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Lichtspeer dev mentions Nintendo is working on an achievement system for Switch

Posted on September 9, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Rumors, Switch

Is Nintendo working on an achievement system for Switch? One comment from a developer has set off a firestorm of speculation about the possibility.

The developers of Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition held a Reddit AMA yesterday. Tom Tomaszewski from Crunching Koalas participated, and shared some interesting comments.

First, when asked why Lichtspeer doesn’t have rankings. Tomaszewski replied with the following:

Nintendo doesn’t have an official support for Achievements and Leaderboards, like Sony or Microsoft but we know that they’re working on it. We’ll see how it goes and we’ll add the rankings along the way.

After seeing those comments, a Reddit user brought up that an achievement system for Switch would seem like a secret. Tomaszewski said in response:

Move along. Nothing to see here.
PS. But seriously – I have a really strong feeling they hinted it a few times. [Tom]

We’ve been going back and forth as to whether or not we should share this here. Tomaszewski does seem to know what he’s talking about, but perhaps his own conjecture is mixed in based on the “hints” he’s seen. We’ll nonetheless be reaching out to Tomaszewski in hopes of clarifying.

A system-wide achievement system isn’t something Nintendo has shown a whole lot of interest in recent years. However, some elements have been built into specific games. It remains to be seen if Nintendo intends to pursue achievements more seriously on Switch.

Thanks to James P for the tip.


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  • Tlozbj

    Weeeeeeeelp, he better hide, cause the Nintendo ninjas are going to pay him a visit soon

  • TanukiTrooper

    I reckon it’ll be tied to My Nintendo and you can earn silver coins for each achievement.

    • Jack Franco

      That would be awesome… if my Nintendo was useful for anything other than phone backgrounds

      • Agreed. Although I was recently able to use quite a few for cheaper legacy titles to fill out my VC library on Wii U, but that’s just me specifically, others might not be interested in that.
        …but having all Metroid games up to the Wii on one console is pretty neat ;D

        • club nintendo gave me metroid 1 and 2 for free
          and the only reason i didnt get super metroid was because it was thirty cents just after wiiu launched. it was also free on club nintendo.
          this is how bad mynintendo is

          • Carlos

            You didn’t get it because it costed you $0.30?

          • StuOhQ

            We all dogged on Club Nintendo until My Nintendo came out. How little we knew back in those golden years lol

          • I always thought Club Nintendo was awesome. People obsessed with “physical rewards” like coasters and tote bags hated Club Nintendo when it started being amazing and giving out free games.

          • Admittedly, I loved the phyical rewards. Except the ones that sucked.

            Cases for (3)DS games with changeable and reversible covers? Sweet! Nice soft cases for the (3)DS with two pockets for game cartridges? Fantastic!

            Some of the other stuff. . .? Ehhh. (I got the Pikmin tote bag though!)

            I do like free games, but I like balance between rewards, and I like my physical rewards to be useful, or to be super nice collectible stuff.

    • Dascylus

      Woo, more coins to spend on nothing but exp crystals in FE Heroes!

    • Tlink7

      That would be sweet, but I also doubt Nintendo would so something so awesome xD I’ll gladly be proven wrong though

  • KnightWonder
  • GoldenTriforce

    In terms of my actual interest in the achievements themselves, it is an absolute zero (maybe slightly higher if they earn you My Nintendo stuff). I’ve never enjoyed achievements in games and in more serious or plot-based stuff, they can be very annoying…

    ….but, if this is true, its good news as it means Nintendo is willing to add to and change Switch online.

    • Lance Devon

      I think the main reason is that they’re practically useless. You don’t interact with them, you don’t use them in any way. They’re literally benchmarks of nothing. Then to add an additional arbitrary number (Gamerscore and experience) just makes is more convoluted.

      I mean, City of Heroes (god rest that game) let each of your “badges” be usable as a title, that can be defend-able. Hell, even Blizzard lets you mess with the SC2’s achievement room, not praising that overall system, but it’s literally the smallest thing one can do.

      I remember early Wii U rumors that there was a thing called “Room for Mii” which was like a little app tied to your account. These accounts had whatever Nintendo was going to call their alleged system (thinking it was N-Badges, but that could be influenced from the CoH mention) built into it. Non-friends can see you achievements acquired, but not specific games where-as friends could see each one and the playtime of those games when they were unlocked. Similar to how the current Switch system works with the amount of playtime now.

