a rush to prepare additional games for the system.

The Wall Street Journal, having spoken with finance chief Blake Jorgensen, says EA is waiting until Switch has been out on the market for a full year before deciding whether to bring over more games. Jorgensen told the publication that it’s too early to tell whether FIFA 18 has been successful on Switch. EA wants “to fully understand what the demand is” for the system before it commits additional resources.

We do know that EA will be publishing Fe on Switch early next year. That was partially due to developer Zoink pushing to have its game on Nintendo’s console.


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  • Exy

    Normally I make a gag about these comments, but nah, this one’s too easy.

  • ArtBats

    Probably because Nintendo doesn’t have their online service live, and EA’s going the “multiplayer, games-as-a-service” route for all their games.

    • True,seems they are focus on multiplayer-online.

    • SpectralDynamite

      Sounds like an EA problem and nothing else.

  • Roto Prime


  • Mark

    Oh, EA… *sigh*

  • Zeebor

    Normally I’d call them retarded and be on my way, but EA has always made most of thier cash in the PC environment anyways.

  • EA you ain’t fooling anyone. Same with Activision who hasn’t done anything since launch with Skylanders or said anything since before Switch launch.
    Both of these company can just stop and leave.

  • Strawman

    Guess they’d rather want stuff that can properly take their games, without running into engine problems which cause missing features.

  • Apfel

    “If you build it, it will come”
    EA can have a better future with Kevin Costner as a CEO.

  • Vive

    The demand is for quality contents, not crappy intentionally dumbed down versions of multiplatform games.

    Where are the real faces on FIFA 18? Why i can’t play with my friends online?

  • lina the clueless

    how is EA this dumb yet makes so much money???

    if EA is afraid of porting huge games to Switch then what they should do is publish a ton of indie games for the console….. a good example of a game that would do very well on Switch that EA already owns rights to is Unravel……

    • PRIMUS

      Their consumers are the idiots.

    • Michael C

      Will make a ton is a assumption…no multi plat switch game has charted anywhere near the big two…NBA 2K, FIFA are two example. You really mean you hope they sell a ton.

    • TruExtent

      I thought Unravel was Ubisoft’s game?

      • Ryosuke Yamada

        Unravel is EA. You’re probably thinking about Grow Home which is by Ubisoft.

        • TruExtent

          That’s probably what happened to my thought process. Also I edited my response before I saw your reply. Give the page a reload and take a look at my new thoughts. 🙂

    • Strawman

      Hah, it’s quite far from even certain how well Skyrim, Wolfenstein and DOOM will sell. Bethesda is going out on a limb here, admirable for sure, but to say they’ll make a ton of money? Now that’s naive.

      • lina the clueless

        they are gonna sell a lot

        • Strawman

          With nothing to prove that, I’d say you live up your name.

          • lina the clueless

            I will prove you wrong

    • Adrian Brown

      You have a great point right there. If your existing IP don’t match what the Switch offers, why not expand it? Unravel is an excellent example. Maybe a Star Wars spin off, like Star Wars Racer.

  • Jeff Moreira

    Maybe when they stop to develop half arsed games to the system they will figure out that there is demand for good games on the console.

  • Pepperkeet

    “Nintendo won’t let us put lootboxes to boot up the the game, honestly their business model is a lil outdated” -EA

    • Max

      Can’t be much different than Nintendo selling incomplete games to make you buy amiibo.

      • awng782

        They are totally different.

        • How? AC festival wasn’t the best I know Nintendo do this 1/10. just saying

          • awng782

            Amino =/= Micrortransactions

          • Kinda but no quite close at least those who like Amiibo own a peace of plastic can put in their shelf as collector, sell as used toy or trade with your friends.

      • Sure if those content where on cartridge or disk, and you can’t even say that they deliberately took those out of the game(that is if you were to say that), since there is no concrete proof to back this up.

      • PRIMUS

        Name the game. Breath of the Wild is complete. Mario Odyssey is complete. You are either a drone or an EA employee.

        • Max

          Splatoon locks you out of special challenges and replaying single player mode with different weapons.

