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Earthlock targeted for end of February / early March on Wii U, Switch is “an uncertainty”

Posted on January 28, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop, Wii U eShop

Earthlock: Festival of Magic remains on track for Wii U, and the developer is finishing up this release. The team is sorting through some last challenges at the moment. If everything is properly completed, Earthlock could be hitting Wii U at the end of February / start of March.

Now, what about Switch? SnowCastle Games is still interested in the platform, but writes in a Kickstarter update that “Nintendo has not given us a clear response on when we may expect to publish on their new console.”

The full status update for Earthlock on Nintendo platforms reads:

“The Wii U version is giving us some challenges, but we have made great progress. Only the last few scenes remain to be optimised. We hope to enter certification in about 2 weeks. It might be tight, but we are still optimistic about a Wii U launch around the end of February/ beginning of March. I’ll keep you posted once we have more precise dates.

Nintendo Switch is still an uncertainty. Nintendo has not given us a clear response on when we may expect to publish on their new console. Feel free to use social media to let Nintendo know that you want Earthlock on the Switch. (”

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  • I’m definitely letting Nintendo know I’d like to see this game on Switch. This poor game’s release is going to be completely overshadowed.

  • CynicalAtheist

    And this is why more 3rd party devs are hating Nintendo even more.

    To develop for Wii, they had to dumb down the power and graphics and were forced to implement waggle.

    For the WiiU they were forced to implement GamePad.

    So after trying to get this game optimized for the WiiU and will receive no profits because the system is dead, Nintendo announces the Switch.

  • AquaBat

    Oh, look. An indie game crowdfunded for a Wii U release is still being released on Wii U. What a shocking turn of events. Clearly my feelings matter over promises being fulfilled, so I’m going to whine and complain about them not cancelling the Wii U version so close to completion and only just beginning development on a Switch version that could take months if not a year to release, wasting time, money, and resources in the process, assuming that every single one of your backers is just going to buy a Switch at launch anyway.

  • Reggie

    I really want this game on the Switch. I don’t see myself playing it on the Wii U, especially when it releases that close to launch. It’s unfortunate though that Nintendo still hasn’t given them the word.

  • just cancel the Wii U version and port it to the Switch….

    • And you could go suck a lemon for wanting a Dev to cancel the Wii u version, when they don’t even have a switch Dev kit lol. Where are they gonna get the money from? A tree? I mean they could just finish it, get some sale from the 13+mil Wii u owners and use that money to make a port but you dint think of that did ya hahahaha. And say something dumb like oh but it’s a dead system last time I remember not every Wii U owner will have switch day one so even when the thing comes out the install base will still be higher than it. After all why would I buy a game from a Dev (kick starter specifically) that could not Deliver on the promised platform. Just look at wayforward they released their promised Wii U game so if they make stuff on the switch I know they will deliver (unlike some other Devs cough cough) But whatever you could ignore this if ya want :p

      • i suck a lemon everyday ( ・・)つ-●●●

        • At least your honest I guess :>