      This room app was instanced to a designable room, where you Mii had various decor to customize their rooms. But two things stood out, a trophy case and another achievement case. These cases allowed players to display their favorite moments they earned these things, but only so many. These displayed can be seen by everyone. Trophies, if I remember right, were the answer to the “platinum” trophy of Sony’s fame. But there was something else to it, like a meta minded achievement from the developers. These things were apparently able to be picked up and viewed, displayed in a various ways (thinking like the diorama mode of Smash).

      Obviously this never happened, but that level of thinking should be a train of thought when moving forward for any console developer. Cause it functional, and rewards something you can actually use. Sony has Home, so technically they’d be closer to that idea than Nintendo. The question would be when will any of these yahoos think of something better than they have now. Cause it’s already ground-level useless now.

  • Dunnington

    If they integrated achievements with MyNintendo, then proceeded to give out worthwhile rewards, that would be amazing.

  • Roto Prime

    Money its my Nintendo points like Mario run and fire emblem!!

  • Nailz

    Please Understand

  • Reggie

    But aren’t the developers of Rime adding their own achievement system in the game itself? If Nintendo really were planning this, wouldn’t they have inside knowledge of that and hold it off?

    • Radish

      I don’t think all devs, especially most indie devs, would necessarily have much more insider knowledge than we do.

      • Reggie

        And yet the Lichtspeer devs are indie.

        • Radish

          We don’t know where they got that info from.

  • DonSerrot

    While I’m in the camp of those that thinks it’s completely unnecessary to have achievements I also think that they’d be a fun addition. As someone who’s main experience with achievements comes from World of Warcraft they are nice to have just for setting personal goals around. I don’t NEED em, but they are fun to have.

  • Exy

    I hope this isn’t real, because the lack of a global achievements system is one of the things I like most about Nintendo’s hardware.

    • MichMasteR

      Ah.. The less, the better bs

    • CaptainPleb

      That’s such a strange thing to like, it doesn’t affect you one way or the other.

      • Lance Devon

        Well, effects you if you consider some third parties have practiced ridding content unlockables in replacement for these, for what they’re worth, useless sticker rewards.

        Unless you can do something with them, they’re literally nothing after you “earned” them.

        And that doesn’t begin to mention how some people see “replayability” in the terms of acquiring these nothings and skewed some reviews that I’ve bought into the hype of once or twice before.

        • Tlink7

          Not all devs are lazy; what you described isn’t an inherent problem to achievement systems. Don’t support those who create crap games, problem solved

          Besides, Nintendo has already used achievements, like in Sm4sh

          • Lance Devon

            Yes, but they made it useful. I am not against achievements in its entirety, but what they are now… Just garbage lying about how it’s solid gold, and gamers are complacent about it.

      • most trophies are “you’ve been playing for thirty minutes, you beat chapter 1” so yeah it’s a tiny bit irritating

        • MichMasteR

          Well… what fkn games are you playing then? I can’t recall seeing an achievement like that since 2008

          • you serious
            literally every game does that
            the last one i played was tomb raider

      • Exy

        The presence of one affects how you play the game. I don’t need the subconscious hassle of having to play the game a certain way just to get recognition I neither need nor will benefit from.

        • CaptainPleb

          That’s a problem on your end, not an inherent problem with achievements.

          • Exy

            Exactly, and the lack of achievements is something I’m satisfied with. I don’t see any need to change that.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    So adding a useless feature that adds no real value to anything, or work on the actual game to reward me. Hmm wow this choice is hard!

  • Blanco8x8


    This. This made my night.

    • awng782

      It’s the realization that you don’t have much time before the Nintendo ninjas get to you.

  • QuestionKing3445

    Achievement system on a Nintendo console ??? O_O
    That AWESOME!!!! XD

  • Auragar

    Seems odd that something like this would just come out like that, but eh… okie. There is a Nintendo Direct coming next week would be the perfect place for an announcement.

  • Aiddon

    God, I hope not.

    • Bart

      My first thought exactly, heh.

      I hope they at least put their own unique spin on it if true.

  • Lance Devon

    Will they somehow be useful? Can I do anything with them?

    No? Then why the hell do they exist?

    Oh, right, the fake rewards things, gotcha.

    • RoadyMike

      How narrow minded. If nothing else, it gives you a goal to achieve within the game to keep you coming back for. Gives the game some extra longevity

      • Lance Devon

        False longevity. You’re essentially telling yourself it’s important to get what is a useless thing by elongating your playtime.

        If you’re playing a game 30 times for an achievement and calling it fun, it says more about the game than it does you.

