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Exclusive Mario, Luigi, and Samus cars revealed for Rocket League on Switch

Posted on August 23, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Psyonix is revealing some big news about the Switch version of Rocket League today. This version of the game will offer some exclusive Nintendo-specific cars.

Players will be able to ride in vehicles based around Mario, Luigi, and Samus. The Mario and Luigi cars are the same but for a different predominant color and logo, and the one you get depends on the Rocket League team you’re on. You’ll be Mario on the Orange team, and Luigi on the Blue team.

Also coming to Rocket League on Switch is the Samus Gunship, taken right out of Metroid. Like the Mario and Luigi cars, different coloring options are available based on the team you’re on.

All of these cars will have exclusive traits. The Mario and Luigi cars feature a Super Star trail while Samus’ Gunship has a Wave Beam. Also, Mario and Luigi hats are reconfirmed.

View a trailer for the new Nintendo content in Rocket League on Switch below, along with the official announcement.

As the holiday season draws closer, so too does Rocket League on Nintendo Switch!

As revealed in our Nintendo Direct E3 2017 trailer, Rocket League will indeed have exclusive customization items and Battle-Cars for that version of the game, and today we are excited to announce that the ‘Mario NSR,’ ‘Luigi NSR,’ and ‘Samus’ Gunship’ vehicles will be FREE unlockable Battle-Cars at launch!

Watch the official trailer right here:

For the curious, team color decides which version of the new Battle-Cars appear on the pitch. Players on the Orange team can use the ‘Mario NSR’ and ‘Samus’ Gunship,’ while Blue team members automatically equip the ‘Luigi NSR’ and a classic Samus color variation of her Varia Suit. Though both vehicles are FREE on Nintendo Switch, players will still need to unlock them in-game by completing certain requirements. More details on those later this year!

Along with the new Battle-Cars, Rocket League on Switch will also have several exclusive customization items. The ‘Mario’ and ‘Luigi’ Toppers (hats) can be used on any non-licensed customizable Battle-Car, while the ‘Super Star’ Rocket Boost can be used with the ‘Mario NSR’ and ‘Luigi NSR’ cars. Likewise, the ‘Wave Beam’ Rocket Boost is exclusive to ‘Samus’ Gunship.’

Look for more information on our Nintendo Switch release as we get closer to launch!

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  • Roto Prime

    KOOOL!!! this better be hard copy!!

  • Noah

    Pretty neat. Probably not enough to get me to buy the game again, but for those who haven’t played it, that is a nice bonus.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    Dat Samus car. <3

  • awng782

    The Samus Gunship car looks amazing.

  • Puffdaddy

    That samus one is one sexy car….

    • TDude73

      Shut yo’ mouf!!!!!

  • Vinicius

    NOw comes the annoying question. We can crossplay with the Xbox version. Can I use these cars when crossplaying with Xbox?

    • I’m curious about that. maybe you could use them against Xbox One users and they’ll see them but they won’t be able to use them themselves of course

    • Did a bit of research; the PS4 version has an exclusive car (the ice cream truck from Twisted Metal) that will show up as a different car to PC players. These will probably work the same way.

  • Christopher Poussin

    I see Samus, I proceed to squeak like squirrels!
    2017 as been good to us Metroid fans! :’)

    • Howdy Christopher you would like join our unofficial NE discord server. We’re a community of Nintendo gamers from NE, I think you can contribute with our daily chats to discuss and debating, If you are interested in the future to join us the link is on my profile. Good day!

  • Jacob Groves

    Awesome!!! DAY ONE BUY!!!

    Samus car look an epic!! 😀

  • TDude73

    Another definite MUST BUY for the Nintendo Switch!

  • Aiddon

    I want Samus’ car

  • Luke WalkingMoonTree

    I’m soooo gona use that Samus car

  • Radish

    Great, now they are locking content behind a console. I have to go buy a Switch just to get exclusive cars in Rocket League. #paywall


    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      I have seen this kind of comment with no sarcasm haha

  • Blanco8x8

    And EA scratches their heads on why FIFA isn’t selling on Switch.

    • Well, besides FIFA not being out yet on the Switch…

      Anyway, if a third-party game needs Nintendo references to sell, then no wonder that “Nintendo console owners only buy Nintendo games” thinking by some third-parties is widely expressed.

  • GoldenTriforce

    Did they really refer to it as a direct in the PR?

  • Adrian Brown

    I read lots of comments from players complaining that these are Nintendo exclusive… People are really stupid when they want to.

    • Radish

      Ironic since I doubt those players would admit they want those “kiddy-looking” cars.

  • Samus Car looks badass……but come on………you know there’s gonna be a Link car as future DLC but a F-Zero Car should be a no-brainer

    • Addy

      What’s F-Zero?

  • masterjedi

    I have seen comments complaining that these are exclusive to the Switch. Meanwhile a lot of those complaining know damn well they don’t care for Nintendo. Personally I am really excited about these cars; so much so that I plan to purchase Rocket League now.

  • RoadyMike

    As if I wasn’t already excited for this game
    Winter cannot come soon enough I swear. Too many games I want to play