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Here’s a Podcast – Episode 118! (Yakuman)

Posted on May 14, 2015 by (@NE_Austin) in Features, Podcast

We weren’t going to have a show this week, but then Austin played Splatoon and he really wanted to talk about it so we decided to have a show. Additionally, Brian did a site survey and asked many of you about the podcast, so we decided to do a little navel gazing and read some of what you guys had to say, both good and bad. And weird. The nice image you see above was found on Neogaf!

Chapters today:

Opening Shenanigans

4:57 – Quiz – Tetris
5:28 – GAME OF THE WEEK – Yakuman

What We Played

8:05 – Austin’s been splatting folks left and right. (Mega Splatoon TALK)
46:43 – Everyone played 200cc. (Mario Kart 8)

Secondary Shenanigans

51:24 – Freetures
54:21 – Splatoon music break
55:47 – Touch My Navel – Your thoughts on the podcast

Listener Questions Mail

1:13:24 – Where to find New 3DS XL cases.
1:16:00 – How do you argue with a “hardcore” gamer?

Ending Shenanigans

2:25:02 – Ending fun
2:27:43 – QUIZ TIME
2:30:00 – Austin realizes something about DK64

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  • Vigilante_blade

    Thing is… people like to paint hardcore gamers in a negative light, especially trying to discredit our arguments in strange manners, like “You just hate Nintendo”, or “You hate fun”.

    I find it strange, and a little creepy that people get so offended that some people don’t love Nintendo unconditionally, and actually have different tastes and like to play games in different ways. I often get called an elitist for being a competitive smasher and prefering Project M / Melee over later iterations, and I often get called names (much like the closed-minded individual who asked this question did) for simply making statements such as that I do not enjoy motion controls. I don’t hate fun, I like to have fun, but my definition of fun is not yours. I am an individual. I am not your clone. There’s a lot of casual elitism going around with some of the more… fanatical Nintendo console users.

    You don’t get to decide what’s good for others. Becoming a lynch mob against people with differing oppinions is actually contributing to people steering away from Nintendo systems. I’m sure many would go back with the promise of being able to play all games without motions, or with the promise that they can play harder, or more competitive esports level titles. By trying to bully people with different oppinions out of the fandom, you are basically killing your favourite software provider,

    Criticism is healthy. Debate, is healthy. However, once someone starts calling someone names over a differing viewpoint, it becomes an impasse. Basically, logic goes off the window. While nobody really “wins” in a debate of subjective emotions, everyone loses when someone takes it too personal.

    I’ve had Nintendo consoles basically since I was old enough to hold a controller. I lived through all of Nintendo’s gaming history since the NES. From this position, I have been a fanboy. I have been the anti-Sega kid. However, I gre older, and the Wii opened my eyes. Nintendo doesn’t love me, you, or anyone else. It loves its bottom line and it is capable of throwing its most hardcore fans away for a quick buck. It’s a company. It exists to make cash. Fanboy behaviour became more and more apparent to me as I grew to be more and more open to trying other things.

    The fanboy culture at Nintendo is fairly toxic, and sadly, its screams deafen our ears and we don’t hear the fantastic Nintendo fans around under the near-cultist chants. I’ve met some incredibly-deep people while traveling for tournaments. Basically, it’s good to be a fan, but when it becomes too personal…. it’s an issue.

    • me

      Ive been called names by Nintendo fanboys for liking cod and assassins creed. i own ever nintendo system and bought a 3ds and wii u day one.

      I love all kinds of games and i also game on sony and pc. Nintendo fanboys are the worst. I had 4 people claim that the wii u wasnt failing in a debate i had recently. How close minded and sheltered musy they be to actually believe that that is true?

      Nintendo isnt infallible. They make bad games sometimes (cough, mario sunshine, cough, twilight princess) but thay doesnt stop me from loving them, from buying amiibo, from preordering splatoon, and from arguing the never ending battle on IGN comment sections that nintendo is the best damn company in the world.

      • Ser2k2

        I like Twilight Princess a lot.

    • Austin

      Hello! Did you listen to the podcast? It sounds somewhat like you think we’re attempting to marginalize a group of gamers that dislike Nintendo as unreasonable (“hardcore gamers”), but I really just used that as a shorthand in the post for the much more mature discussion that we actually had.

      I agree with you on all points. It’s just that “How do you effectively argue the value of surrealism and abstraction to someone that general has a bias towards classical storytealling and realism-based visual design?” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

      • Vigilante_blade

        Oh no, you misunderstand me,

        It’s more that I reacted to it because it simply brought back a lot of negative experiences I had while discussing matters on Nintendo-centric websites. The sentence itself reminds me of those situations. Now, you’ve said it yourselves, you wouldn’t call people idiots over different opinions, albeit I do think using “Hardcore gamer” to mean a “bias towards classical storytelling and realism-based visual design” would be pretty innacurate in the firs tplace considering that I consider myself a hardcore gamer and hate most reakistic-styled games.

        I just feel that the behaviour of many Nintendo fanatics is worth discussing, because I feel that it has reached a point where they attack their own or make liking Nintendo games feel a bit shameful in front of others.

        And yeah, I watched it. I am not accusing you of entertaining such a bias, but the reader question itself did make me cringe.

        • Austin

          Awesome, okay we’re totally on the same page. I chose “hardcore gamer” just as a shortcut to evoking a certain feeling in people, but yea, there is going to be some stuff lost in translation.

          And yes, NIntendo fans are ridiculous. It’s not a big deal because it’s video games and internet things so whatever, but man, people be crazy.

  • me

    Grant kirkhope specifically said that the watermelon thing was unintentional, and that that sterotype doesnt even exist in the UK

  • FlashBoomerang

    Soemone can post in the news about this game having a wii-u target in 270.000?

  • flay

    Not even an update on when the next podcast is? You’re killing me!