        • RoadyMike

          But here’s the thing about your pointless biching, you don’t have to play the game a dozen times over. You can beat the game, take the disccart out and shatter it if you want. These achievements wouldn’t be mandatory for the completion of the main game and take nothing away from the game. You can’t say they don’t add anything either if it offers some more challenge; as little as it may be

          If you don’t like achievements, fine. But there is no real reason not to have that option

          • “there’s no reason not to have that option”

            try telling that to the people who don’t want a female Link option

          • RoadyMike

            Pff this bs again?
            Use Linkle, sheik, Impact or Zelda herself

          • It doesn’t affect you playing the game at all, you should accept it.
            There is no real reason not to have that option.

          • RoadyMike

            Why change a character when you got 4 perfectly good ones to use instead? People want a female option, just use these female characters. More people have been asking for Zelda to be playable than people saying Link should be a girl

          • What’s the change? Slightly bigger chest and hips? Slightly different gait? As opposed to creating new animations for a 100% different character?
            Link’s gender is completely unimportant. He’s not a character. He’s never been. He’s an avatar. That’s why he’s always silent.

          • Evan Gustavson

            So, you acknowledge that the difference between Link and your proposed female counterpart would be minimal, but you don’t see how that makes the option completely superfluous?

            Here’s the thing: the reason Link is so effeminate is so they DON’T have to make a female option.

          • RoadyMike

            It’s not even about the avatar looking like you, its about making it look however you want. You can’t do that at all with Link and recently you can’t even change his name

          • looking like who? i picked a female avatar in xcx and i’m not female. i think the option should be available. i don’t think it’s a big deal. you guys do.

          • RoadyMike

            Not saying it has to look like anyone, but how an avatar should look however you want it to. I don’t have red or blue hair but I sometimes give the avatar just that. I’m not a girl either but I have chosen the female avatar sometimes in Pokemon

            I repeat, I’m not against a female option you bufoon, I’m against having to change Link into a girl to have the option in the first place. Link doesn’t have to be changed at all, we have Linkle,Zelda, Impa, Shiek hell even Malon if you want, for the female option you all want so much

          • Evan Gustavson

            My point is, they don’t need to be customizable to be the avatar of the player.

            There is no reason to add any customizable options to Link, just as there is no reason not to.
            It’s just more work for the dev team.
            And above all, the devs don’t want you to think of him as an avatar, they want you to picture him as yourself.
            His features don’t matter because they are supposed to be a placeholder for your own.
            Come to think of it, customization options would break that link.
            She’d cease to be you, and start being your OC.
            For instance, if you’re a guy, and you’re choosing to make a girl character because you like the way their options look better, it would cease to be you, and begin to be a female OC that wears clothes that look nice, but you yourself would never be caught dead in a dress, then the character cant be you because it does something you’d never do.
            In that sense, an avatar becomes nothing more than a playable character you made yourself.
            Link NOT being customizable is because he is you, and not merely a character you handmade, or a character that represents you.
            That’s why he’s androgynous.

          • RoadyMike
          • Evan Gustavson

            He’s not an avatar that you can make look however you want, he’s the Link that bridges the player and the game world.
            He’s supposed to be you, everything from his name to his features are meant to be placeholders for your own.

            They don’t want you to make a character how you want it, they want you to envision yourself as the hero
            Hence, androgynous, so women can do so as easily as men.

            In that sense, not being able to pick your gender plays to that, because you’re unable to choose the opposite gender, just a middle ground that anyone could picture them as.

          • so you’re telling me the option between male and female shepard is completely superfluous
            or the option between male and female avatars in xenoblade x or fire emblem for 3ds
            why does it exist then?
            you want to get rid of it?

          • RoadyMike

            Link has a name, personality, consistent/iconic design, expressions and behaviors/actions that are not our own. How is he not a character? Because he doesn’t talk? What about Gordon Freeman, Mario or Samus then? They don’t talk either but no one questions their status as a character as opposed to an avatar. Same with Link. He is a character and being male is part of it. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem

            Avatars have no name other than something generic like Villager or Red/Blue. They have no history before the events of the game. They have little to no personality or expression. You can usually change their physical attributes like hair, eyes, mouth, body build and sometimes even voice. You cannot do any of these things with Link. He’s a character not an avatar

