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Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have provided official details on the summer-related event for Fire Emblem Heroes.

Cordelia, Noire, Innes, and Tana will all be featured. A new Paralogue Story is planned as well.

The Summer’s Arrival event kicks off on June 21. We have a trailer below.

Fire Emblem Heroes has a new summer-themed summoning focus coming up. This much we know. However, some images have apparently leaked out early showing what’s to come.

Here’s the full set of images:

Fire Emblem Heroes is teasing its next Summoning Focus with the silhouettes you see above. Appropriately for the season, the new Heroes will be Summer-themed. The Summoning Focus will be available from June 21st until July 24th.

Also, the Oliver Grand Hero Battle is back. It’ll run from today until June 28th. There are also new quests available for it.

8-4 has worked with Nintendo in the past on the localization of Fire Emblem games. The partnership first came about for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, followed by Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

This week, Nintendo gave us a first look at its new Switch Fire Emblem title, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. 8-4 confirmed shortly after however that the company is not involved. That would seem to indicate that Nintendo is handling its localization internally for this particular game.


Fire Emblem Heroes has started its latest event. Tempest Trials+: Feudal of the Fangs is now live.

The 5-star hero Canas: Wisdom Seeker and two Sacred Seals (Earth Dance 1 and Res Tactic 1) can be earned as rewards. Clear maps to raise your score and earn rewards. You can also receive Refining Stones by completing daily quests.

We’ll also briefly mention that Special Maps: Rival Domains has seen its regularly weekly update. Bonuses can be earned for defeating foes with cavalry allies.

Thanks to StrawHatEevee for the tip.

A couple of new quests are now available in Fire Emblem Heroes. A set of quests for Tap Battle will be available for the duration of the current run of the Illusory Dungeon. Two notable rewards for these quests are new accessories: the Swim Goggles and Askran Hairpin.

Also, new Arena quests are available. As with previous times quests like these were available, they come in three difficulty tiers, so as soon as you clear the Normal tier of quests, the Hard tier becomes available, and then there’s a set of Lunatic difficulty quests after that. These quests will reset in six days, and then they’ll be available for another week after that.

Fire Emblem Heroes is hosting a Tempest Trials+ event starting June 16. In celebration of Feud of the Fangs, the game has kicked off a summoning focus event for the bonus allies. Three Heroes from among the bonus allies are available as part of the 5-star summoning focus.

In Tempest Trials+, bonus allies will receive double the EXP and SP. That means you can train them up faster.

Fire Emblem Heroes has added in some new content involving a Grand Hero Battle and Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon. Get a look at some footage of the events below.

Fire Emblem Heroes’ next new Grand Hero Battle has started. It features Linus: Mad Dog from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. It’ll be available until June 19th. 

Intelligent Systems has published a new event calendar for Fire Emblem Heroes, which you can see in the image above. It outlines all of the game’s upcoming events up until early July.

Also, the next Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon has started. Titled Legendary Heroes, it will be available until July 11th. In addition to the daily Tap Battle quests, new Tap Battle quests will be available starting June 14th, which will let you earn orbs and new accessories.

The next addition of accessories after that is planned for mid-July.

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