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Injustice 2 director has interest in releasing games for Switch, but would take some work

Posted on October 11, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

At the Brazil Game Show, GameSpot caught up with NetherRealm Studios creative director Ed Boon. Boon was asked about potentially supporting Switch in the future.

Boon, known for his work on the Mortal Kombat series, directed Injustice 2 earlier this year. He indicated that the game could theoretically run on Switch, but adjustments would need to be made in order for it to happen.

Boon said:

“Yeah, I think at the end of the day you can make almost any game… there are inevitable compromises, but you know, you can make some version of Injustice on the Atari 2600. It’s not going to be great, but I bet you can make something.”

Boon was also specifically asked if he has any interest in looking into having games on Switch. Responding to this, he stated:

“Yeah, actually, I do. It is a pretty different hardware architecture; it’s not like you can go from a PlayStation 4 to a Switch really easily. So I think we would need to set up something in terms of an external team. I know on the art team, we have enough people to do three console SKUs, and that would be something we’d need to work out.”

“From the game player’s perspective, would it be fun to play Injustice on [Switch]? I do think it would. You could have tournaments, everyone comes over with their own system and you can have whole structured tournaments and parallel gameplay and all that.”


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  • cloud36426

    This would be awesome. I liked the first one!

  • Dunnington

    A definitive edition when that inevitably comes out would be awesome on the Switch.

  • Indielink

    Boon if you bring it over I will buy it.

  • Snackster1001

    I would ABSOLUTELY buy it. The switch needs more modern fighting games, all it currently has is either old (Arcade archives, Street fighter 2) or unorthodox (ARMS, Pokken).

  • awesomeparadise3

    Instant buy for me.

  • Pepperkeet

    Imagine how HARD they must have worked to get that phone mobile version to work… /sarcasm

    • awesomeparadise3

      The app is incredibly different gameplay wise and graphics wise. Of course it was easy. For the Switch, they’re discussing the actual console game.

    • Game_God

      If they had the will to make a IOS version, they can surely do a Switch version!

  • Radish

    I’d rather they make new games that get released on Switch with the other console versions. I’m tired of seeing old ports brought over.

    • Hidden Flare

      They will make new games, ports are likely not taking too much priority compared to other games. They can do both.

      • Radish

        That’s fair, the more the better.

    • MagcargoMan

      It’s not really that old. It came out this year and is still receiving new content.

      • Radish

        Yeah but by the time it would be released on Switch (if they do port it), could be a bit old. I don’t mind them porting games as long as they give us new games too!

  • audiobrainiac

    It WOULD be awesome. But what about Primal Rage?…..

  • this is going to come out around the same time as ff15 for switch

  • SpectralDynamite

    Announce the inevitable Game of the Year edition for the Switch and my money is yours.

    This is coming from a guy who’s played the first game on Wii U and is still garbage at fighting games that aren’t Smash, ARMS and Pokkén.

  • Jeff Moreira

    It’s not funny anymore.
    He’s been teasing the Switch for a while on his twitter account and now says stuff like that…
    What is he waiting for? Why not bring MK XL which seems to be the definitive edition while working on the port of Justice 2?
    MK was released way before the Switch, couldn’t they get someone working on it before the Switchs release? C’on…
    Also, let’s not forget that they got the first Justice running on the PS Vita and it was a great port so Justice 2 should run on the Switch with some changes.

    • theFooFighter

      It probably has more to do with Injustice 1 doing horribly on the Wii u than anything. Yeah the switch is doing way better but even if WB funded a switch port of Injustice or mortal Kombat within the past month or so right when the switch is guaranteed to be a success it would still be 6 months if not more away.

      • Jeff Moreira

        Yeah I get that the developers might be on the “caution” side of ports to Switch, however, around midi year the Switch was already considered a success so, by now, they should have some announcement or at least something more concrete not just “maybe” or “Atari version is possible”, f*** off.

        Maybe an announcement not for Injustice 2 but at least for MK XL which, again, was a complete game that was out for a while (2015) when the Switch was released.
        The devs would only have to give the assests to another studio to port it while they would focus on Injustice 2 for the other consoles.

        I mean I don’t know, I think they missed a gold opportunity by not releasing one of these games this year (or early next year), specially if you consider that fighting games are still lacking on Switch (not considering NeoGeo ports here).

        Just look at Street Fighter (mediocre port) that sold at full price over 300K copies right at the begin of the console’s life.

        I reckon if MK XL was released this year it would be a smashing hit, it would be the first “this gen” fighting game that you can now take anywhere. It’s a shame that NetherRealm didn’t think this way.

  • Exy

    [interest intensifies]

  • MagcargoMan

    The first one was on Wii U so I don’t see why not.