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Former Nintendo president Yamauchi passes away

Posted on September 19, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Podcast Stories

Hiroshi Yamauchi, formerly the president of Nintendo, has passed away. The company announced the news a short while ago. Yamauchi was 85 years-old.


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  • Carlo Vargas H Luz

    Nintendo must honor his Name. Nintendo starts designing their new generation console just after launching their current. At this time, I hope for Nintendo to aim high and make the Ultimate Nintendo Console, no excuses. I’m preety sure PS4 and XboxOne will be the current competency console for at least 7 years, at least. Then they will be obsolete, BUUT, in a few years their components will be cheaper, then Nintendo can make a more powerful console, but with less investment. I would like to see a console made with x86 architechture. That will make ports, easier. Nintendo problem is ALWAYS 3rd party support. And having x86 won’t leave any space to excuses. I want to see also a 3DS (or next gen hanheld) with 2 pad sticks (my country doesn’t have the circle pad pro for 3DS XL and I want to play Monster Hunter with 2 pad-sticks). And why not, the next hanheld console as the controller for the next home console. Wii U gamepad problem is that it has´’t his own processor and it depends straight to the console CPU. So we will never see 4 gamepads at the same time. This would be the best gaming experience ever. Maybe also Wii Remote+Nunchuk-like controllers but with the WiiU Pro Controller Layout (1 stick per side, a D-Pad in the left controller, 4 action buttons in the right controller). Just one more idea, analog triggers! (I can’t stand playing Need For Speed with digital triggers). Nintendo can make the ultimate home console and the ultimate hanheld console and succeed as the best viedogame company. This would be the best way to honor Mr. Yamauchi.