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Everything missing from the Switch version of FIFA 18

Posted on September 28, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

FIFA 18 is the series’ first entry on Switch, and the first game in the franchise to hit a Nintendo system in quite a few years. On the whole, it contains many of the same features as other platforms, but some key elements are missing.

We do know that The Journey is missing from the Switch version of FIFA 18. The story mode won’t be present, seemingly due to how tied it is to Frostbite. Rather than using that engine on Switch, Nintendo’s console incorporates custom technology.

USgamer also put together a nice piece outlining other missing Switch features that you may not have been aware of. Here’s what the site shares:

Squad Battles and Weekend League: One of the newer features in FIFA 18 is Squad Battles—a rotating set of games in FIFA Ultimate Team where you can earn points and climb up a leaderboard for major rewards. Sadly, Squad Battles doesn’t make the cut in the Switch version, and neither does Weekend League—a popular mode in which you win games to qualify for a weekend tournament with major prizes. What does make it? Squad Building Challenges and Daily Objectives are both still available, as are the Single Player and Online Drafts. Losing Weekend League and Squad Battles is a serious drag, though. It makes Ultimate Team, which was dicey to begin with on the Switch, an almost total non-starter.

The Presentation: FIFA 18 on the Switch rolls back all the really nice additions to the presentation found in the other version, including the league-specific overlays for MLS, enhanced crowds, and improved celebrations. The crowd audio also regresses back to the more generic songs for MLS games (though you can still hear the “Gala-xy!” chants at Galaxy home games). Basically, the presentation is about where it was with FIFA 16.

Transfer Negotiations and Release Clauses in Career Mode: This is a bit of a bummer: release clauses and sell-on clauses are missing from career mode. So are the owner mode-like financials introduced in FIFA 17, though they were kind of superfluous anyway. As you might expect, Transfer Negotiations are also back to being conducted via email rather than via cutscene as they are in the other versions. This is a loss, but I’m more disappointed that I can’t trigger Messi’s release clause and start some serious trouble.

Certain Formations: Certain formations that are prevalent in FIFA Ultimate Team are unavailable in the other modes in the Switch version. That includes 4-1-2-1-2, which happens to be my favorite formation. What gives, EA?

Another weird thing: Tactical instructions are hidden beyond a “Customize Formation” option rather than getting their own tab. For a second, I totally thought that I couldn’t tell my Strikers to “Get in Behind.” I eventually found it, though. It was just very well-hidden.

You can read the full article on USgamer here. The site also goes over whether or not the Switch version of FIFA 18 is worth it in the end.

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  • Exy

    A lot of these omissions are really odd and arbitrary. Just how many game features are tied to the engine?

    • Kris Janssens

      i think some of the missing features are due to constraints in storage space (the bane of many larger games on Switch) and online access. Still this is EA it could just be that they could not be bothered to make the effort. Or the will try to sell these as DLC later on… this is EAafter all


    They really expect this to sell on the Switch if its missing this many features?

    I guess they did not learn their lesson on the Wii U.

    • SpectralDynamite

      This is EA’s fault, not Nintendo’s.

      • Blackbishop

        I don’t think he’s blaming Nintendo though.

  • Blanco8x8

    As much as I love the Switch, portability doesn’t make up for this.

  • Melatelo

    Oh fantastic. I love missing features in my games! Thank you EA, I’m on my way right now to pick up my copy!!!

    • Melatelo

      The fact this game also doesn’t cost any less then the other versions even though so much content is cut is actually really unfair

  • Sagadego15

    EA games! We suck at Everything!

  • Adrian Brown

    That’s a bummer. Should’ve been at least $10 less.

  • CilverKid520_Youtube_Twitch

    EA wants us to trust them with this game.

  • ««H3©TöR»»

    “It was too hard to for us to program for, even though many, much smaller companies had no major issues doing so!”

  • icebear80

    I guess both Squad Battles and Weekend League aren’t there at the moment cause it requires you to be constantly online and that doesn’t fit well with their “best Fifa on the go” approach! But is there any competitve aspect left with Ultimate team then? Squad battles also seemed like a very good way to earn coins. They should really have found a way to how you could just update the opponents once a day when online and then play that mode offline. Hopefully there are things they could improve when the game has been out for a while…

    • Patrick Ryan Williford

      Divisions, drafts, and tournaments

      • icebear80

        Having played the game for a day now and enjoying FUT and the modes that are there, I still don’t see why they left some things out as you have to be online all the time anyway. Hopefully things they can patch in later.

  • James Fox

  • FutureFox

    E.A.Sports. Its NOT in the game!

  • Michael C

    Almost every 3rd party game is missing something, even Skyrim…washed out graphics but thats ok to be honest because switch is more mobile then home console, but it misses the mods that the consoles have… even if you dont care for mods, its still something missing, why would anyone think any game would be graphically and feature equal to the two main systems? Heck NBA 2K18 is 30 fps, looks worse, loads slower… but hey, its mobile…. the best mobile version.

    • Kris Janssens

      to be fair, mods are in general not included in the main game. They are by definition alterations or additions to the original game. Still it sucks that mods are missing.

    • Alex Queiroz

      so dont buye, u want 60 fps? buy in your ps4/xone, No one is forcing you to buy the versions, but I want you to play with your ps4 on the bus or at the service lunch

    • Alex Queiroz

      the switch will never have the power of a ps4, you know why? only the size of the tablet is the size of the HD of ps4, but the console was not made to match, but you can play the game anywhere at any time

    • nemo37

      It is rather amusing seeing an Xbox fanboy complain about washed out graphics and performance issues on another platform, especially since this very same Xbox fanboy went out of his way on Playstation sites and articles to dismiss similar claims about the Xbox as being unimportant. It is also funny how you mention the lack of mods and the lesser graphics of Skyrim on the Switch (which to be fair, are worth mentioning but rather with the caveat that similar limitations apply to the PS4/XOne versions in relation to their PC counterpart) but leave out some of the things added to Switch version that the other versions do not have like the portability, the BoTW collaborations, the optional Joy-con controls, and HD rumble support.

  • Coonfoot

    It’s a good thing I don’t care about sports games, let alone EA ones.

  • ben

    A lot of these features could be patched in if an install base is there. I just got the game and it is a fantastic game. I don’t really care about most of this micro-management features I just want to play the game.. Also it was almost $20 cheaper in Japan than the ps4 version.. Sorry that EA didn’t drop it by $20 world wide.

  • Padre

    So its not missing anything vital.

    • ben

      Pretty much. The only issue is not having a way to match with friends. Hopefully it will be patched in. The game seems to have sold surprisingly well.

      • Kris Janssens

        local play should be possible or do you mean online matching ?

  • Patrick Ryan Williford

    41212 is still there as 442 diamond and 442 diamond (wide)

    • Paddy Alfan

      who play 2 upfront in 2017?