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Intelligent Systems

Following today’s Feh Channel presentation, the next big Fire Emblem Heroes update went live. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are now distribution version 3.0.0.

Below are the highlights:

Nintendo has put out an official announcement recapping all of the news regarding Book III in Fire Emblem Heroes. Read it in full below.

Nintendo has shared a couple of new videos for Fire Emblem Heroes. Both are related to Book III, including the full Feh Channel presentation and movie. We’ve included them below.

The Nifl vs. Múspell Voting Gauntlet has ended in Fire Emblem Heroes. Fjorm was victorious in the final round, beating out Ylgr. Make sure to access the Voting Gauntlet on the Events screen to claim your rewards.

Normally, the next season of Aether Raids would’ve started by now. However, it’s being delayed until version 3.0.0 of the game drops, which will be tomorrow. This is because a feature will be implemented in version 3.0.0 that will allow players to get extra Lift.

As reported by Sensor Tower, Fire Emblem Heroes has typically seen an average of $21 million in player spending since its February 2017 launch. However, in November, that figure dropped to $13.8 million. That’s 66% of its monthly average and a decrease of approximately 19% year-over-year.

Dragalia Lost earned more than Fire Emblem Heroes in September, which wasn’t entirely surprising given the new launch. This continued into November though, with Cygames’ title generating $16.3 million – about 18% more than Fire Emblem. One point to consider is that Dragalia Lost is available in five territories whereas Fire Emblem Heroes is out in 43.

Japan once again led the way with player spending in Fire Emblem Heroes at 60%. The United States followed at 28%. Fire Emblem Heroes ranked #62 by revenue globally, coming in at #29 in Japan and #66 in the U.S. The mobile game has grossed an estimated $465 million worldwide.


Nintendo will host a new Feh channel broadcast for Fire Emblem Heroes on December 10, the company has confirmed.

It’ll go live at the following times:

You can now participate in Three Heroes Quest, which follows Olivia (Blushing Beauty), Corrin (Fateful Princess), and Azama (Carefree Monk) and gives you the opportunity to add them to your growing army.

Additionally, there’s a new map in Tactics Drills: Grandmaster you can play on to test your skills.

The first round of the 18th and latest Voting Gauntlet is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Players are now able to choose their side in the latest battle, picking from characters Fjorm, Surtr, Gunnthrá, Laevatein, Hríd, Laegjarn, Ylgr, or Helbindi. The first round will last until December 6th. In addition, players can also earn free orbs simply by logging in during the event period.



The duo from Fire Emblem: Geneology of the Holy War is back in Special maps for Bound Hero Battle: Seliph & Julia. Additionally, limited-time quests involving Alfonse: Prince of Askr and Sharena: Princess of Askr. The event runs until December 12

The next summoning event has gone live in Fire Emblem Heroes. Three Heroes with Ward skills, which only they may wield, are available as a part of the 5-start Summoning Focus: Heroes with Ward Skills.

The new event will be live until December 13. Players won’t be required to use Orbs the first time they summon.