          Metroid Return of Samus locks you out of hard difficulty.

          Breath of the Wild locks you out from using wolf link.

          Twilight Princess HD locks you out of Cave of Shadows.

          • dang69

            1. In Splatoon2 or the original? I didn’t know anything about challenges and I have Splatoon2 and the amiibo.

            2. Samus’s unlock is another, additional difficulty in addition to the hard mode you unlock in the game proper. It’s a cool idea cuz that mode is only for obsessives.

            3. Wolf Link, as cool as it is, is totally a bit of gameplay that exists outside the actual game in every way. Not a part of the story, does not effect the story, is from another game it was packed in with.

            4. Never played the HD – so maybe that is not cool?

            My biggest complaint is when, something like the Mario Wedding amiibo are basically worthless because you unlock those costumes in the game. They can help find moons, but your reg amiibo can do that. Beat the game without ever opening their container.

          • Max

            The first Splatoon. I wouldn’t consider the wolf a huge deal if you were allowed to use normal dogs similarly. And I actually prefer amiibo functionality being restricted to item bonuses or unlocking things earlier. I think most people buy amiibo for the actual figure rather than extra content so I don’t think amiibo sales would be effected if they didn’t contain exclusive content.

          • Game_God
          • Game_God

            The troll is strong in this one!

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            So you can’t beat the game because it lack these amiibo contents? WOW, never know when i beat all final boss of these games

      • Robert Hastings

        What game has Nintendo has released incomplete?

        • Connor The Dreamer

          ARMS hands down. Should have never been released in the state it was in, where it lacked lots of single player content at launch.

          • 😛

          • You have a incomplete brain

          • Strawman

            Damn paid, you’ve gotten quite irritable, haven’t you?

          • Connor The Dreamer

            Not my fault that Nintendo released a game with barely any single player content until the recent update with medals. Inexcusable for $60 and I absolutely hate the “incomplete game at launch, true completed game 1/2 years from launch via free updates” thing they’re doing with Arms and Splatoon 2. At least the latter had a short story mode from beginning to end to somewhat compensate, though.

        • dang69

          Super Mario Run. But it is in fine shape now. Has the exact right amount of content.

      • amak11

        I can tell you on so many levels that’s wrong

      • dang69

        Hardly. In fact I get mad when I buy amiibo only to discover that the content is usually unlockable in the game anyway. Metroid’s additional extra hard, hard mode is a cool amiibo idea. The wolf link amiibo is another good one, given it doesn’t belong in the game in anyway. I wish they’d straight up release their DLC in amiibo form (in addition to online).

        • Amiibo DLC (in addition to oinl8ne) is a great idea, I wonder why Nintendo isn’t doing it?

      • Game_God
      • Fernando Garcia

        What game was incomplete without Amiibo? Tell us if you’re so smart.

    • Michael C

      Assumptions make the world go round here i see.

  • FutureFox

    If I were Nintendo I’d just look at EA and say, “You know what? You keep that.”

    • dang69

      The way their business model is headed, even as much as I get nostalgic for Battlefront on the ps2, I think I’m good with EA staying away. Even if I got obsessed with an EA Switch release, it’d probably end up such a money drain.

  • Why doesn’t EA just marry Xbox and get it over with?

  • fox_whisper85

    Screw EA. Then stop your incessant mitching and boaning about bad sales with Wii U and Switch games, you freaking idiots.

  • The Switch is selling off the charts and it still has a deadline to a year as to where it can get support from them? hahahaha……EA can eat a dïck

    • Michael C

      wii sold off the charts, and well not its third party games, same for switch, its a 1st and 2nd party system.

  • Bart

    Now I personally don’t care if EA never make another game ever again, but this has gotta suck to hear for people who are into sports, and want them on Switch.

    The demand is for good games, but I can see how you might have a hard time understanding this concept…

    • Strawman

      There’s other sports-games makers out there, they’ll just have to fill their place.

      • SpectralDynamite

        I’ll take Level-5’s upcoming soccer (football) game over FIFA, for instance.

