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More insight into Switch’s launch sales in Japan

Posted on March 10, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Media Create shared its own data earlier this week, showing that Switch sold around 329,000 units in Japan. The tracker now offers additional insight into the system’s performance.

Switch’s release greatly helped to raise both software and hardware sales from last week. Overall software sales between February 27 and March 5 are 835,000 units (124.10 percent compared to last week) while overall hardware sales are 402,000 units (520.94 percent compared to last week).

Switch has sold 329,000 units, which puts it on the same scale as Wii (350,000 units) and Wii U (308,000). Eight launch titles have a combined sales of 351,000 copies, with the Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild selling 186,000 units. That means in average the attach rate is 1.07 copies bought per console.

However, both total software sales and attach rate are less than Wii U, which had an attach rate of 1.22 copies per console (376,000 copies from eleven launch titles). The ratio of third-party titles are a factor after all. Wii U had Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate which sold 106,000 copies to boost overall third-party sales ratio to 40 percent. This time, the Switch’s third-party ratio is only at around 25 percent.

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  • Roto Prime

    Go Nintendo Switch, 3rd party can do it if the try!!

  • ben

    Digital is a much bigger factor for the switch than the wii u. More people will have gone digital with many games because the system has the simple mini sd card option.

    • R.Z.

      That’s definitely possible.
      First I theorized that the people who didn’t get Zelda went for the third party offering which is much stronger in Japan at launch than in the west (Nobunaga’s ambition, DQH 1+3, Disgaea 5, I am Setsuna physical edition … these are some pretty involved experiences), but the retail sales for this are pretty low.
      I really have a hard time believing some people are satisfied with only 1 2 Switch, so the digital scenario seems likely.

      • ben

        Digital is attractive simply for the fact you don’t need to carry those tiny carts around.

        • R.Z.

          I think I could see myself go digital with some multiplayer games or stuff that plays over a long time like Animal Crossing, if the prices were significantly cheaper than a retail version.
          However what we see now is the contrary and the digital version are usually even more expensive than the retail ones.

          • ben

            that is a big issue. I will be going digital with Splatoon 2, unless they make some sick collectors edition… because I am dumb and buy that stuff then never look at it in fear of damaging it!

  • I’m really curious to see if the DQ version of XI will pick up interest in Famitsu’s polls, and how it (and the 3DS) version are going to do in sales. It’s a popular, beloved series for Japan and the new game has way more excitement than Heroes can hope to garner.

    I wonder if any of the MonHun team is also starting work on a Switch version. It seems too good to pass up as of now, and I think the thriving relationship between the team and Nintendo makes it so likely right now.

    But I am more curious about other series and how they’ll do on the Switch. Tales of is apparently a “Sony” series in Japan, because Graces did so poor even with a huge install base (it also didn’t look that good originally. . .). But I wonder if Nintendo will have created some impact and given themselves better JRPG presence now that will lend itself to better sales in games like those.

    • R.Z.

      It seems really strange that they haven’t yet shown a single screen of the Switch version of DQ XI.
      So far I must say I don’t really like the look of the PS4 version, so I have a fantasy where they go for a cell shaded style on Switch to go easy on the hardware and it ends up looking as good as the 3D 3DS version with all the freedom of the PS4 one. Probably not gonna happen but one can dream. 😛

      • I have that same fantasy. I am really hoping for it. People can drool over the PS4 version all they like, but the characters look creepy to me. I will gladly take something downgraded in this case. (And that is not something I would say often.)