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Mysterious data for “Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga DX” spotted on 3DS eShop server

Posted on April 28, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

A curious listing has been found on the 3DS eShop for something called “Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga DX”. This can’t be accessed through normal means, but its title data does exist. We won’t get into specifics here since the data may have been accessed via hacking.

Nothing has been officially announced, but today’s discovery would suggest that Nintendo could be doing something new with the first entry in the Mario & Luigi franchise. Might a remake of the game be announced at E3?

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  • By far the best game in the M&L series, and easily up there with SMRPG and TTYD. Hope this is real.

    • Vigilante_blade

      Not sure if I agree with your placement, but as far as Mario and Luigi games go, i think it is the strongest entry.

    • Emmanoelbs

      Indeed these 3 games are the best Mario RPG’s ever, Paper Mario 64 and Partners in Time too.
      If you haven’t noticed Dream Team have a lot of references to Superstar Saga so that adds more evidence to this rumor being true o/

  • Rafael Bueno

    That’s nice. but i wished this was a remake to Bowser Inside Story

    • ≈ KobobKC ≈ ^.^

      Bowser’s Inside Story is my favorite too.

    • Emmanoelbs

      Maybe someday later but I prefer way more Superstar Saga and Partners in Time and these games are way more likely to get remakes

    • Relic

      Wouldn’t it make sense to remake them in order?

      • Rafael Bueno

        yeah you are right

  • Oh wow, this would actually be great as a portable game. I’d actually reopen my 3DS for this…(also Fire Emblem Echoes).

    • Jimmy Boy

      The Game Boy Advance wasn’t portable???

      • Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga DX was on GBA???

        • Nowhere Man

          Your initial comment implies the original wasn’t a portable. What you said makes sense with context, but probably poorly worded.

          • I don’t see how it implies the original wasn’t portable, I think you are just throwing in your own context.

          • Nowhere Man

            Basic English. The qualifier, “portable,” paired with your usage of “would actually” to a game that’s always been portable makes it sound like it’s a new feature, unless you were unaware that the original was portable. Again, just poorly worded; no need to get snippy. At the very least, it’s a redundant qualifier.

          • Not being snippy with the last comment just stating what I thought was happening. And your reasoning is exactly what I thought was happening, however if you reread it you can also take it that I’m talking about this version of the game and not the original. Me saying that this game would be great on portable could also be taken as: “this would be great portable because the original was portable”. That’s why I said you may be adding your own context to the situation. Could if be worded better, sure anything can. However, I still think the context of what I was saying can be derived pretty clearly because of the topic.

  • TruExtent

    This was my first RPG ever. I need this to be real now. I want to return to the BeanBean Kingdom!

  • Komasham

    Superstar Saga remade in the Dream Team style is a dream come true.

    • Emmanoelbs

      Indeed o/

  • Barely Able

    So refresh the graphics and add 5 hours of tutorials?

    • hi v3.0


  • AquaBat

    Oh good, now I can play it in the way it was intended to: not aged like milk, not a complete mess to play, and not far outclassed by the quality improvements of its successors

    • Señor Cardgage

      Bought this game on the Wii U to see what all the fuss was about. Had just beaten Paper Mario and TTYD for the first time and loved them.

      After 3 hours, Superstar Saga still didn’t get fun. The writing is fantastic, but it was a chore to play.

      • Yolandarpowell

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    • Honestly, the series peaked at BiS, Dream Team was super boring.

    • Superstar Saga is timeless.

  • Vigilante_blade

    It would be pretty nice to have. It depends how much they improve it though.

  • Addae Francisco

    “Mario & Luigi superstar saga dx”? Is it cool to hack a game? I think that’s a “no”.

  • Tlink7

    My favourite M&L game… remake would be amazing! They better not make the game as easy as M&L Dream Team though 😛

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    I hope they still keep the pixel art, I’m not the biggest fan of the vector style the later games used.

  • nekoknight

    Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga was a great game that’s still enjoyable to this day.
    It doesn’t need a remake.
    Instead, how about spending all of that time and money on a brand new Mario & Luigi game for the SWITCH?
    Developers seem to be obsessed with enhanced ports and remakes these days.

    • lolwat

      It’s more of Nintendo wanting to pad out the last years of the 3DS with ports, remakes or asset/engine flipping titles. Games like this are super cheap to make, and they won’t really be taking any resources away from Switch development.

      Also, it could be possible that only a small team at AlphaDream is working on this title, and the rest are working on a newer title for the Switch or 3DS.

      • Jimmy Boy

        they’re already taking away resources from Switch, because instead of making remakes or ports for Switch to help a god awful library, they’re continuing to put them on 3DS, a system which really doesn’t need games, the Switch NEEDS games!

        • Saki Okuda

          Not really since the cost of these 3DS titles are most likely extremely cheap. That would at least mean that these 3DS projects aren’t going to be eating into a large portion of Nintendo’s resources. And, that is thanks to them reusing old assets and engines used with previous 3DS titles.

          Also, none of these titles (besides Miitopia) is being developed by NCL teams. We have no idea what these internal teams are working on. And, it’s highly likely they moved on to developing titles for the Switch. Whereas, 3DS development is being to left to smaller contracted companies like Camelot and Grezzo. Which would mean that the main Nintendo teams are putting their resources into the Switch, and we will see some of their work at E3.

          You can continue argue that it’s taking away some of the resources, but there is no way it’s eating into large amount of Nintendo’s assets.

  • hi v3.0

    Never played the GBA/DS M&L games but played Dream Team and Paper Jam so if this is true I will get it

    • Lord Lemmy

      Trust me, the first 3 were far superior to Dream Team and Paper Jam.

      Not that Dream Team was bad… That was still pretty good. But Paper Jam felt too formulaic. Ultimately, not a BAD game, just kind of a bland game.

  • halcyon

    It would be interesting if they make it look hand drawn and animated like the box art but that’s probably unlikely.

  • Troof

    This one, and Bowser’s Inside Story were the best. I’m leaning toward Superstar Saga as the best since it was strictly Mario & Luigi with no gimmicks, but playing as Bowser was pretty damn fun as well.