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Game Freak dev believes Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire will change the gen VI battle environment

Posted on May 15, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Game Freak designer Shigeki Morimoto recently issued a letter on the Pokemon Global Link. In it, he left a tease about the newly announced Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire games.

The two remakes, he believes, will offer a change in the generation VI battle environment. What might that mean?


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  • Edgarska

    It might mean move tutors will be in these games.

    • Asaid AieezyOle Falah

      that might not be it, but absolutely move tutors will be in it.

    • Frank Tom Billy!

      I wish they brought back the slots, too. It’s unfortunate that so many kids ended up losing their houses, losing their wife and kids, and losing their job because of the corruption that ‘gambling’ caused. Thanks a lot, angry mom groups.

  • SecretX

    i hope the fps 3d gets an improvement every time i use it is slows down :/

  • Tora Yasha

    I hope Goodra gets some move tutor Love. He needs a solid recovery move.

  • Hates bad writers.

    I want to know what kind of content this game will have. Add a couple regions, evolve the leveling system, try something new. Crappy 3D with chibi character designs isn’t exactly the change that I’d like to my favorite entry into the franchise.

  • Melatelo

    Just fix up the horrible choppy 3D effects in battle.

    • Lamar Ford

      That’s a frame rate issue caused by the slow CPU in the 3DS. They might can iron it out but they’d have to make some cuts.

    • Exare

      Turn off the 3D, it goes away.

      • Melatelo

        Not sure about you, but I bought a 3DS for the 3D visuals. If I wanted a 2D experience, I would of purchased a 2DS. So with that in mind, I was seriously dissappinted to see how the 3D was treated in the game.

        • Exare

          The 3DS is an affordable game machine, it does what it can with what it’s got. I got my 3DS for the games, not for the 3D. Sure it’s cool and I do keep it on most of the time but it does a number on the battery life and framerate. I don’t mind turning it off because truth be told it’s a gimmick. A neat one, but a gimmick nonetheless.

          Besides, as technology gets better so does the demand on that technology. Just because the framerate on Goldeneye 64 dropped to unbearable levels during 4-player split screen didn’t mean me and my friends enjoyed it any less. We still laughed our asses off and go back to it today.

          Be grateful for what it is: a way awesome 3D Pokemon adventure. Something we’ve been clamoring year after year for. I’ll take a dip in framerate any day to finally have the chance to play a Pokemon game like X and Y.

          • Frank Tom Billy!

            This guy is 110% right.

  • Pokémon Fan

    Of course move tutors will be in it! They are remaking Ruby and Sapphire!

  • Andre Perez

    yeah but smash runs 60 fps sooo…

  • Austin Eafford

    Or maybe they should use the some few Pokemon tutor moves from generations 4 through 5 but with newer ones right now.

  • Melatelo

    Have you heard about the new 3DS? That addresses that issue.

    • Frank Tom Billy!

      I love you so much for informing me about this. You have no idea how jazzed I am for it.

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