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Hollow Knight canned for Wii U, moving to Switch

Posted on January 20, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop, Wii U eShop

Yet another indie developer is cancelling plans for Wii U in favor of a Switch version. Today, Team Cherry announced that Hollow Knight is no longer coming to Nintendo’s current console, but it will be on Switch instead.

Hollow Knight actually isn’t too far away from hitting Switch. The team intends to release it “not too long” after Switch launches.

Team Cherry wrote in a blog pospt:

“We’ve had a long conversation with Nintendo and given their recent reveals, we can now announce: Hollow Knight is making the switch to Nintendo’s new portable/home/hybrid platform!

That’s both sad and happy news for us. Though we can confirm the Switch as a release platform, we also have to confirm that Hollow Knight will no longer make its way to the Wii U. That’s not a step we’ve taken lightly. Our Wii U release has recently been hampered by several technical challenges and though we’d love to see Hollow Knight on our favourite console, we feel the quality difference would end up such that Wii U players will be experiencing a lesser version of the game.

We’re aiming to release the Switch version of Hollow Knight not too long after the platform’s launch.”


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  • Reiianuo

    I find it hard to believe that every single case of Wii U games dropping is some, “Technical burden.” I hate to sound so conspiracy-laden, but come on now. We get it. Unfortunately, the Wii U is done. Just be honest.

  • AquaBat

    You’ve been working on the Switch version long enough to have it ready close to launch but chose to wait until now to officially cancel the Wii U version? Come the heck on. You’re outta here.

    • Rosemrogers

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  • RoadyMike


    I’ve given up hope for the Wii U years ago and now this is just hilarious to me

  • TimG57867

    Is it so tough for devs to say that they don’t feel Wii U is a profitable proposition anymore? These excuses are sad.

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