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High Voltage considering preorder bonus for The Conduit, wouldn’t mind an M rating for the game, more

Posted on January 27, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

As if there weren’t enough reasons to purchase The Conduit. High Voltage Software Chief Creative Officer Eric Nofsinger spoke recently about a preorder bonus for The Conduit. Though he was unwillining to commit to anything specifically, Nofsinger did say that High Voltage is “thinking about some” perks for preordering The Conduit and that “details are still being ironed out.”

Nofsinger also commented about a few other details relating to the game. First, as we have heard before, there will be pretty significant advertising for the game’s release. Gaming tours, billboards, commericals, GameStop kiosk demo discs are just some of the ways that the game may be promoted. Additionally, though High Voltage is shooting for a “T” ESRB rating, they won’t really mind if it ends up being rated M. Lastly, the developers are working heavily on the audio-side of The Conduit and Nofsinger states that High Voltage is “going to out do every game on the platform in terms of audio” and that “it will be at the highest possible quality.” Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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  • strikerz911

    Maybe this game will be on a dual layered dvd like smash bros was.

  • Rhytenow

    I dont really need a preorder bonus I’m buying it anyway but maybe a comic book would be nice.


    I have preordered at GS but I would hate for another company to give better bonuses after I have already preordered!