  • fox_whisper85

    Lol at the sycophants defending EA

  • Stuart O’Quin

    Maybe trying a title that appeals more to the Zelda, Mario, big 1st player adventure crowd. Those games seem to be selling like crazy. Fingers crossed that Skyrim crushes it.

  • Michael C

    Fifa sold crap while the big two systems version charted, nba2k sold like crap while the big two system version charted… if it isnt a nintendo 1st party, or a 2nd party game with a nintendo game attached …. well the game doesnt sell. Sony/MS have 3rd party games that both chart… assassins creed ps4 charted 2, x1 charted 3, mario charted 1, combined assassins creed charted 1…. yeah, you wont see a 3rd party switch game chart anywhere in the top 5, id guess not in the top 10 of all console charts.

    • You are dumb beyond relief. EA undershipped copies of FIFA for the Switch and it still charted. Maybe if EA didn’t make the Switch version so incomplete more Nintendo fans would’ve gave a damn. FIFA on the Switch not selling well as the other versions is EA’s fault not Nintendo’s

      • Strawman

        Now, not to excuse EA or anything, but if their engine is incompatible with the Switch, then like the engine used for FFXV, it’s either a no go (XV) or it’s incomplete.

        It’s hard to say without knowing the engine whether more effort would’ve been the right answer here. If so, then EA’s just a bunch of lazy turds.

        • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

          they did not try to adapt the Frostbite engine they jus testit with the generic HW of course the games won’t run well, the only one that can make the engine to run well is EA optimizing it for the Switch hardware

          • Strawman

            Oh, so it’s a low-effort case then? Kinda like Koei Tecmo and FE:W?

          • SpectralDynamite

            Low effort? How so? (I’m gonna get it regardless, but I’d still like to know what I’ll be getting myself into.)

          • Strawman

            Get on Discord, and I’ll explain it to you in detail 😀

        • Game_God

          EA sure had no problem running Frostbite 3 on PS3 (despite the awkward Cell architecture & 512Mo split memory) or X360 either, so saying it can’t run on Switch is a pile of horse sh*t the height of Mount Everest! Let’s not forget that until not long ago, Peter Moore (former salty CEO of sinking SEGA & Head of XBox division) was the calling the shots at EA. The Moore years were when EA pulled the most crap on Nintendo, Moore used EA for a personal Vendetta, poor guy had a truckload of salt in the mouth from the SEGA years & used EA to try & wash it out…

    • Killey

      NBA2k didn’t even have a retail version at first, how were you expecting it to chart??

      • Game_God

        Why do you even care & try reasoning with a troll? A troll gotta troll!!!

    • Game_God
  • cloud36426

    EA is out.. That is what I am hearing. But looking back I can’t think of too many EA games I would want. Madden would be awesome on the Switch, but isn’t something I would rush out to get day one.. Oh well.

  • Aiddon

    i.e. they were caught with their pants down at how successful the Switch has been and thus have no plan with how to support it.

    Though the funny thing is I doubt Nintendo even needs EA’s support. 2017 has been a TERRIBLE year for EA what with being forced to shut down Visceral Games, Mass Effect Andromeda seriously underperforming, and their only other big release of this year being Battlefront II. It really seems that they just aren’t as hot a commodity as they used to be.

  • Sad EA isn’t supporting Switch properly.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    You put an incomplete football game on a system that could easily have been the most popular with the proper multiplayer options and then make this statement? LOL! The audacity.

  • Petri

    I can not commit to EA games until I fully understand the extent of the damage they they are doing to the industry and to the fans of the games and developers that they’ve bought out and destroyed.
    And Origin sucks donkeywork.

    • Game_God

      Origin wishes it sucked donkeywork… that would be a huge improvement! I’ve uninstalled this piece of cancer 2 years ago & never looked back!

  • LB

    Nintendo: The Switch is a hybrid gaming system.
    Square Enix, Bethesda, Koei Tecmo, Ubisoft etc.: Kk say no more fam i got u
    EA: Huh? Sorry i was picking my nose.

