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Japanese Wii U page highlights console’s non-gaming features with Mario art

Posted on March 11, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Nintendo opened a new Japanese page on its website today highlighting the Wii U’s non-gaming capabilities (though there is still quite a bit of gaming representation, of course). You can find it here.

Truth be told, there isn’t anything particularly astounding about the page. But it does give us some pretty neat Mario artwork!



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  • Guest

    Nintendo is obsessed with Mario.

    • D2K

      I think it’s more of a case with the top brass at Nintendo are guilty of one-dimensional thinking.

      A famous artist once told me face to face that worst thing you can do as an artist is to think that you “got it” and don’t need to push yourself anymore, learn new things, or try new things. Once that happens not only doesn’t the quality of your work plateau, in some cases it can even regress.

      I personally would be happy if I never saw a Mario game again, but Nintendo really needs to think about give Mario a rest. He deserves one. Don’t make another Mario ANYTHING for at least 3 years. Maybe even save Super Mario Galaxy 3 as the swan-song for the Wii U just before the new 9th-gen console comes out. There are so many other franchises collecting dust Nintendo could make a fortunate with. So many.

      • sonicfan1373

        I believe it is less about one dimensional thinking and more about Mario being their mascot. People associate Mario with Nintendo, Masterchief with MS, Sonic with Sega, Luxo Jr with Pixar, Mickey Mouse with Disney; and so much of the marketing that these companies do uses their mascot.

        I guess to conclude I will say that it is not an obsession (and other companies have them) but rather culturally identifiable company mascot. Though I do agree that Nintendo should take a break from Mario platform games for 2-3 years (after Zelda U comes they should give that franchise a break as well which means stepping back from high profile remakes).

        • D2K

          Be honest. How much Mickey Mouse do you really see from Disney nowadays? Seriously. Yes, Mickey Mouse is the mascot of Disney just as Bugs Bunny is the mascot of Warner Bros. however in both cases you see a vast variety of things from each corporation far removed from anything and everything those characters represent. Disney owns ESPN. Disney owns ABC. Disney owns Lucasfilm. Disney owns Marvel. Time Warner Inc. owns Warner Bros. which spans movie studios, recording studios, and cartoon studios. Time Warner owns DC comics. Time Warner owns TNT and TBS. Time Warner used to own WCW until it sold it to Vince McMahon.

          The point is that you didn’t see Bugs Bunny featured on WCW Monday Nitro. You don’t see Bugs on NBA on TNT. You don’t see Bugs Bunny In Batman Movies (although it might be kinda cool.) I mean for goodness sakes, Godzilla is even under the Warner Bros. banner now.

          It’s one thing for Mario to be the mascot, but it’s another thing to basically constantly keep putting Mario in everything, everywhere Nintendo related which is what they are doing.

          But I’m glad that you agree that Mario needs a vacation. Give people a chance to miss Mario. Then you can market a return from him several years from now, put as much stank on the game as you possibly can, and then people will line up in droves to buy the game and Wii U’s to play the game. Maybe give a reveal in a movie just like they did with Super Mario Bros. 3 in the movie ‘The Wizard.’ That’s back when Nintendo was adventurous, aggressive, and innovative. They set trends and standard rather than follow them 10 years too late.

          Man, what happened to them?

      • Whybee

        I think you’re looking WAY too much into this; it’s just one page on a website demonstrating the Wii U’s features. Nothing more than that.

  • José Masiero

    Mario 3D world is the best game I have played in years. And browsing with gamepad+TV is awesome.

  • Willie Crespo

    Probably the first and last time the internet is offically associated with anything Mario.

  • Tlink7

    I love Mario artwork in this particular style!