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Jynx’s sprite altered in Pokemon Gold/Silver on the Japanese 3DS Virtual Console, matches international versions

Posted on September 21, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver are arriving on the 3DS Virtual Console tomorrow. In Japan, however, both are already available.

These games are pretty much identical to their original versions. Serebii does have some information about one change in the Japanese version though. Jynx’s sprite has been altered to match the international releases similar to Pokemon Yellow. Jynx’s face was originally colored black many years ago, but was changed to purple following some controversy.


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  • Exy

    Here come the Japanese gamers to call foul for censorship because a large demographic is being misrepresented by video game.

    • Suraimu

      I dont think the point of jynx was to represent anyone
      What is with this obsession about representation anyways, its fiction and I should be able to “represent” or “misrepresent” whatever I want.
      Who cares.

      • ジョシュ

        Your “WORK” would be so unpopular sir. If you’re trying to sell something like a videogame you should try to make it appealing to most of the people not the contrary.

        • ronin4life

          Except there is always a subset of people these days you will never attract, that demand you conform to them anyway. And the demands from these people are a loud squawking from a tiny minority of aggressors that are best left ignored.

        • Suraimu

          Thats a good point when you are a corporation that sees only profits, the key is to find balance between artist freedom and target audience.
          Personally I dont care if my stuff is popular because I dont make a living with it I do it for myself and others that might enjoy it, but I wont change it if someone doesnt like it.
          Also youd be surprised how much you can sell when you know your niches. Not everything needs to have a lowest common denominator appeal.

          • ジョシュ

            And that’s perfectly fine. Personally, I don’t think that making things that may offend a group of persons is good but well…that’s my opinion. There are all kind of people in this world. Some men just want to watch the world burn (lol) so.. whatever.

      • MusubiKazesaru

        It wasn’t. She’s supposed to be a yuki onna, that same sort of motif was used in the less humanoid Frosslass later as well.

    • ronin4life

      To me, the people calling “blackface Jynx” the equivalent of a real human demographic and are certain it hurts those “targetted” people… are themselves acting kind of racist for comparing a human to a pokemon in this way in the first place, and then insisting those henpicmed humans need to be protected from the foul fictional creatures presence.

      Which, honestly, is even more demeaning and racist if you ask me. Let’s be honest here: the outrage has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the cultural embarrassing baggage of the US. This is about primarialy White people being upset by anything even slightly resembling their shameful history, and not about Jynx being any form of racial caricature

      • what
        not even close

      • Princess_Eevee9

        Can I give you an Internet High Five since I can’t gift a real life Fist Bump?

      • Jynx’s appearance did make me uncomfortable when I was young, but not because of Black face; but that she bears some stereotypical and hurtful caricature traits. Traits that Jpan sometimes still abuses today. (But that other Japanese do call them on.)

        I think it was rather innocently done, and I do feel she is meant to be some kind of viking imagery, but it is uncomfortable and uncomfortably close to a real issue; it’s just misplaced. But that probably says something about how common that imagery was even during the times (worldwide, mind all), and how commonly overlooked it is in the West.

      • Exy

        I was poking fun at the people who call this kind of thing censorship, because that is itself a heavily loaded word used for all kinds of things that it really shouldn’t be. A Japanese company making this game for Japanese audiences never had to change this, and they did it only out of consideration for the people who could very possibly think what you said. Whenever this kind of issue comes up with Japanese games and non-Japanese people calling for a cosmetic change, I always think about what the Japanese audience thinks. I can only assume they’re either very confused or openly laughing at us for making such a big issue out of something that shouldn’t be.

  • Devlind

    I don’t really care, but it’s nice knowing this piece of trivia.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    Are we still doing this stupid censorship crap that’s actually more offensive when you read about why it was censored in the first place?

    • Tlink7

      Unfortunately we live in a world where everyone is offended by everything, so this was inevitable

    • amak11

      Black face…. are you dumb?

      • Addy

        Jynx was based off of Ganguro fashion. People mistaken it as blackface.


        • yeah i just googled this and it looks nothing like blackface jynx or blackface dragon ball z guy so get out of here


          • Addy

            I never said that ganguro was anywhere close to blackface. It’s that people (a small few of them more likely) mistaken Jynx as a blackface stereotype. Also it’s Mr. Popo.