    • Ophelia

      EA’s and Nintendo’s business strategies are pretty different from each other. EA is essentially the corporate committee kind of company, used to throwing their weight around. Nintendo refuses to let EA have their way on the Nintendo systems, so EA’s heads would grow resentful of Nintendo. (This is nothing new though. Trip Hawkins, who was once EA’s lead programmer, had to be literally forced to make games for the NES, as he was offended by the NES’s success.)

      The things EA’s people are saying sounds a lot like what the people who’ve sided in the Console Wars against Nintendo are saying, which is effectively “The Switch is selling well now, but let’s wait and see if it continues to sell well.”

      • Game_God

        Dont forget that until not long ago, Peter Moore (former salty CEO
        of sinking SEGA & Head of XBox division) was the calling the shots
        at EA. The Moore years were when EA pulled the most crap on Nintendo,
        Moore used EA for a personal Vendetta, poor guy had a truckload of salt
        in the mouth from the SEGA years & used EA to try & wash it

        • Ophelia

          Huh, I thought it was Bernie Stolar who brought SEGA down, at least during the Saturn years.

          • Game_God

            Peter Moore was not CEO during the Saturn era, he was just under Bernie, but he was the CEO that followed & actively participated in SEGA going out of hardware making. He’s an old school “Nintendon’t” hater & salt will pour out of his coffin over this when his time comes, just watch!

          • Ophelia

            Interesting. Did he make the decision to discontinue SEGA as a games system company? I thought that by the time Bernie bailed, too much damage had been done and what happened to the Dreamcast was inevitable.

          • Game_God

            He was the person championing it to SEGA Games Co., Ltd. in Japan, he pushed for SEGA to go 3rd party & had his way!

  • bugman83

    Sorry EA I’am not really much into sports games. Maybe if you bring one of your shooters over then we can talk.

  • Jacob Groves

    Lmao you are too fools EA. Bethesda learned so quicker then your ugly pant EA!!!

  • Tlink7

    Alright EA, have fun watching bethesda make buckets of money from the sidelines then


    Oh look, EA is dropping support. Maybe if you didn’t f**k over Switch FIFA18 so much and shipped a limited amount which still CHARTED, more Switch owners would’ve actually bought your game you BONE HEADS!

    I knew this was going to happen but let be honest, Nintendo really doesn’t need EA or Activision. The DS and 3DS did perfectly fine with just Japanese developers supporting the console.

  • Don Zaloog

    What is up with EA and Capcom?

    • Money talks “Origins and Micro-transaction”

    • GadgetXJ9

      EA and Nintendo will probably always bump heads but Capcom is a mystery. I wish they’d stop playing in their puddle of drool and get their act together.

      • Strawman

        Too busy riding that MH:W train.

        No MH for the Switch owners in the West is blasphemy.

  • Seems pretty obvious what the demand is, but I’m guessing EA projected the console to be a flop and are now busy digging in their heels rather than admit they were wrong.

  • Gregory Weagle

    So in other words; you’re going to wait until May to make sure Nintendo isn’t pulling your proverbal leg in Switch being a huge success. Famous last words, I guess.

    Odd since 45% of Switch’s fanbase is the 18-34 male demographic; but then again, logic was never EA’s strong point.

  • Captain N

    That’s such a coincidence…because I am not ready to commit to EA and I am fully trying to understand their developer’s passion.

    I guess I need to wait a year to see what they provide me as a consumer !!

  • Velen (Not WoW)

    Every time I see someone bark about how companies are selling incomplete games by the fact they have DLC, it makes me cringe.

    Seems people these days don’t understand the idea that the base game without the DLC **IS the complete game**.

    I mean, really, such a concept isn’t that hard to comprehend unless you just want to look for a reason to be angry.

    • Strawman

      I’m regularly looking for a reason to be angry, and not even I am looking that far.

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        Look below. Someone mentioned it in the comments, and I’ve seen the sentiment reverberated in other places several times.

