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Mario Bros. 3DS Virtual Console trailer

Posted on January 30, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, Videos

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  • James Fox

    Mario Bros. is missing, no really!
    Check out the 3DS eShop and it counts “Life Force” as the only new VC game

  • lassenwolf

    This mario is the worst one ever made anyway. boring as hell

    • Clumsyman

      While I disagree with you, you have an opinion. But this game is super fun with another person. I played this game on the GBA with my sister and boy, we sunk hours in it. 😀

      • lassenwolf

        If you have fun with whatever game then thats all that matters the real fact is the wiiu vc sucks. They should of had n 64 and game cube games by now. The wii vc was way better and had n 64. I guess Nin cant port their own games after two years

        • Clumsyman

          True, that’s all that matters. I think they could have, but hey, gotta look positive: it might improve, they may announce something at e3! 😀

          • We’re 14 months out. We need less announcement and more releasing.

  • Souleaterfan

    I downloaded this game but I can’t seem to start it past the home menu. Occasionally it shows a video of NPC mario and luigi but I can’t control it. HALP.