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Japanese Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique 3 – Styling Star trailer, commercials

Posted on October 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Videos

Nintendo has released a new trailer and commercials for Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique 3 – Styling Star. We have the various videos below.

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  • TruExtent

    So is anyone bummed that this game is coming to Europe but not America? I’m honestly not, I couldn’t figure out the demo for the previous 3DS entry. I don’t know fashion or anything so I sucked at it. But from what I could tell it seemed like a quality title for anyone into that stuff. I don’t think I’ve seen any opinions about this not coming stateside. Does anyone here want this game?

    • chancetime

      A lot of people in the fandom are frustrated about it, because the last title also took forever to get a NA version and this one may not at all. And yes it has a fandom, of both guys and girls XD It’s a fun, quality series.

      • TruExtent

        Well then hopefully you guys get a Rhythm Heaven Megamix situation. Physical elsewhere but at least an eventually download version. Should be easy to take the English of the European version and use that.

        Like I said, I tried the demo cause I was curious but it confused me. I threw some clothes together and got a really bad grade. *shrug*

        • Riku0493

          Having played the European localization of Style Savvy 3, it just confused the hell out of me as an American using terms I just don’t even use even on a once a decade basis.

          If NoA does decide to rip the European localization, at least swap out the terms for more common American equivalents.

    • ジョシュ

      This game can stay in Europe. I really don’t care about it.

      • You don’t, but others do. Being localized does nothing to you.

        • Reggie

          This. I personally don’t care about NSB, but the more the merrier.

          • Right? Like, why go to an article of a game you’re not going to play and be like that? Especially when we’re thankfully getting more localizations.

    • Yes. A lot of us. Most of us tend to talk about it on social media instead of gaming sites though, because rude people come in and get obnoxious about it. Across various websites.

      • TruExtent

        Like I mentioned to chancetime, hopefully you guys get at least an eventually download version like I was able to get with Rhythm Heaven Megamix. Glad to say I don’t see anyone being obnoxious here. Unless you count the one other that responded to me but I just think he was giving a quick opinion; didn’t seem rude.

        • Here’s hoping. I was pretty miffed about MegaMix being download only too, and how NoA handled the last Style Savvy was frustrating, but we’ll see.

          And he was definitely being rude, but fans of “casual” games are used to that now, sadly.

  • chancetime

    Men’s fashion, woo. Glad it’s returning from NSB.

  • Yay! New commercials! It’s nice to see more since the game will be out soon in Japan (and EU).

    I’m hoping NOA announces it, plus the white x lavender new 2DS relatively soon.