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Fire Emblem Heroes is continuing its celebration of the new Shadow Dragon DLC Pack in Fire Emblem Warriors. Starting now, players can take on Special Maps: Shadow Dragon Part 2 Linde: Light Made.

This will be active until March 8. The same goes for the original special maps, which went live a few days ago.

In other news, we have the following new tips & tricks video:

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A whole bunch of events started in Fire Emblem Heroes today, including a Bound Hero Battle with Corrin and Azura, a related summoning focus, new quests, and special maps. Check out some footage below.

The newest bound hero battle and summoning focus are now live. You will be able to summon Azura, Corrin (male) and Kagero. A long with a new bound hero battle has started featuring Corrin and Azura. Both last until the 24th of February.

The special A Hero Rises event for Fire Emblem Heroes is almost over. The first round is now over, and the final round has started. Voting can be done through February 19.

Tharja (“Normal Girl”), Ike (Vanguard Legend), Azura (Lady of Ballads), and Hector (General of Ostia) are the finalists. Place your vote on the official site here.

New Special Maps are now available in Fire Emblem Heroes. The new maps are a tie in event for the Shadow Dragon Part 1 for Fire Emblem Warriors. Beating these maps will earn you some orbs and other rewards.

The Shadow Dragon Part 1 maps will be available until March 8th.

The new Tempest Trials: Breath of the Destiny started today in Fire Emblem Heroes, along with the latest daily maps. Check out some footage below.

The eighth Tempest Trials event called “Breath of the Destiny” is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes. There are new rewards to claim and new Bonus Allies to use in combat to help you claim these rewards faster.

You can use these heroes picture below in order to get a 40% bonus or 20% bonus.

You can also earn a 4 star version and a 5 star version of the hero Eliwood, the Devoted Love if you score a certain amount of points during this event.

This Tempest Trial will be live until February 28th.

New special quests are available based on using Alfonse, Sharena, Anne and Fjorm. Players can obtain orbs, light’s blessing and more. These quests are available til the 26th.

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are currently holding a special event for Fire Emblem Heroes. Players can vote on their favorite character, with the winner later being made available for free.

Today, updated standings were revealed. There isn’t much movement in the top five, though rankings in the latter half of the top ten have shifted.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be starting the Breath of the Destiny Tempest Trials event on February 14. To celebrate, a new summoning focus has gone live.

Players have an opportunity to summon Heroes from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. By using these Heroes on your teams in the upcoming Tempest Trials, you can increase your score. EXP and SP earned will double as well.

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