          • he’s not a character
            he’s an avatar
            i don’t know what a gordon freeman is
            mario is an avatar, that’s why no one cares when he’s replaced by luigi, toad or princess toadstool

            samus is an avatar that a couple games have tried to pin a personality on

            link does not have a personality. he cuts things when you press a button. the last time link had a personality was in the 90s with excuuuse me princess the series.
            link’s personality traits:
            1. likes cutting things
            2. likes throwing things
            3. likes quests/saving the world

            this is not a character. this is an avatar. link is never like “no that’s not for me” except when you want him to jump, or when he gets nonconsensually assaulted by large fairies, which are not really personality traits. his catch phrase is the grunt he makes while using a sword.

            like, professor layton. that’s a character. he’s got a stick up his butt. he likes tea. he likes puzzles, chivalry and politeness. he’s knowledgeable. he’s a teacher. he won’t stfu about puzzles and he’s always kind of condescending to luke. he does stuff that surprises you, like swordfighting in layton 3 or 4.

            link doesn’t surprise you. he does whatever you want him to. always. you can’t describe him beyond his appearance and he’s “brave” or whatever loose adjective you’d use to describe a hero.
            mega man, any belmont, mario, samus, little mac, guy from doom, donkey kong, pokemon kid, these are all pretty much the same blank avatar. you don’t start talking about how simon and trevor belmont have distinctly different personalities because it’s a friggin guy with a whip who jumps when you press the A button.

          • RoadyMike

            Yes, he is. You still haven’t proven otherwise. All you’ve said is “He doesn’t talk, therefore avatar”. You idiot

            He’s not an avatar for the reasons I’ve given above. If you refuse to accept them, that’s your problem

            Gordon Freeman is the protagonist of the Half Life games. He doesn’t speak either, but no one calls him an “avatar” because of it

            What a lame argument. Samus has always been Samus beofre and after the ikes of Fusion and Other M. She’s never gone by anything else

            If mario is an avatar like you say, why can’t I change his name or looks? Same with Peach, Luigi, Toad etc?

            As shown since OoT, Link has personality and past history. it’s the decisions he makes that prove this.

            Who the hell would ever go out into the woods to look for that annoying fairy Navi? He did. That’s what set the stage for Majoras Mask. We the player didn’t make that decision

            We was a rancher in Twilight Princess. I would’ve preferred to be a knight. He grew up there. He’s friends with the village kids. I didn’t choose any of this

            The entirety of Skyward Sword shows how expressive and full of personality Link really is, did you not play it? Did you really not see all these scenes he had together with Zelda?

            In Breath of the Wild we even see his past memories that we the player took no part in
            None of these things are present with generic avatars. Link is a character

            I could easily show how each one of those “avatars” you listed are different from each other and are themselves characters(except the pokemon trainers. Those are actual avatars. Good job, you managed to list one)

            You think they’re nothing but models you move around and make them do a thing with a press of a button. You’ve got a really, really closed minded idea of what makes a character a character but at the same time a very broad idea on what an “avatar” is

          • Evan Gustavson

            Excuse me, but if you want Zelda to have a female avatar, there’s better ways than making Link a female. Even when the avatar has a uniform that HAS to more or less match, the hair, eyes, etc tend to be completely different from one another. Heck, genderbending the existing avatar character is THE laziest way to make that option a thing.

          • No, it’s the most obvious and effective way. Link is so genderqueer that he was mistaken for a woman in the initial announcement of breath of the wild.
            Like Commander Shepherd in Mass Effect, Link is not a gendered name.

            You’re making this into work so you can say they don’t have to do it.

          • Evan Gustavson

            Here’s the thing, he’s so “genderqueer” that if they added an ACTUAL female option, they’d have to adjust his design to be more masculine.
            Some people just want him to stay the way he is, is that so bad?
            Just picture him as a female.
            I’m pretty sure you’ve got it easier than i do in that aspect.
            One more thing: he doesn’t have my hair color or style, he doesn’t have my eye color, he doesn’t have my skin tone, not even close.

            So, why is it so important for him to have your gender?
            The one he can easily pass for?

          • RoadyMike

            I agree, the way Threads of Fate did it back in the PS1 era was brilliant imo. Not revolutionary but still

            In Threads of Fate you get the choice to play as a boy or a girl. But these 2 characters look nothing alike.
            What’s more, each character has their own story that eventually tie in with each other. Different Starting points, different scenes, different personalities and dialogue, different attacks etc

            I wish more games did it this way

          • that’s a totally different game, and you’re getting completely off track. you want the differences in genders to be huge when they’re just not. link has long hair and a skirt already. he’s far from being overtly male. he’s not, say, marcus phoenix or super macho man. the tweaks to make this happen are miniscule, and it’s clear why, because nintendo just does not care about the large symbolic difference of allowing a female avatar.