          • it’s not a mistake

        • ジョシュ

          “Ganguro practitioners say that the term derives from the phrase ganganguro or “gangankuro” (ガンガン黒, exceptionally dark). The word ganguro can be translated as “burn-black look”, “dark tanning”, “black-face*”. It has nothing to do with “blackface” ……..for them(japanese people) “even when ganguro can be translated as black face”. But for us it does.

          • キロ

            Yes, as it is the same word that is used for tanning in general. Any non-white shade is black. xD (That’s probably why the second translation says “dark tanning” instead).

            The subculture as a whole was meant to be a rebellion against white beauty that is prized here in Japan.

      • Charlene Buffington

        Yeah NOTHING to do with races, but instead a stupid japanese fashion with bright lips and bad tans.

        • that’s not a tan

          • Charlene Buffington

            Something that wasn’t racist that became something racist, because ‘murica.

          • no honey
            that was racist

            don’t tell me the japanese ain’t racist

      • ronin4life

        Japan had no blackface. That is a European issue, paticularly the US where the baggage is extra heavy. But many places in Europe don’t even give a hoot and do it anyway, along with whiteface asian face and red face.

        Honestly it is prerty racist to force the Japanese to a foreign cultural standard, especially with English works like “I think I’m turning Japanese”, that one James Bond where he “disguises ” himself japanese with yellowed taner and slit eyes, and the socially acceptable “l becomes r” jokes.

        • the US isn’t European.
          two wrongs don’t make a right, even with racism.

          but three rights make a left

        • Just a minor correction. Japan did have Blackface. Japan did have some problems with race when it comes not even to just Black people, but even Native Americans. There’s actually a really good post about it elsewhere I’ll try to dig up.

          But racism is more global than we often realize. And given how much our culture influenced Japan’s understanding of other races, it’s no surprise. Just look at Tezuka’s original works. Astro Boy/Tetsuwan Atom was horribly racist to Blacks and Chinese, and Simba was very racist in its portrayals of Africans as well.

          Japan isn’t the US or EU (different regions that have their own racist problems and history broken down within them), but it does have a history with racism and different groups as well.

      • Princess_Eevee9

        I’m black so first off screw off, and second of all Jynx is based off Nordic Mythology or Yokai Mythology, so are you dumb or do you just wanna continue looking like a donkey?

    • Billy Bob Throrton

      RACISM SOLVED. who knew all you needed to stop cops from shooting black teenagers in the back was Jynx to be turned purple. I’m glad we as a society are willing to really look at ourselves in the mirror.

      • no
        but i have to at least give you credit for acknowledging people shouldn’t get shot by cops

        • Billy Bob Throrton

          it’s not very effective
          if it’s so “no” explain yourself,why would anyone even make the connection if they’re not just a controversy vulture.

  • fox_whisper85


  • Meadowtronic

    Jynx dindu nuffin

  • Suraimu

    I like it better purple honestly, the censorship is dumb but not worth getting angry over.

  • Phoenix Wright

    Jynx has always been one of my favorite Pokemon, and I always kind of preferred the old design because I thought that it was supposed to be like her eyes and lips poked out of a shadow and not that her face was black. I guess I can see why they changed it though, and am not really mad about it

    • Carlos

      I really like Jynx also.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    I mean, regardless of the intent behind her design, she is still highly reminiscent of someone doing blackface. It’s like if you made a drawing for kids that ended up looking like a giant wang for some reason when you were trying to make a rocket ship. You could probably see why some people might take issue with it being plastered on the schools wall.

    And really, at this point, Jynx has been canonically purple far longer than she’s been black

    • Princess_Eevee9

      I would like to disagree with you on this, she as much Blackface as Mr. Popo is and I’m quite sick of people acting like it is. Blackface is terrible but it was Blackface and the stereotypical Black’s are illiterate/ugly/stupid that also went with it. What’s super offensive is people getting all up in arms crying “OFFENSIVE MATERIALS” yet the group of people who are being offended in question don’t give a darn.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        That’s what I’m saying. She’s not a blackface character . But she can be easily mistaken for one.

        Interpretation of your actions trumps your intent every time. E.g. the spaceship wang example I gave. If people THINK you’re doing or saying or something offensive, then that’s it , you just look bad, ESPECIALLY if you’re a company/celebrity/politician/someone important.
        And don’t take this incoming rant as directed towards you but…

        This is why I don’t like when people throw out words like censorship. Because this isn’t censorship. No one has forced Nintendo to make this change, or any of their changes. They made the conscious decision that this is not a hill worth dying on. And they have every right to make that decision.

