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Hex Heroes: Wii U combat footage

Posted on January 9, 2017 by in Wii U

Hex Heroes has been in development for a while, and while the developers have noted that they have had trouble developing both the combat and the Wii U version, they now have footage showing off both running well. In the same post, they also note that they will discuss more about a potential Switch version after this week’s presentation.


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  • Abra

    what’s the point Wii U is done..

    • Jack Longman

      Actually given what the Wii U can do, it’s the best console for Hex Heroes.

  • Jack Longman

    They did discuss something similar before, back in October, during an interview with Miketendo64:

    – What did you make of the reveal?
    “We were cautiously excited. We know a lot of features weren’t shown off, but what was shown was super cool. The possibility that two Switches with 4 joy-cons breaking away to let all 5 players play Hex Heroes is great!”

    – What is your company’s stance on the Nintendo Switch?
    “We’ll be developing for it after Hex Heroes. Hopefully there’s ample documentation on implementing some of its best features.”

    – Can you comment on any kind of commitment to the new console?
    “Our goal is to innovate with our software and right now, Switch looks like the platform where we can innovate most. That doesn’t necessarily make us Switch-only devs, mind you, if Hex Heroes can work on other platforms (as smoothly as Wii U, at least), it’s safe to say we’ll be considering porting it there.”

  • I remember seeing the Kickstarter when. I was still in college I think. I wonder if it ever went into dev limbo or just consumed by scope creep. It’s nice to see it again though.