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Fire Emblem Heroes Fjorm summoning focus now live

Posted on November 28, 2017 by in Mobile, News

The huge Fire Emblem Heroes update became available not too long ago and now we are getting its first summoning focus. The focus will include newcomer Fjorm as well as a ton of rare heroes like Ike, Hector and Spring Xander. All the heroes in the list will have an 8% chance of showing up, so good luck. On top of all that there is also so weapon refinery quests for players to try as well.

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  • Kurono

    Summoning focus are some characters featured on that focus, as long you keep wasting your orbs on that focus your chances to summoning one of the featured heroes goes up, however, if you summon one of the focus characters, your extra chance return to 0.

  • Carlos

    It’s weird that Fjorm is part of this when you get her for free anyway.

    • Nad

      It’s for merging her, I’d assume. I’m a little surprised a story character is part of a focus, since you mention it, but I appreciate they give you the chance to make her better if that’s what you’re after.

      Of course, if my picture isn’t obvious enough I was shocked and ecstatic that Soleil actually made it into the game, so now I wait a week to try to get her instead of using orbs here, haha.

      • Carlos

        I’m surprised they haven’t done it for Alfonse, Shareena and Anna yet then. Fjorm is part of the story, just like they are, and haven’t gotten any releases yet. Though I guess since they are an ongoing part part of the stories I can see why they haven’t. Still would be nice though.

        Congrats. Hopefully you get a good one, with a minimal amount of orbs.