          • RoadyMike

            It’s just something they could do because it’s been done before. Who cares if it’s a different game if something similar can be done for Zelda .Go big or go home
            Who wouldn’t want to play as a Sheikah and fight alongside Link or vice versa? 2 heroes of legend alongside Zelda(or as I said, Zelda herself)
            If I remember correctly, Link only had 1/8 of the Triforce of Courage in one of the early Zelda games. What if there was a game in the series where the Triforce of Courage was split between 2 people, a boy and a girl. Could be twins if you want. And the 2 would have to work together as a unit to become the Hero of Legend. Now THAT’S how Zelda should handle gender options

            And Link doesn’t wear a skirt man. You can’t even consider it a kilt. It’s a tunic/overshirt that’s a bit too long

        • Tlink7

          ”useless” is subjective. Playing games is playing games, it doesn’t matter what or how you play, it is all equally ‘pointless’ entertainment in the end

          • Lance Devon

            That’s a fair point, but do you need to have the game developers tell you how you should play these “challenges” in your game for stickers?

          • RoadyMike

            See this is what I don’t understand. Why do people see things like achievements as a devs telling you how you should play a game? It’s never been that way, it’s always just been about adding some extra challenge

          • Lance Devon

            When you’re a gamer who’s beaten a game and you want to play more, the current state of achievements is the developer telling you, “Hey, stand around in the lobby doing nothing for an hour (Fairy Tale Fights, PS4),” and “Watch the intro cinematic in its entirety (Soul Calibur 4).” Hell, you get achievements for binging on Netflix. That’s telling you how you should play their game.

          • RoadyMike

            Wrong, that’s not how you “should” play the game but how you “could” play it. No one is saying you can’t play the game a different way and ignore that achievement
            I don’t get the inactivity achievements either. And wtf, Netflix? I know these companies are in cahoots with each other but sheesh

          • Lance Devon

            “could,” but if you WANT achievements, that becomes a “should” pretty quickly.

            Don’t get me wrong about this, we’ve had achievements long before ’05 in terms of unlockable items and crap. The system is as old as games themselves, but this current system needs a lot of work to be remotely good. As it is it’s pretty shallow garbage.

            I mentioned in another post that City of Heroes used their achievements as “badges” and made each one a wearable title. Small effort, but it made achievements worth more to the player, engaged to those they conquer. Steam has art cards and achievements, curious of when they’ll merge them together, right now that’s a giant mess too.

          • RoadyMike

            If you want to go for it, knock yourself out. No one is forcing you to play a game any certain way. That’s all on you. How can you still not grasp that concept? “Optional” man, “OPTIONAL”

            I know achievements today are a steaming pile of work for the most part. Looking up a skirt in Lollipop Chainsaw? Watching your parents f$%^ for a minute in South Park?
            That’s just weird. Completing stuff you had to complete anyway? Now that’s just lazy. It only serves to let others know how far you’ve gotten into the game

            I know, hear and completely understand those concerns. But I still don’t think achievements are inherently a bad thing. They’ve just never gotten much better. If we (specifically devs) don’t at least experiment with them or just cut them altogether, we’ll never see decent achievement systems ever again

            People have mentioned how it would be awesome if achievements could be tied to MyNintendo for coins. Now, whether or not there’s anything worthwhile on that service is another topic for another day, but the concept of achievements giving you points you can redeem for other products sounds great

          • Lance Devon

            True, but you forget the compulsive minds of… Well, literally any human. If you got people buying multiple versions of the same game in multiple regions for achievements, you can bet people are impulsive to “complete” the games. That is where the “should” comes from.

            I lived and died achievements for a long while till I realized what they are right now. And some pockets of negativity grew with it (like comparing GS and experience garbage… Why even have THOSE?) I grew increasingly against what achievements are now. They need to be better, they need to further reflect what they need to reflect, games.

          • RoadyMike

            That sounds like a very niche, extreme and frankly weird minority of gamers. Not everyone is that compulsive dude. But again, that comes down to the individual, not so much the achievements themselves or perhaps even the developers.

            And I agree with that 2nd part. (I have no idea why those exist. Just to stroke your ego while stroking something else?
            MLG? I dunno) Achievements should make the game more fun and worthwhile enough for you to even want to go back and complete them
            If or when they can do that, I think more people would be more open to achievement systems. It’s gonna take a while but it will take forever if people don’t at least try

          • Evan Gustavson

            So, Ultimately, you blame the company for preying on the lack of self-discipline of gamers, yourself included.