        There are legitimate examples of incomplete games being sold (Mass Effect and Asura’s Wrath come to mind) but saying a game is incomplete just because it has DLC is *bogus.*

        • Strawman

          I’ve seen crap with DLC to extents that has you roll your eyes, so I guess it’s just the same everywhere, no matter where you look.

  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    EA is full of bullcrap

  • ben

    Meanwhile at EA ( and Capcom)

    “Hey, Bob.. Wow that new Nintendo thingy.. `The Switchy` is a big success, isn’t it?”
    “But why?”
    “God knows Bob.. only god knows.”

    • Strawman

      Portability bob, portability.

      • ben

        “But Bob…Why did the 3ds not sell this well when it was released? I mean sure those `japs` like portability but your more intelligent white guy.. he likes graphixx, am I right bob?”

  • Ophelia

    EA’s always been a reluctant supporter of Nintendo systems. They had this attitude for the NES as well, puzzled as to why this system with lower specs than their competitors was selling so well. And they had this attitude with the Wii.

    • Gregory Weagle

      Of course they have. They have the attitude and mindset of a hardware developer like Nintendo; but refuse to do the work necessary to actually back it up. They want to be Nintendo; but don’t want to put the effort and money into it, basically.

      No surprise there.

      • Ophelia

        Really? My impression was that they’re the big corporation characterized by trends and buzzwords that sell things based on hype. And while it’s been toned down since, their advertisements for games like Dead Space 2 and Dante’s Inferno have been aimed squarely at fratboys, dudebros, and the middle-school kids trying to be like them, the people who won’t touch babyish Nintendo with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole. (Then again, they’ve shed off the Dead Space people, so who knows what fads they want to ride next?)

        Certainly though, very few of EA’s games have ever appealed to me (unlike Activision or Ubisoft), and I don’t really want to buy anything from them due to the cruelty they inflict on their subsidiaries, which is almost as bad as what Take-Two Interactive does.

        I don’t mean any opposition to your perspective, and I’d genuinely like to know why you view EA as trying to be Nintendo but cannot, because to me, Nintendo and EA come across as near opposites in AAA game companies. (Nintendo prefers releasing games in a complete state, runs on a one-and-done purchasing scheme, does not advertise much and wants to let the games speak for themselves, and prefers to popularize new ways to play, whereas EA prefers rushing games to meet deadlines, loves microtransactions schemes, uses a marketing scheme based on pre-release hype, and prefers to follow existing trends. Nintendo is a company of artists–I mean, Shigeru Miyamoto was a cartoonist before working at Nintendo, and Satoru Iwata personally drew a lot himself–and, despite “arts” in its name, EA is a company of old white men in meetings and their younger brand makers they plucked from business school.)

  • ben

    I mean… Do EA even make games?

    • Blackbishop

      Of course they do! Otherwise where they would put their microtransactions!!!!!111!!! … I guess…

    • Locky Mavo

      More of a publisher than a developer really.

  • Locky Mavo

    Not sure EA is in the right business if they can’t work out important parts of their market after being in the game for over 35 years.

    • ben

      EA makes games as a service products. They don’t make great single player or local multiplayer games. I would argue that apart from their sports games they never have.

  • Carly

    No surprise. FIFA bombed. I expect no more EA support.

  • Jon Turner

    If Switch is still selling and EA isn’t onboard by then it’ll honestly be hard for me to defend them. Not that I go near EA games that much anyway.

  • dimension gamer

    I’d love a Command and conquer game on Switch myself, if Ea is looking here 🙂

  • Padre

    I find it amusing, that people say thay dont care about EA, but all these EA news are the most commented ones in general.

  • Ramon

    Hope to see NHL 19 next year on the Switch.

  • Locky Mavo

    “Trying to fully understand what the demand is”, what? I mean, over 35 years in the games business and they don’t fully understand what the demand is on a gaming console? It’s the same as its always been since the start, it’s games! We want games, good games, that’s all. Being “watered down” to compensate for the Switch hardware is fine, but what we don’t want is half a game, we especially don’t want to pay full price for half a game. It’s really not that hard to work out EA.