        If you are doing something that you believe might offend some people, and you decide you are gonna do it anyway. Fine. But backpedalling is also a perfectly fine option. That’s just how life works. You can’t just do whatever you want without consequence.

        • Busterblade

          “You can’t just do whatever you want without consequence.” Can you imagine how chaotic it would be if that was a “can” instead of a can’t?

        • Princess_Eevee9

          Nintendo was indeed forced to make this change so Pokémon could grow in America as it was in its infancy of popularity. It was being getting roped into another controversy that tipped their hand, else Jynx would’ve beam Purple from the get-go. I didn’t take it personally until you said it, irks me when people say that expecting me to do one thing when I’m not even thinking it. I can tell you she doesn’t look reminiscent to black face cause I could have sworn what constitute a black face was a white person having black paint /makeup on their face. I don’t see Jynx that way nor did the other black kids I knew growing up. Another commenter said it well up there, it kinda screams White Guilt and really that’s just sad people think they gotta do this.

      • wtf is wrong with you

        • Princess_Eevee9

          Not nearly as whatever’s wrong in your head. Troll somebody else moron.

      • HandsomeCostanza

        it has nothing to do with that and everything to do with a company making a childrens game not wanting anything even remotely close to being obscene or controversial in their game.

  • GMB

    Here comes the SWS teens/adolescents crying “censorship muh freedom of speechz!!” #1stWorldProblem

    • what’s sws?

      • Aline Piroutek

        Sexist Women Survivors

        • is it one of those japanese emoticons like owo

          • Aline Piroutek


  • Pachirisu

    you’re right actually lol
    thanks for the idea

  • キロ

    So far there are more comments on “here comes the ____” rather than said crowd. xD But I understand the intent.

    It reminds me of that time Brock was removed out of fears of looking like an East Asian stereotype but then it turned out nobody really cared. xD

    • Addy

      And all that created a character that was hardly seen again.

      • キロ

        Yes xD

    • the east asian stereotype is a dude that wants to bang cops and nurses?

      • Addy

        He will never get past first base as long as his toad companion keeps gut punching him.

      • キロ

        On top of the slanty eyes, spiked hair, and tanned skin, it seems! xD

        • people actually look like that
          where’s the stereotype?
          seems more like inclusion of spiky haired southeast asians

          • キロ

            Yeah, but that’s what they were afraid of. xD (And hence nobody really cared and so he came back)

  • Addy

    Or you could just not read the comments and walk away.

  • ジョシュ

    Jynx is shook! lol jokes aside, I’m glad they changed it. I’m not sure whether they had to change it in japan or not since blackface means nothing in japanese culture but I guess it’s kinda weird to have a same pokemon with purple face in some regions and black in others. Purple-faced jynx is beautiful so whatever. Now, there are some people saying “pokemon don’t represent anything” ….. Every pokemon is based on something! an animal, an object, an attitude/behavior, etc….for example: Hitmonlee is the Kicking Pokémon, it’s based on anything that has to do with “kicks” or “martial arts”, Snorlax is the Sleeping Pokémon, it may represent anything that has to do with “sleeping”, Pikachu is an electric mouse, it may represent anything that has to do with electricity. Magnemite is a Magnet Pokémon, it may represent a magnet or anything that has to do with it. So YES, every pokemon represents something or is based on something. I read in the comments that Jynx was based on ganguro fashion. Well. according to my pokedex (lol) jynx is a human shape pokémon…..she is based on humans(?) she was black and she had “the makeup” that made her look like she was doing blackface… it was natural for people to link it with blackface. Anyway….I’m just glad they changed it for the better. I just want to play pokemon ultra SUN/MOON already! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e880ad01759a95aae507db2ccf0e883a60e4612838c228e4e5a3046353671f7a.jpg

  • makine

    How dare they take steps to not offend people. The only way that you can get past offensive stereotyping is by intentionally offending as much as possible. Shame on Nintendo for catering to a worldwide audience.

    • I think what bothers me, is that the defense against this change is the same for it. It’s fair to say it doesn’t look like a problem, so why change it; but it’s such a small change that isn’t bad, why dos one need to be against it?

      Also a good time for the reminder that censorship is not a one way, all the time same situation thing. One can be okay with censorship in one instance and dislike it in another. (Before people pull the slippery slope.)

      • makine

        It’s not censorship. That’s not what censorship means.

        • Oh, I entirely agree. But people always want it to be and argue against it like it is. (Just like they always misunderstand and misuse freedom of speech.)

  • Addy

    That’s his/her account name.