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My Nintendo adds a trio of 3DS themes in North America

Posted on October 11, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

My Nintendo members can spend their points on three 3DS themes in North America. Each one ties in with the fall season.

Halloween themes for Mario and Link are available for 20 Gold Points each. You’ll find an Animal Crossing fall theme on the site for the same amount as well.

All of these themes are located on My Nintendo here.

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  • César Tribst

    I would get if it was platinum coins T_T

  • JasonBall

    The link one is the theme with the dungeon theme from the first game yeah?

    But where the **** is the BoxBoy 2.5th anniversary theme for free? It’s on the shop for 1.99 but I know as soon as I pay it it’ll be put on My Nintendo for free…

  • i’m not gonna lie these are good effin themes

    only way they’d be perfect is if they played the Monster Mash song

    • DiscoGentleman

      theme of my childhood
      Along with purple people eater

  • Pachirisu

    ahh they’re all cute, not sure which to get!
    maybe the Mario one?

  • Reggie

    I mean…I really like the Mario one, but for Gold Points, and 20 at that? No thanks. Can I still buy it from the theme eshop?

  • TruExtent

    Just a heads up! I just took a look at the new themes and it looks like there’s a for Etrian Odyssey V. FOR FREE. Just sayin’. Nab it if you care.

  • dataminor

    They need to stop tugging us around and add Switch rewards. My points are just expiring because their rewards are worthless.

  • Ferrett

    These all look really pretty on the picture, add them to your console and with all the 3d dioramas on the tp screen they become a mess.. the leaves one would be the only one that would work for me..

  • Make them 500 PP for all I care, but no one should have to have paid $20+ to get this as a “bonus”