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FUZE Code Studio heading to Switch

Posted on June 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

FUZE Code Studio is on the way to Switch, FUZE Technologies announced today. It’s a special tool that not only helps users learn how to code, but create their own games as well.

We’ll be seeing FUZE Code Studio on Switch in Q2. Find some additional details about the project below.

– Easy to learn text based programming language
– No coding experience required
– Create your own apps and fast 2D – 3D games
– Access Joycon sensors and controls directly in your programs
– Use the Dock to show your games on your TV to share with friends and family
– Programmable synthesizer & Speech engine
– Use the included game graphics & audio or create your own
– ​Extra content packs will be available to download
– Use a USB keyboard, the FUZE touch keyboard or the Joycons to enter your code
– Comes with game graphics and audio and you can create your own
– Learn to code


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  • Odali

    I’m all for Nintendo opening their eShop for content like Android an iOS where we can download programs that aren’t necessarily games.

    • Exy

      You mean like the DSiWare shop was?

      • Odali

        Like Apple Store or Google Play where other programs (other than games) are available to download for free or purchase. The Switch is a tablet after all so hopefully it’ll have many of the features other tablets have.

  • Mark

    Oh, awesome. I could hook my Switch to my monitor and the USB keyboard to the Switch, and just work at my desk. I wonder if Bluetooth connects to the Switch? One way to find out…

  • LOLametro

    I bet this “game” will be checked deeply by hackers to hack the Switch.

    • or maybe this can decrease the intends of hacking because this represents a “no needed of a scene”, less people trying to find exploits it´s equal to less people trying to hack the console, also this tool can open de access to more gamedevelopers to work with Switch and if nintendo takes more action and involved in this Fuze app, they could create a similar dev options as xbox one has, a no need of a dev kit to develop and publish videogames on Switch (but with some limitations), just use fuze as bridge between a pc game engine and Nintendo Switch compilation, a lot of Indie developers will really happy for that, specially people from countries from Latin America and Asia because in that countries is really difficult have access to a devkit but not to a console.

  • bugman83

    This is pretty damn cool

  • Justin McQuillen

    I want this. This is exactly what I need for when I want to code on my 2h break at work.