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Intelligent Systems

Fire Emblem Engage Corrin

Over on Twitter, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems shared some information about Corrin in Fire Emblem Engage, one of the classic heroes players can summon. Serenes Forest has helped out with the translation once again.

Corrin, who is voiced by Satomi Sato in the Japanese version, is known as the Emblem of Fates. The character possesses the blood of the First Dragons and an unbreakable heart.

Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Channel December 2022

Fire Emblem Heroes has posted its latest Feh Channel presentation, this time for December 4, 2022.

Various topics are included here. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are gearing up for Book VII, including various activities and events. A new summoning event is also on the way that’s highlighted by characters from Fire Emblem Fates. Finally, details have been provided on the newest update – we previously posted information here.

Here’s the Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Channel presentation for December 4, 2022:

Fire Emblem Engage Byleth

Byleth makes an appearance in Fire Emblem Engage as one of the characters players can summon, and details about him have now been shared on the series’ Japanese Twitter account. Serenes Forest provided a translation.

Byleth, who is voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi in the Japanese version, is a former mercenary and now acts as an instructor at the Officer’s Academy. In Fire Emblem Engage, he can increase the abilities of allies to guide them towards victory. Byleth performs the best when surrounded by allies rather than being alone.

Fire Emblem Engage Zephia and Marni

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems still have more to share about Fire Emblem Engage having now introduced the ruined land of Gradlon, plus characters Zephia and Marni. Serenes Forest has come through with translations posted on the series’ Japanese Twitter account.

Here’s the full rundown:

Fire Emblem Heroes update 7.0.0

The next Fire Emblem Heroes update is on the way, with version 7.0.0 planned for next week.

The game will be receiving new content and updates. This includes new Memento Events in Heroes Journey, new weapon skills and weapons to refine, updates to Aether Raids, and more.

The full patch notes for the Fire Emblem Heroes version 7.0.0 update are as follows:

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems rolled out yet another character introduction for Fire Emblem Engage today, this time focusing on Timerra. Serenes Forest has shared translations of tweets that went up a short while ago.

The character, who is voiced by Ami Koshimizu in the Japanese version is the crown princess of the Kingdom of Solm. She’s also Fogato’s older sister. Timerra has an innocent and cheerful personality, which could be because she was brought up in freedom-loving Solm. She was educated to be the next Queen, but grew up extremely freely and easily gets along with anyone.

Fire Emblem Heroes Veronica and Embla

Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed Veronica and Embla as its next summoning event. As the name implies, these are the only characters featured, though you’ll also be able to summon previously released 5-star New Heroes, Legendary Heroes, and Mythic Heroes.

Veronica: Princess Rising (voiced by Wendee Lee, art by Kozaki Yusuke) and Embla: God of Closure (voiced by Mayanna Berrin, art by Kozaki Yusuke) will be present. The learnable skills for Veronica include Enclosing Darkness, Enclosure, Atk/Spd Catch 4, S/R Far Trace 3, and Panic Smoke 4. Embla can use Enclosing Claw, Draconic Aura, Atk/Spd Clash 4, Beast Agility 3, and Severance.

Fire Emblem Heroes Book VI ending Princesses' Pledge

Fire Emblem Heroes is putting the finishing touches on Book VI with its ending movie, which is known as Princesses’ Pledge.

In the video, Princess Sharena and Princess Veronica enjoy a nice, relaxing tea break in a garden in full bloom. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems suggest that the gods of their two countries could be watching over them.

Fire Emblem Engage Anna

The character introductions for Fire Emblem Engage continue, with Anna now receiving the spotlight. Information was posted on the series’ Japanese Twitter account, and Serenes Forest has shared a translation of the tweets.

Anna, who is voiced by Saori Seto in the Japanese version, is a merchant-in-training. In the game, it looks like she’s traveling around each country in hopes of finding treasures that can be sold for a high price.

Fire Emblem Engage Emblem Rings

Original (11/22): Nintendo and Intelligent Systems just revealed another trailer for Fire Emblem Engage that highlights the power of Emblem Rings.

As previously announced, heroes from previous games can be summoned. The lineup includes Sigurd, Celica, Lyn, Byleth, Corrin, and Marth. Emblem Rings lets players merge appearances as well as inherit weapons, skills, and more.

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