            Really, it’s at least as much the player’s fault for not being able to keep their own impulses in check.
            Unless they have OCD, they had every opportunity to fight their compulses and jump ship, and can’t really blame others for their weak will.

            You play how you want.
            If you want to play for achievements,hjust remember that you are ultimately the one who forced yourself to sit through the opening cutscenes in Soul Calibur

      • which you can, you know, do by yourself if you want

        i played breath of the wild with four hearts the first time around
        i don’t need an image of a trophy to make me feel like i did something
        it was just the way i wanted to play the game

        • Carlos

          Nobody is stopping you from doing that. You can ignore the achievements and continue playing the game the way you see fit.

      • KnickKnackMyWack

        I have to agree with Lance. The vast majority of achievements are either too easy to achieve or take far, far too long to get. It’s more busywork than actual accomplishment.

        • RoadyMike

          People seem to reeally have a hard time understanding what “Optional” means.If it’s not fun, don’t do it.

          I never got the unbreakable Big Goron sword because I hated these fetch and times delivery quests. I never went into the Battle Tower in Pokemon Crystal and the later battle Frontiers because it was bloody hard. I stopped caring about achievements in games like Katawa Crash(flash game) because most of them were luck and chance based.

          But none of these were necessary for the completion of the game. They were always extra stuff you could do and nothing else

          • KnickKnackMyWack

            Hey, I’m not saying achievements should be omitted. I just don’t think they’re all they are cracked up to be. Years ago I remember people saying they refused to touch the Wii U because it had no achievements. Putting that much stock into busywork is really silly to me.

          • RoadyMike

            That’s on them though and has nothing to do with the achievements themselves

          • KnickKnackMyWack

            So you’re saying that achievements are not to blame… but developers who followed achievements related trends are…? I’m pretty sure there is a word for this kind of fallacy.

          • RoadyMike

            “everything I don’t understand is a logical fallacy”
            When you find it let me know

          • KnickKnackMyWack

            Actually, it was sarcasm and it’s called a red herring.

            Correlation vs. causation. At least I can understand exactly what led developers to making the choices they made all throughout last and this generation and achievements are either wholly or majorly in part of the reason. Your logic on the topic? Not so much.

          • RoadyMike

            I don’t know how I’m red herring this. Maybe you replied to a different comment I made

            I was replying to your bs “people refused to touch WIi U cuz no achievements” argument as if it was the fault of the achievements themselves instead of these idiots who refuse to get a console just because of the lack of 1 feature.
            hat right there is a prime example of red herring, if not strawman. I wasn’t talking about that small niche of gamers but you’re the one who brought it up

            Okay Mr. Infallible, if it wasn’t greed and laziness, what exactly was it that led devs to make all those decisions this and last gen and how exactly do achievements themselves hold any of the blame?

          • KnickKnackMyWack

            Because achievements take time and resources away from the creativity behind unlockables and in-game accomplishments. It’s trendy and easier for devs to manage. With all due respect, you are the only one to suggest that achievements can cause a trend without actually causing a trend.

  • Carlos

    Here come the people that are going to complain about this even though it’s optional.

    • Lance Devon

      Eh, it’s also optional whether or not to reward you a sticker, or actual content too. Guess what Developers are going to be more encouraged to do?

      “Achievement Unlocked: Play Hard Mode on SSB without dying.”

      “New update: Mewtwo in the DLC shop!”

      You see where this mindset will be going. But hey, at least you’ll have that sticker you’ll forget 10 minutes after achieving it cause it literally does nothing.

      • CaptainPleb

        Why would they give you an actual reward for just playing their game? Hypothetically you already paid for it, they have no obligation to give you anything.

        • Lance Devon

          They’re not obligated to make more than one level for you to play through as a core game, either. But yet… They still give you that. And used to give us extra modes, and characters, and items, and why was that? Clearly the benchmarking rewards seems far better and appropriate.

          But beat it and you get a sticker, beat it thirty times and get another sticker. Sounds like a grand replacement I suppose. Cannot wait for the resurgence of episodic content now!

          “SSB5: Super Mario franchise and Zelda franchise packs now available; Play beyond just your Mii!”

          • CaptainPleb

            Who is “they”? To think Nintendo would go from releasing full games to cutting it up just because of achievements is mental gymnastics.

          • Lance Devon

            Assuming Nintendo is the only developer out there. Cute gymnastics you’re playing.

            And Nintendo had to team up with Namco to develop the last SSB, who’s to say they won’t pull this stunt to a more believable extent? I mean… You already get Hard Mode from an amiibo. All you would need is an achievement for playing the game and buying the amiibo and pretty certain people would eat it up like it was genius.

