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EA Sports FC 24 Game Trial

February 15: EA Sports FC 24 will be offered as the next Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial in Europe, it’s been announced. It can be downloaded here.

Starting today, service members can play through the entire game at no extra cost. Additionally, if you choose to purchase the title, all save data will transfer over. There is no sale at the moment, but that could follow soon.

EA Sports FC 24 gameplay

Direct-feed gameplay is in for the Switch version of EA Sports FC 24 . Proper care has been given to EA’s soccer / football franchise this time around on Nintendo’s console, so it’s now running on Frostbite and has the modes that you’d see on other platforms.

EA Sports FC 24 trailer

EA has put out a Switch-specific trailer for EA Sports FC 24 ahead of the game’s impending launch.

This marks a big change for the series on Nintendo’s console as we’re finally seeing it run on Frostbite, just like other platforms. Switch is finally more in line with the main experience and has feature parity with PS4 and Xbox One. The trailer highlights some of the different elements players can expect, including support for split Joy-Con.

EA Sports FC 24 footage

Ahead of next month’s launch, first footage has emerged for the Switch version of EA Sports FC 24.

Gameplay has been posted online as part of a closed beta happening now. Currently a handheld video has popped up featuring a match between Barcelona and Manchester City. Beta participants are technically forbidden from sharing videos, but that hasn’t stopped one YouTuber from doing so.

EA Sports FC 24 is coming to Switch, and this seems to be the first notable soccer (or football) game from EA on Nintendo’s console in years.

For those that haven’t been keeping up with things, this is essentially the company’s yearly FIFA release. EA Sports and FIFA weren’t able to keep their agreement going, so it’ll be a slightly different take compared to what fans are used to seeing.

GameXplain has put together a video comparing the visuals of FIFA 19 on Switch and Xbox One. Take a look at it below.


A few different videos have come in showing gameplay from FIFA 19 on Switch. We’ve rounded up the various footage below.


New direct-feed footage has emerged from the Switch version of FIFA 19. Have a look at nearly five minutes of gameplay below.



Nintendo is back with another video from RedCube @ Gamescom 2018, this time showcasing FIFA 19 with one of the game’s developers. Watch it below.


At Gamescom 2018 this week, FIFA 19 is playable on Switch. Have a look at some off-screen footage below.

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