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Japanese Nintendo Direct for download software – Denpa Men 3 announced, new Chibi Robo experience

Posted on July 2, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News, Videos, Wii U eShop

Update 2: Added Denpa Men 3, Chibi Robo Photography (we’ll be using that name from here on out), Wii U network services details.

Update: Looks like that Chibi Robo thing is called “Chibi Robo Live-Action!” and will be out today for 1,500 yen. From what I can tell.

Well, that came out of nowhere! We don’t have any details from this Nintendo Direct yet, but we do know that Denpa Men 3 has been announced for the 3DS eShop and some kind of new Chibi Robo experience is on the way.

Denpa Men 3

– Can make a little house for your characters
– Capture monsters and let them fight for you
– Can fully import your Denpa Men from the previous entries
– Out in Japan on August 7 for 1000 yen
– Demo on July 31
– Capture Denpa Ningen via AR camera while they resist, add to party, get houses
– Travel to different islands as the journey progresses
– Bazaar Island, Rental Island, Auto Antenna Tower for auto-capture
– Denpa Men 1&2 half-off from 1000 yen to 500 yen through 9:59 am 7/17.

Chibi Robo Photography

– For 3DS eShop
– Focused around the camera functions of the system
– Snap real life objections and collect them in the game
– Various minigames
– There is contest for collecting the various items in the game; snap stuff like a print design for Wii U or a Yen Card
– Match up real-life objects against silhouettes on the screen to turn them into “nostaljunk” and add to a museum
– Demo also available

Wii U network services

– YNN: access content like variety shows, drama and anime
– Can watch on TV and GamePad
– Coming in August
– Demae-Can: delivery service channel
– You can order food directly from the GamePad
– Coming in July
– Bandai Channel announced for Japan
– It offers a wide range of Anime programming
– Coming in August

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