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The latest UK sales were reported earlier today. Following up on the initial news, we have some extra tidbits about FIFA 18 and Bayonetta 2 on Switch.

Regarding FIFA 18, sales saw a massive spike of 494% with physical sales. The reason? A heavy price cut. FIFA 18 was reduced to under £30 in the UK.

As for Bayonetta 2, we’re hearing that the game sold fewer physical copies at launch compared to Wii U. While it did place higher at #5 this week, it did so with a lower amount of units sold. However, one thing to note is that digital sales from the eShop are not included.

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FIFA 18 discounted on the Switch eShop

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FIFA 18 has gone on sale via the Switch eShop in time for the holidays. The game is currently 33% off in North America and Europe.

The digital version of FIFA 18 normally goes for $59.99 / €59.99 / £54.99. During the sale period, you can get it for $39.99 / €40.19 / £36.84.

The FIFA 18 sale will last until December 28 in North America and January 2 in Europe.

Source: Switch eShop

FIFA 18 update out now (version 1.0.3)

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EA has prepared the latest update for FIFA 18 on Switch. 1.0.3 is the latest version for the game.

Improvements and changes have been made to gameplay, online and career modes, and more. For the full patch notes, continue on below.

A new European commercial is in for the Switch version of FIFA 18. Take a look at the advert in the video below.

FIFA 18: update 1.0.2 available

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Patch 1.0.2 has been released for FIFA 18. Below are the full patch notes:

EA is finally back on Nintendo consoles with FIFA 18. But how exactly is the game from a technical standpoint on Switch? Digital Foundry investigated the game to find out.

The initial impression is that FIFA 18 on Switch has roots from last-gen versions of the game, but expands with new graphical features and gameplay tweaks. It’s sort of an in between release. The Switch version feels like it’s an extension of FIFA 17 instead of down-porting from FIFA 18 on other consoles.

As things stand now, the Switch version of FIFA 18 has a notable omission. The game currently lacks a way of connecting with friends online. If you’re hoping to challenge a buddy through the internet, the only hope you have is by some matchmaking miracle.

Unfortunately, EA isn’t saying much about the situation. When Eurogamer asked why FIFA 18 has no support for online friend battles, the company merely stated:

“FIFA 18 on Switch offers Local Seasons allowing friends to play against each other across two consoles in close proximity to one another, and we encourage those looking to compete online to take advantage of online modes on Switch including FIFA Ultimate Team, Online Seasons, and Online Tournaments.”

So that’s that. If you want to play against a friend in FIFA 18 on Switch, your best bet is doing so locally.


As you might have seen in our post on last week’s UK software sales, FIFA 18 finally launched and naturally dominated the charts. The Switch version placed at #7 in the individual charts, which is fairly decent. However, the Switch version was outsold by not only the other current gen-versions of the game, but even the Xbox 360 version, which took the fifth place in the sales charts. MCV reports that the Switch version only accounted for about 1% of the total sales of FIFA 18 in its launch week in the UK.

That certainly isn’t a great number, but it’s important to put it into perspective. As mentioned, this only accounts for physical sales – the Switch version might have had a stronger showing on the eShop. There have also been accounts of the Switch version being hard to find in stores – it’s currently sold out on, with new stock only arriving on October 9th. It’s impossible to know for sure, but perhaps the Switch version of FIFA 18 fulfilled EA’s sales expectations – even if those were fairly low expectations.


We reported on one glitch in the Switch version of FIFA 18 earlier today in which player faces are removed, replacing them with a checkerboard design instead. That’s not the only strange bug in the game.

Below we have a look at another odd glitch, and it might be even more bizarre. Player models are completely absent and take on a dark, block-like appearance. This one seems to be a rare occurrence, so it’s something most players may not come across.


Players are encountering a strange glitch with the Switch version of FIFA 18. When it occurs, faces don’t load, and the default model face is swapped in. Early reports suggest that the bug doesn’t appear in any other modes other than a normal match. It may happen when downloading a squad update, and turning on live form.

This video shows the glitch in action:

We imagine that EA will patch the glitch soon – hopefully anyway.


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