          • CaptainPleb

            I assume nothing, I only mentioned Nintendo because you used Smash in both of your examples.

          • Lance Devon

            Smash is easy to convey what can happen. It’s not entirely what WILL happen, mostly that it CAN happen. Also, Nintendo isn’t excluded out of it.

        • You understand that rewarding a player for playing a game is literally the underlying basis of almost every video game, right?

      • Operative

        I don’t get it. They haven’t done this in this in the decade since achievements have existed, why would they start now

      • Tlink7

        Yeah, because achievements aren’t a fancier way of organising unlockables at all, right? Totally different? Plus, plenty of them give actual rewards beyond a ”you did it!”-badge

        Every system, except Nintendo, ones has achievements and they’ve not all become cesspits of lazy developers

        • Lance Devon

          Uhhhh, yeah they have. It’s just often we get to see them die because they get to that point. THQ says hi, Ubi will gladly be next.

      • Carlos

        A developer is going to be lazy whether there is an achievement system or not. Also, most people don’t look at achievements as part of the game, so if it’s lacking content it’s because the game is, not because it has achievements.

        • Lance Devon

          You’re right, they’re going to be lazy, but why give them more reasons to be that lazy? And it’s more than just achievements, but it does encourage it more.

  • Snackster1001

    I’ve never really cared for these type of achievements but if true I’m glad to see nintendo is getting with the times and adding things which are now considered standard for home consoles. I REALLY hope it’s something like the Miiverse stamps from Wii U games (those were actually fun to collect since they had a use outside of looking pretty on your profile).

  • RoadyMike

    I hope this is true. There’s no reason why it couldn’t or shouldn’t be done on Nintendo systems or games. I’d say the games would only benefit from having achievements to give you something to do after or during the main game

    • Lance Devon

      What do you do with the achievement after you’ve earned them?

      • RoadyMike

        Nothing. It’s optional fun for the heck of it. Sorry the game devs don’t reward you with something useful like money or free stuff

        • Lance Devon

          So they’re practically useless. You cannot enjoy a game without the achievements? Isn’t that basically lying to yourself?

          And who the hell is asking for money for playing a game?

          • RoadyMike

            Listen bud, you’re blowing all this way, waay out of proportion. No one is saying you can’t enjoy a game without achievements.

            If you’re finished with the main game you still have these other challenges you can complete to get 100% on the game. Some games have implemented this in the game itself, like getting all the Intel in Black Ops or completing Metroid in a certain amount of time. You don’t have to complete them if you don’t want to. It’s all subjective and purely for entertainment

            What would you want out of achievements man? Some games give you useful items or money for completing challenges, others just give a congratulations. If devs were smart they’d give you points to redeem on other things for completing these challenges but no one has really done that well.

          • Lance Devon

            The latter part is basically what I want people to expect out of their developers. The achievement system has gone largely accepted as a god-given grace to gaming as it is. But as it is, is core uselessness, and no one seems to mind. Hell, City of Heroes at least tried making them meaningful by making each one a title. My major issue is such the acceptance of it is encouraging third parties to cut further corners than what they already have because basic tech progress is out-pacing game development and is making it very costly to develop. What you use to see being an unlocked character in a fighting game is now more a pop-up window saying how great you are, and that character is capitalized to be another bonus 5-10 bucks toward their revenue.

            It’s not just developers, but the gamers being cool with this and DLC passes and crap is what is encouraging a very disfigured approach to gaming and “rewards.”

          • RoadyMike

            I see a reply you left below about the Mii room thing. Believe me, I’d like something similar too. But like I said, no one has Implemented such a thing(or at least, successfully as far as I’m aware) But how useful is a title in a game in the first place? Sounds quite different than what you were saying before and I wonder why you would bring it up.

            Hey technology’s rapid advancement and bad business practices are entirely different issues and topics. Like I said before, you’re blowing this out of proportion here; tying something as small and ignorable as achievements to things like dlc and gamers letting bad business practices happen.

            It’s not like I don’t see where you’re coming from, I even share these concerns. But that’s not what’s being discussed right now man. Not saying you can’t discuss it here, I’m just questioning it’s relevance

  • ««H3©TöR»»

    They’d be great to see. Extra things to shoot for. Can’t complain about that.

  • Tlink7

    Achievements are optional, I welcome it for the people who enjoy completing them

  • Blueberry

    Why don’t people play games for the reason of playing games instead of gathering points? I don’t want players to disregard games because they don’t have a “platinum” or whatever, like on other platforms.

