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Kirby Cafe merchandise to be sold at Japanese retailers starting on November 23

Posted on October 31, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

The Kirby Cafe has come to an end in Japan. However, a decision has been reached to make the merchandise available to a greater amount of fans.

Starting on November 23, a selection of goods from the Kirby Cafe will be sold at various retailers. This includes the special CD, “The Sound of Kirby Cafe”.

Physical stores that will be selling the CD and goods will be Yamashiroya, select Kiddy Land stores, and select Village Vanguard outlets. Online stores will be Amazon Japan and ebten, though the former will only sell the CD without any other items.

Items that will be also sold in stores other than Amazon:

– Kirby Cafe Original Style Mug
– Kirby Cafe Original Textile Cotton Tote Bag
– Kirby Cafe Original Textile Pouch with Charm

The following will be store-exclusive items:

– Kirby Spandex Cushion and Neck Pillow (Kiddy Land only)
– Maxim Tomato Spandex Cushion and Neck Pillow (Village Vanguard only)
– Kirby Cafe Original Leather Handle x Heavy Weight Cotton Tote Bag (Yamashiroya only)
– Water-Absorbing Quick-Drying Fluffy Mini Towel (Kirby/Candy/Maxim Tomato colors) (Yamashiroya only)
– Kirby Cafe Original Fake Leather x Cotton Flat Tote Bag (ebten only)

For those that missed it previously, we’ve included the soundtrack list for the Kirby Cafe CD below.

1. Green Greens
2. Buttery Building
3. Clash! Gourmet Race
4. Cloudy Park: Ripple Field
5. Forest – Nature Area
6. Air Ride: Sandora
7. Sky Tower
8. Mysterious Trap
9. Kirby Series Special Medley
10. Kirby vs. Zero Two
11. Milky Way Wishes: Staff Roll
12. Robobot Armor



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