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Fire Emblem Heroes

The Generals of Múspell Summoning Focus is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes. Try your hand at it for a chance to get Laevatein, Laegjarn and Helbindi. The Summoning Focus will be available for one whole month.

A new Grand Hero Battle has started in Fire Emblem Heroes. Garon, the king of Nohr from Fire Emblem Fates, can be challenged from today until September 27th. Clear his map to add him to your team.

Also, it’s Thursday, which means that a new map has been added to Tactics Drills. “A Death-Defying Knife” can be found in the Skill Studies section.

Fire Emblem Heroes is getting ready for its latest summoning event. On Friday, the game will be hosting “Generals of Múspell”, which features Helbindi, Laevatein, and Laegjarn.

Here’s a trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes – Generals of Múspell:

Fire Emblem Heroes’ latest summoning event is live. The characters “who dazzle audiences from onstage” have returned and can be obtained as five-star units.

The event will be up and running until October 19.

The next Forging Bonds event has gone live in Fire Emblem Heroes. Titled High Tea Jinks, the featured characters are Silas, Flora, Ophelia and Nina. For up to seven days during the event, you can earn 2 orbs the first time you clear a map once per day. Make sure to equip the appropriate accessories to boost the amount of friendship you earn.

Fire Emblem Heroes has kicked off its latest summoning event. Players can obtain three Heroes who have gained new skills as 5-star units in the “New Power” event. These include new weapon skills for Cherche’s Axe, Odin’s Grimoire, and Ragnarok.

The latest Summoning Focus will be live until September 25.

Also note that one of the regular Fire Emblem Heroes events is up and running today. Players can participate in a new Blessed Gardens map called “Grounds of Fire”.

Fire Emblem Heroes received the final chapter in Book II this week. Have a look at some footage of the maps below.

Nohrian Dusk, the latest summoning event for the Fire Emblem mobile game. In addition, you can now play as Ophelia, Nina, Silas, Flora from Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. The event runs from now until October 10.

Fire Emblem Heroes has received another new update, though this one is small in nature. Version 2.9.1 is out now and implements bug fixes.

Note that the patch will be required by September 18.

Only a rather minor Fire Emblem Heroes news update today. It’s Thursday, which means that a new map has been added to Tactics Drills. You can find the new map “Discretion and Valor” in the Grandmaster section. Clearing it gets you 300 feathers.

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