How the Wii/Wii U transfer process works

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1 year ago by (@NE_Brian)

The Wii to Wii U transfer process will be ready to go on day-one.

Here’s how the process works:

- Like the DS/3DS transfer
- Insert an SD card into the Wii U to initiate the process
- Use the Wii System Transfer app
- Once the process has been started, insert the same SD card into the Wii and download another transfer app from the Wii Shop Channel
- This app moves data over to the card
- Then need to put the card back into the Wii U
- Wii data will then be moved to the console and deleted from the card

You’ll be able to bring over the following content from the Wii:

- Wii Software save data
- WiiWare and save data
- Virtual Console titles and save data
- Add-on content
- Wii Points
- Wii Shop Channel activity
- Mii characters


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