    • CaptainPleb

      You shouldn’t care about the reasons other people are playing games. Their enjoyment has nothing to do with yours.

      • what’s your gamerscore bro

      • Blueberry

        It’s not a zero sum game but developer resources are limited and this will not be optional for developers or their games will be criticized for not including achievements.
        I want game designers to have full freedom to design the reward systems they want. (Metroid Prime 3, for example, had an achievement system, so it can be done if it is just in-game.) I have seen many people comment that they would not buy a game because it lacked a platinum. Such criticism creates bad sentiment around the game, but like you say maybe I should not care about that.

    • Carlos

      Why would this stop people from playing games because they want to play them? People are going to play the games they want whether there are achievements or not.

  • Andre Luiz das Merces

    Very very nice

  • Adrián Alucard

    I still don’t understant achievements and why people wants it.

    It’s just a “to do list” that achieves nothing, The worst thing is achievements replaced unlockables that were actually rewards for playing…

    • because people have no life and want to feel like they’re accomplishing something by inputting button presses into a closed system

    • RoadyMike

      Don’t be stupid. Achievements didn’t replace unlockables, developers did. They decided unlockables should be locked away by a paywall called dlc and have made achievements some lame sh|t that you would have done anyway on a regular playthrough (“You completed Chapter 1!” “You died 10 times!” Etc) or do on accident

      • KnickKnackMyWack

        Can it not be surmised that developers changed it because of the nature of achievements? You don’t have to be so hostile.

        • RoadyMike

          No, it’s not the achievements that got greedy. It’s not the achievements themselves that wanted to become so pointless or locked behind a paywall. It was all the developers and their anti consumer/gamer practices.
          Blaming the achievemnts themselves for the decisions of these devs is total nonsense

          It’s like how Social Security numbers became your ID card. The US didn’t have actual ID cards but a lot of companies and organizations took this SS# that everyone has and used that for identification instead, even thoough SS#’s were never supposed to be used that way

          • KnickKnackMyWack

            Yeah, but the developers made the decisions to make them that way. Like, from top to bottom developers made decisions that involved more achievements and less unlockables. That’s just factual since last generation.

          • RoadyMike

            But nothing man, these devs that don’t know how to make achievements work well are at fault here, even last gen. Don’t go blaming achievements themselves because these devs don’t know how to implement them

          • KnickKnackMyWack

            It’s a bit of both columns as far as I’m concerned. Achievements created a trend and developers sheepishly followed that trend. I’ll tell you what, when developers pick a generation to make achievements fun, I’ll rescind everything I’m saying.

      • Adrián Alucard

        meh, I replied twice but the message is waiting to be approved. I don’t know why, there’s no swearing or somethig like that…

        • RoadyMike

          Any word that might be in the slightest bit triggering in there? It’s happened to me many times over the strangest of words like maso chist. You can try again

          • Adrián Alucard

            “Any word that might be in the slightest bit triggering in there?”


            I thought it was the youtube link (the video was just Mandark, from Dexter’s Lab, laughing) so I removed, but no, that comment is on hold too

          • RoadyMike

            Just copy the link alone and send it. I wanna hear that bastard’s laugh

  • FinalArcadia

    I hope we do get achievements on Switch. I’ve been a fan of them since the PS3 with trophies since it encourages me to do the harder content in games that I otherwise would probably ignore and it gives me a roadmap of what to work toward in games. As someone who always likes to have an objective or goal, I really enjoy that.

  • OlimacFTW

    Not a trophy hunter myself, but if it helps to bring a bigger crowd to the NS family then that would be a welcome addition.

  • KnickKnackMyWack

    I don’t care for achievements in the slightest, but this should be great for developers who are passionate and smart about adding them. I never liked that third parties had to do extra work just to put a dated, standard feature on Nintendo’s platform.

  • StuOhQ

    I would like to see achievements. They are scientifically proven to drive people to play more, and get more psychological satisfaction from said play sessions. Not the most eloquent way of thinking about it, but there is a reason so many of us like to see the achievements stack up even if we aren’t in it for them specifically.

  • awng782

    Just watch as all Switch “achievements” are tied to the Nintendo Switch Online App…

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Man people sure have weird emotional problems when it comes to Achievement systems lol

  • If this is the case, my only hope is that Nintendo finds a unique way to incorporate achievements into their games and online infrastructure. I know some people hate achievements on principle, but they don’t have to be bad or obnoxious if they’re smartly designed. Hopefully they’re more that just check marks on an online profile.