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Metroid Prime Trilogy returns to GameStop, buy it for $85

Posted on August 15, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

As promised, Metroid Prime Trilogy is back in stock at GameStop. But similar to Xenoblade, the asking price is quite high. You’ll need to fork over $85 in order to secure a pre-owned copy.

If interested, you can place an order for Metroid Prime Trilogy here. Purchasing the game in-store should also be possible for most consumers – it’s already being restocked across various locations.

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  • Hunter

    They appear to have also gotten Super Mario All Stars: Limited Edition unless they already had it.

    • Conley Brown

      I see this at GameStop once in a while for $50, but it is without the cardboard slipcover and stuff so it’s pointless.

  • tt

    I remember getting it used for $63 in 2012

  • SecretX

    does it come with the case and manual or they just selling you the disc?

  • Is there really a market for overpriced, 2 year old Wii games?